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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th October 2021 Episode starts with Purab telling Thapki that he knows her truth, although she has become the bahu, but will not become my soulmate. Thapki says to become soulmate, one needs to have soul, which you don’t have. She says you soul is dead and that’s why you are irritated all day.

He smiles and says I am laughing on my destruction. Thapki says even I shall laugh for my destruction. He says you have become bahu and will also become company’s face. Thapki says you are thief and dacoit and steals others’ song. She asks if he came to know how it feels? She coughs. He gives her water, but the glass drops.

He is about to pick the glass, but Thapki asks him to move back and takes tissue to pick the glass pieces from the floor. She steps on the water and falls. He holds her and they look at each other. She says you have held me just as you got a chance. He says fine and drops her. She falls on the floor, gets up and goes to the washroom.

She asks Mata Rani, how she will stay with this arrogant guy all life. She washes her face and some of the sindoor comes on her forehead. She thinks of her marriage and Ashok’s words. She thinks she can’t live with him even for 5 seconds and asks Mata Rani, why did you do this?

Sapna knocks on Armaan’s door and asks him to talk to her. Armaan is sad and doesn’t open the door. Veena tells Sapna that whatever happened is not good, everything is ruined, you used to call her your bahu, but Thapki couldn’t become your bahu, and your kala tika got lighten and bad sight fell on your dreams. She says you can fulfill your duties as badi saas and asks her not to make new bahu as stranger. Sapna gets upset.

Thapki thinks, I have decided, I will not stay here with him. She finds Mata Rani’s idol on the floor and asks what do you want to say, that I shall not leave this room and fulfill marriage with him. She says it is not easy for me.

She thinks I don’t have my clothes here. She wears Purab’s clothes and comes to the room. Purab is sleeping on the bed. She goes to sleep on the sofa and finds cold. She takes blanket kept on the bed, covers herself with it and sleeps. Purab gets up after sometime and sees her sleeping covering the blanket.

He thinks she took my blanket and also my night suit. He tries to take the blanket, she turns and he thinks she looks innocent while sleeping. He takes her blanket and goes to sleep covering himself with it. Thapki wakes up and sees him sleeping covering with the blanket. She covers herself with his sherwani and sleeps.

Next morning, Priyanka brings ginger tea for Sapna. Sapna asks her to poison her. Priyanka asks didn’t you get sleep? Sapna says I couldn’t sleep, and Armaan haven’t come from the room. Priyanka says you are saved from death. Sapna asks what are you saying? Priyanka asks her to come to kitchen to see it herself. Sapna thinks what does she mean?

Thapki wears a saree after the bath and thinks it is good that Sargam brought my suitcase, else I would have to say good morning in his night suit. Purab wakes up. She tries to dries her hair, and the water drops falls on his face. She looks at him. She smiles and asks if he is company’s owner or of any road side stall. Purab says she was looking funny to cover her head with towel. She thinks of Ashok’s words. Purab slips due to the wet floor and his finger touches the sindoor bottle, and it gets applied on her hairline. They get surprised. Purab asks her not to make the floor wet next time. Thapki looks at sindoor in her hair line.

Armaan is leaving for America. Thapki sees him. Armaan says I made myself understand with much difficulty. It is our fate, it is nobody mistake. He says I will leave now. Veena Devi is about to play veena and asks Vinod not to worry, Thapki will keep Purab happy. Thapki comes to Dadi and takes her blessings. Dadi says she used to do aarti of the God. She says first you came, so we shall start with you.

Thapki takes aarti and does it. She gives aarti to Dadi. Dadi blesses her. Priyanka comes there and looks at Thapki. Thapki asks Dadi about Veena Devi ji. Dadi says she is now your saas, she gets angry if anyone disturbs her while she is practicing. Priyanka tells Thapki, she might be thinking why she is taking her to kitchen. She says if you want to keep someone happy, then the way to the stomach is through the kitchen. Thapki stammers and asks about whom is she talking?

Priyanka says my Mummy ji and asks her to bring rocking smile on Sapna’s face. Thapki goes to kitchen to make tea. Priyanka asks Sapna to sit. Sapna says I am not hungry. Priyanka says your hunger will increase seeing who is making it and asks Thapki to make strong tea. Thapki asks shall I made ginger tea, or stammers and says cardamom tea. Sapna is surprised to see her stammering and asks her to make tea as she wants. She tells Priyanka that her neck is punctured. Priyanka says and even Armaan.

She says I know this since a long time, now this coal will blacken Veena Devi’s face. Sapna gets happy and says you made me happy, I will not taunt you. Veena Devi start singing. Sapna thinks I will burn Veena with jealousy.

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