Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd December 2021 Episode starts with Thapki keeping wet cloth on Purab’s forehead. He asks what are you doing. She says you are having fever. In the morning, Purab wakes up. Thapki comes there and tells him that he had fever, so she woke up all night and kept wet cloth on his forehead.

Purab says I can’t get fever. Thapki says she has bought kada for him. He says he don’t want. Thapki says you are strange guy not to thank me, but thank others easily. She folds the blanket. Purab sneezes and takes the kada in his hand. Sargam comes there and says Dadi called for urgent meeting downstairs. Thapki asks Purab to finish kada first. He says ok.

Later they come downstairs. Dadi tells that she has kept puja for house peace and has called Pandit ji from Banaras. She asks Veena if she is not happy. Veena says do whatever you think right and asks her to tell what she shall do.

Dadi asks her to get the ingredients for puja. She asks Thapki and Purab to do the puja and says that’s why you both will keep fast. Thapki says ji Dadi. Purab says ok. He asks Thapki, why did she agree to keep fast, as she is angry with him. Thapki says for Dadi’s happiness and not for you.

Ashok brings Jaya to the hospital and goes somewhere. Jaya takes her reports from ward boy. Mukul asks doctor to give Hansika’s treatment papers to him. Doctor says your wife has already taken it. Mukul thinks she is strange, she is not talking to Hansika and at other side, she took the papers.

Jaya is about to go, when her chain pendant falls from her neck. Mukul is about to leave and finds Jaya’s pendant and chain. He recalls it is Jaya’s locket and tries to check in her pic. He opens the wallet and finds the pic missing. He gets worried.

Purab tries to help Thapki and tells that it seems you watch many films, and says girls don’t wear chunari like this. Thapki says this is given by my Maa so that our relations stay for 7th births. He asks what is written on it. Thapki says sada suhagan. Hansika hears her and thinks she will burn their relation.

Thapki says I can understand that you are trying to talk to me. She goes from there and keeps the flowers in the plate. Hansika comes there and intentionally pours the ghee on her chunari. Thapki turns and looks at her, asking what is she doing? Hansika says I came to give the ghee to you, to be used in Puja. Thapki gives the ghee to Pandit ji.

The Pandit ji starts puja after sometime. All the family members sit for the puja. Veena Devi says you might be thinking why I am not doing anything against us, and says see, they both are sitting for puja, and says I don’t like Thapki, but I hate you. She says until you stay here, stay calm and enjoy yourself. She goes. Hansika thinks Veena didn’t know about her plan. She comes and sits near Thapki.

Everyone is busy doing puja with their eyes closed. Hansika brings the diya near Thapki’s clothes and keeps the chunari on diya. It catches fire. Purab opens his eyes and sees the flower falling in the plate and the plate is about to fall down. He gets up to hold the plate and sees the fire on her dupatta. He sets off the fire. Dadi tells Thapki that her husband saved her, and tells that their relation is made by God. Purab says Thapki is blessed by God. Hansika gets upset and goes. Veena Devi tells that God has much work to do.

Hansika hears Priyanka asking Servant not to add peanuts in the sweets. She takes all the peanuts and oil. Dadi asks Purab to fill Thapki’s maang with sindoor. Purab says I didn’t see Papa doing this for the puja. Dadi says you had filled her maang with sindoor, thinking her to be someone else, and says that’s why fill her maang with sindoor thinking about her only. He fills Thapki’s maang with sindoor. Hansika is upset.

Thapki gets emotional. Hansika thinks Dadi becomes match maker and thinks to use her, and hunt two things. Pandit ji says puja is completed. Dadi says we have to leave in 15 mins for orphanage to give food and clothes to the orphaned clothes. Hansika bribes the Servant to add peanut in the sweets etc. Purab helps Thapki get up and thanks her for taking care of him in night and sorry for shouting at her.

She says it is easy to say thanks and sorry, and says you are having much attitude. He asks shall I say sorry for that. She smiles and thanks him for saving her dupatta from burning. Hansika hears them.

Dadi asks Servant to take all the stuff in the car. Hansika collides with Dadi and makes her fall. Dadi sits. She says his Dada ji is shaking me up. Purab says I can’t see you in pain. Hansika thinks I will give her pain, get ready for my next attack. Dadi says my pain has become half. Purab says we will go to doctor. Dadi says go to Ashram, kids might be waiting. She says I will ask Gita to massage me.

Thapki says I will massage you and will be with you. She asks Purab to go alone to the Ashram. Hansika says I will go with Purab to help him. Dadi insists Thapki shall go. Thapki insists to massage her, feed her food and then will go if time is remaining. Purab says ok and asks her to take care. Purab and Hansika leaves.

Thapki asks Dadi to come to room and rest. She makes food for Dadi and asks Servant Mohan to stir it, until she comes back. Mohan adds peanut oil in it on Hansika’s orders. Thapki comes to Dadi and massages her. She repairs Dadi’s fracture. Hansika gets a message from Servant, that work is done.

Hansika thinks make old lady have halwa so that my work is done. Thapki makes Dadi have food. Dadi asks if this is your mother’s recipe. Thapki says my mother used to make Sooji ka halwa for everyone, in the jagrata. Suddenly Dadi feels choked and holds her neck. Hansika thinks who will save the old lady now. Thapki asks dadi if it is stuck. Hansika thinks Thapki will call Purab first and makes his phone on silent mode, thinks now he will not know. She smiles seeing Thapki’s call on his phone. Thapki gets worried.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Hansika asks Thapki if she made halwa in this oil. Thapki says no desi ghee. Hansika tells that this bottle was near the halwa. Veena Devi accuses Thapki and says you don’t care if my Amma live for not, blaming her. Thapki cries. Purab looks at her.


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