Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th October 2021 Episode starts with Veena Devi ending her riyaaz. Sapna and Priyanka come there. Veena Devi says I hope you have decided to move on. Sapna says yes, I have accepted their decision as mata rani’s decision.

She says in the evening, there is muh dikhayi rasam of your bahu Thapki, and says all relatives are invited, shall I invite media? Veena Devi says surely and goes. Sapna tells Priyanka that atom bomb will blast in the evening. Priyanka rejoices. Sapna asks her to be near Thapki and make sure that she don’t talk till evening. She says tamasha shall be in the evening, so that Veena Devi shall be ashamed.

Later Thapki comes out. Dadi asks Thapki if she made this tea? Priyanka says yes, Thapki has done this. Veena Devi says you are talking so much. When we have asked Thapki, she will reply. Priyanka says she is excited as new bahu came. Veena Devi smiles and tells Thapki that she is very happy that she is her bahu, and has kept muh dikhayi rasam. She says I will make you ready with my hand, and will ask make up artiste Neelam to send the make up stuff.

Dadi says she will send Sargam to Thapki’s house with the shagun. She asks Thapki to give tea to Purab. Thapki comes to the room and sees Purab shirtless. She stammers and asks why don’t he wear his shirt. He says it is my body and my wish. Thapki asks him to take bath in the open and get the walls removed. She says he don’t have manners to stay with a girl. He says I will stay like this, and wears his pant.

She turns and looks at him. She says if you are not locking the door while changing clothes, then shall sing the song. He says why I will sing, my work is to make others sings. When there is a lock on the door, then why will I sing? Thapki says there is a lock on the door which needs to be closed. He says my freedom is snatched after marriage, and shall stay in my house as a guest. Thapki asks him to adjust for him and for her. He says I don’t need coffee or tea, and says don’t know why mom trapped me with her. He goes.

Neelam sends make up stuff with her employee. The employee stammers and insists to take selfie with Veena Devi. Veena Devi asks her to stay away from her, and tells that whoever stammers have a black heart, and I hate such people. Purab hears her. Priyanka gets happy thinking Veena Devi will get angry.

Veena Devi says God has done a mistake by making you and asks her to leave. Purab thinks Mom hates speech disorder people and thinks to talk to her. Priyanka comes behind Veena Devi. Veena Devi asks why did you get stuck with me since I told that I will get Thapki ready? Priyanka says she is my dewrani too, let me help her. Purab comes there. Priyanka teases him. Purab says he needs to talk to Mom. Veena Devi says she is busy. Priyanka says today is muh dikhayi rasam, and all relatives and media will come. She makes Purab go out.

He thinks to wait outside, until Mom comes out. Sudha and Preeti are washing the utensils. Preeti asks if you will make me do all the work. Sudha says it is Thapki’s mistake and says mahabharat started between us. Preeti says where is her mother? Sudha says she might have gone to temple. Preeti says we shall pray that thapki shall be kicked out from her sasural. Door bell rings. Preeti says my prayer is fulfilled.

She finds the newspaper. Thapki thinks she thought her husband will get mad for her, but he is arrogant guy, who cries all the time. She says my life’s time is spoilt due to you, and says I shall not talk to you, and shall cheer up my mood. She calls Ashok. Ashok has returned home and picks the call. Sudha says Thapki called to complain that she is kicked out. Thapki says everyone is good here, and I am fine.

She says everyone is lovely. Ashok asks if anyone is having problem with whatever happened? Thapki says everyone is happy, and tells that today is her muh dikhayi rasam, and all media will come here. Just then the watch box falls down and one of the watch breaks. Thapki asks Mata Rani, why he made her do this. She hides one of his watch. Purab insists to talk to Veena Devi.

Veena Devi says we can talk after muh dikhayi rasam. Purab insists. Priyanka takes Veena Devi inside Thapki’s room. Purab comes there and insists to talk. Veena Devi says I need to make her ready. Purab says I want to talk to you about Thapki. Priyanka says I want to tell her truth. Priyanka says you can praise her after muh dikhayi. Purab looks at Thapki. Thapki thinks why is he staring at me. Veena Devi asks him to go.

Ashok asks Thapki’s mother not to worry. Sudha says Thapki’s truth is not yet out. Preeti says my prayer will be answered and Thapki will return. Anchun opens the door and finds Sargam there. He says you are here. Sargam says you are saying, as if I came to talk to you. She gets inside and says Dadi sent shagun for you. Ashok says it is not good to take shagun being girl’s family. Sudha says I will take it. Sargam says I will leave now. Ashok asks her to stay back and asks Sudha to make tea. Sudha asks what? Ashok then asks Anchun to make tea/coffee.

Veena Devi asks Thapki which color lipstick she likes? Thapki is about to say, and is about to stammer. Priyanka says we shall not waste time in choosing the lipstick. Veena Devi asks Thapki to say. Priyanka asks Veena Devi to get Thapki ready in her style. Veena Devi says finally, you have talked maturely. She says I will get her ready. They come out after getting her ready. Purab insists to talk, but Veena Devi says everyone needs to get ready and leaves.

Purab comes inside the room and looks at Thapki, who is sitting infront of the dressing table. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Thapki is wearing a saree with the ghunghat. She gets up and looks at him.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Thapki gives speech infront of guests that she has learnt singing keeping Veena Devi as her idol and now she has became her bahu. She stammers which shocks Veena Devi. Later Veena devi asks Purab to forget whatever she said, she says she will be not your wife or my heir. She says she will throw her out of the house right now. Purab and Sargam are shocked.


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