Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st December 2021 Episode starts with Dadi asking Thapki about the big surprise brought by Purab. Thapki says it is brought by Purab. She tells that she had gone out to buy surprise for Purab. She searches for her phone and asks if anyone has searched my phone. Waiter gives the phone. Thapki reads Purab’s message that he is taking Jaya to the hospital. She calls Purab. Purab gives call to Jaya.

Thapki apologizes for not seeing the call and not coming there. Jaya says my son has come. Purab tells that Doctor have told what we all know. He says Jaya shall rest. Thapki gets sad and ends the call. Jaya tells that Thapki is sad as they couldn’t celebrate new year together this year. Jaya recalls Purab promising her.

Sudha searches for Preeti and thinks where did my only daughter elope. She finds her behind the sofa. Preeti says I had run, but I was not having money, so I came back, and again I am running again. Sudha says you will not run away, but the groom’s family will run away, and asks her to see what she did.

Thapki tells Dadi that Purab takes care of her and her mother well. Dadi blesses their Jodi. Priyanka asks Hansika, what will happen with you, you will just sing the song, but Thapki will dance with Purab. Hansika says even my time will come, Purab will hug me at 12 midnight.

The groom comes to see Preeti and tells that he earns 1 lakhs salary. Sudha says I will handle him. Preeti whispers to Sudha that he is saying as if he earns 10 lakhs rs. Purab and Jaya come there. Ashok introduces Purab as their son in law. Sudha tells that Jaya stays with them, and tells that she is an unmarried mother.

The guy asks Ashok if such people stays in your house, and says we will not accept such people. Purab asks how dare you? The groom’s parents call off the alliance and leave from there. Sudha smirks. Preeti acts to cry and asks who will marry me now. Sudha whispers asking her not to cry, as their work is done. She scolds Jaya and says until when we shall suffer because she is not having sindoor in her maang.

She says why she is behind my daughter, after getting her daughter married in a rich house. Jaya is about to faint. Purab holds Jaya. Sudha says I doubt that she might have swapped the name plates on your wedding. Purab says enough and says don’t forget that she is my saas and Thapki’s mother. Sudha says she is bearing her since many years. Jaya says Bhabhi is a bit angry as Preeti’s alliance couldn’t happen.

Purab says if this is a bit of anger, and says what she will do if full angry, she will murder someone. He tells Jaya that he will take her to his house. Jaya says she can’t stay in her daughter’s house. Purab insists to take her. Ashok says but. Purab says I understand that you are sandwiched between wife and sister, and says Jaya will return when she gets respect in this house. He takes her. Ashok gets teary eyes. Sudha gets happy.

Sapna sees Priyanka hugging self and asks if she is having an affair. Priyanka says yes, and asks her to search him. Sapna asks where are you, who is wooing my bahu? Priyanka laughs and says she is not Hansika to hug someone’s husband and says I like my own husband. Sapna says if Hansika is planning this.

Priyanka says I am practicing to hug Sagar on new year. Sapna gets happy and asks her to make new year resolution. Priyanka says she will be hot Mummy in new year. Sapna takes off the bad sight and says start on the work from tonight. Priyanka says yes. Sapna says she will have a grand child and gets happy. Priyanka says next year.

In the party, Dadi comes to Thapki and calls her. Thapki compliments her. Dadi compliments her and the decorations. Thapki says finally happiness will come in the house, and wishes her mother was with her. Purab comes there and keeps hand on his eyes. He says I want to show your gift. She asks what? He keeps hand on her eyes and takes her to the door. Everyone looks on. Jaya comes there.

Purab asks Thapki to open her eyes and see. Thapki gets emotional seeing Jaya. Jaya compliments Thapki’s looks. Purab says this is your gift which you wanted, you got tears in your eyes and smile on your face. He asks where is my gift? Thapki says you will get it after 12 and hugs thanking him. He holds her. Everyone is surprised. Purab says it happens. Priyanka says very soon, they will have a kiss. She teases her. Purab says I thought Thapki’s mom shall be here, and that’s why brought her here from hospital directly. He says she will stay with us for few days, will spend time with her daughter and will take rest too. Veena gets upset and says Amma. Amma asks her to relax.

Thapki asks Jaya if she wants to say something to her. Jaya says no and tells that Purab helped me a lot in the kitchen and even washed the utensils. Veena, Hansika, Sapna and Priyanka are shocked. Dadi and Vinod are happy. Purab says here Thapki works and there I have worked a bit. He says atleast you have let me help you, but this Madam Thapki works alone. Thapki says he helps less and spoils more work.

Purab calls Sargam and asks her to take Jaya Mom to her room. Sargam takes her from there. Veena is upset. Thapki thanks Purab and asks if he is hiding something from her. He says it is good that you made me remember. Sapna comes to Veena and says Purab might change his mother too, due to Thapki. Veena gets upset.


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