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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th October 2021 Episode starts with Thapki is seen coming to the temple where decorations are on full swing. She folds her hands before the Mata Rani and gives medicines to Pandit ji. Pandit ji says you never forgets to bring my medicine. Thapki tries to help the lady , but the lady asks her to go and do mouth gargle before she sings song for her idol Veena Devi. The little kids come there and tell Thapki that they will have party after her song is over. Thapki gives them chocolates.

They take it and leave. Thapki sees a guy standing on the staircase and fixing the lights. She makes him wear slippers. He says you are making me wear it, so that I don’t get any shock. She asks her to stunned everyone with her song. Sudha comes there and says for the first time, we got chowki’s work. Mama ji says nothing wrong will happen, her voice will echoed in all Gwalior. Thapki nods her head.

He asks her to be confident that she is blessed by Mata Rani, and has voice of Maa Saraswati. He says your voice will reach the person who values your voice and those eyes will search you, and that person will take you to your aim. A young guy Purab is shown walking somewhere. Mama ji says I have full faith that Mata Rani will make everything fine. Purab tells that if there is talent then will reach at right place. He asks about meetings. His employees tell about meeting and recording with two different persons. Purab comes to the cabin. Shukla comes there and calls him Purab , when he will launch Minister’s son.

Purab says it is waste of time, asks him to launch him in parliament, this voice is made for that. He comes to the recording studio and says he don’t want any rehearsal, direct recording. He hears the song as the singer sings while doing other work. He asks the singer to sing again twice. The singer gets upset and keeps the headphone. He goes to the singer. The girl says you haven’t heard my song and asking me to sing again. She says I feel pressurized to sing remake of your mom’s bhajan.

He says Hansika you know me from college days, I race with time, I was busy with phone and mails, but that doesn’t mean that my concentration was not on your song. He says it was not perfect, and you know me. She says you know everything perfect. He asks her to have chocolate and get ready. She says I am on diet. He says it is seen and asks her to get back to singing with confidence, tells that it will be like Veena ji’s singing.

Mata ki chowki’s begins. Mama ji announces that Thapki is coming to sing the bhajan. Thapki goes to sing. He makes a video call to Thapki’s mother and says your mother is infront of you. Thapki looks at her mother. She begins singing and suddenly the mic starts having the problem. Someone checks it and she continues singing again, but begins stammering. Mama ji gets worried. The people asks her to sing. Her friend asks her to take time. She gets nervous and stammers while trying to sing. Mama ji looks at her with hope. A guy tells that it is buffering.

They bet on her that she will stammer more. Thapki says I have wasted everyone’s time, I am sorry. The guy says I have won the bet and takes the money from someone. Mama ji ends the call. Sudha says our niece has won everyone’s heart with her jokes. Thapki runs out of the temple. Sudha says it is good that Veena ji is unaware of this, else she would have file defamation case for ruining her bhajan. Veena Devi comes to the recording studio Veena Records. Her huge fan following comes there and touch her feet. The security guy controls the mob as she walks inside the studio. Hansika sings again.

Purab shows thumbs up. Veena comes there. Purab says I want to give you surprise. She says you didn’t keep my name and voice’s respect, and want do you want to do, by making remix of my old bhajan. Purab asks her to listen once. Veena says whoever says Sa Re Ga Ma is not a singer, and even parrot can do this. Hansika gets upset and goes. Purab says Hansika has talent. Veena shouts asking to delete the record. She says she has worked hard and reached here, such joke shall not happen again of her songs. Purab gets upset too.

Thapki practice to sing and cries. Her mother comes there. Thapki asks did you hear me? She says now I can sing well, but not in the temple and says they were betting when I will stop. She says I practice so much then also I stammer infront of people. Her mother writes defeat on the slate. Thapki says no. Sudha comes there and scolds Thapki’s mother and says our bank balance would have shaken up too.

Thapki says I didn’t do anything intentionally, it happened by mistake. Sudha says I did a mistake, that I let your mother enter my house. Thapki says don’t tell anything to my mother. Sudha says you stay in my house and have food of our house, did you ever tell that you will return our favors. She says your Maa is dumb and daughter could barely speak and stammers. She says I shouldn’t have let her and her illegitimate daughter in my house. She says don’t know who was that guy, who ruined her life and took away her voice, she asks Thapki to go and search her father.

Thapki’s mother sits on the table and cries. Thapki wipes her tears and asks her not to feel bad about Mami’s words, she reacts such way in anger, we can change Mami, but can change our mood. She says we shall see your favorite serial. Her mother hugs her. Thapki says Papa, why you have left us both. Hansika calls her Papa, he is the same guy and Thapki’s father. He asks if the recording is done. Hansika hugs him and cries.

Purab comes home and thinks of veena’s words. He sees his Dadi watching the TV serial. He asks her to get tired sometimes. Dadi says you have come, let this scene gets finished. He asks don’t you get tired of watching this. Dadi says this is web series, all young people watch this. He says then he has to search young guy for her. Dadi jokes that dada ji will come from heaven and will pull out that guy’s eyes. She says lets have dinner. He says you should have dinner already, you know that I come late.

She says it is necessary to have food with someone. Veena comes there and sits to have food. She says it is very oily. Purab asks her to change her taste and says you may like it. Veena says like you was changing my song. Dadi says not now. Veena says Amma, let me teach him. She says something can be better than new. He says I was making the old stuff better. She says you was making it worse and says Hansika’s voice is not appealing, and her voice and knowledge about sur is not good.

She says she can get big, but not our recording studio. He asks her to think big. She says when a singer comes in our company, her singing and style shall be focus and I don’t want anyone to break my norms of singing. He says 5 mins 12 seconds, says long conversation between us. He says you are setting new records even in this age, congrats. He goes.

Thapki’s brothr tells that he brought samosas for her, for her today’s achievement. She says my failure. Mama ji says for your good try, I was devoted you began singing. Thapki asks Maa to have samosa. Her mother asks her to sing. Mama ji asks her to concentrate on singing. Dadi asks Veena if you both get tired of fighting and says none of you are wrong, even Purab wants our company to get success and since he joined, we have profits. Veena says I can’t let my legacy weaken and says the singer shall have courage and stubbornness to do something. Thapki says I don’t want to sing.

Mama ji says Doctor said that you can’t sing infront of people, but you have loads of confidence, and needs just a pat of love. He pats on her shoulder. Her mother also pats on her shoulder. Her brother also pats on her shoulder. Thapki smiles. Veena Devi says when she sings, the listener shall feel some connection and her voice shall connect with me, and such person can become my heir. She practices singing. Thapki also sits and practice singing. Mama ji, her brother and mother get happy listening to her. They all clap for her. Thapki says until I become like my idol Veena Devi, I can’t accept defeat. Veena Devi says I will sharpen her skills, the day she meets me, and I will handover my place to her happily as a singer for the world and bahu in my house.

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