Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th January 2022 Episode starts with Jaya asking Thapki why she has a feeling that nobody behaves with her well, other than Purab. Thapki says everyone is good, and tells that small things happen in every house.

She says she has learnt to bear the storm and asks her to have food. Sudha tells Ashok that the girl whom he used to call as niece, haven’t told him about her father. Ashok gets angry on Sudha. Mukul knocks on the door. Ashok gets angry seeing him and grabs his collar. He says you have ruined Jaya’s life and now came here, didn’t you feel ashamed? Mukul says I don’t deserve forgiveness after doing a big sin.

He says I couldn’t take care of Jaya. He offers 3 lakhs Rs cheque to Ashok. Ashok says Thapki and I will take care of Jaya, we don’t need you or your mother. He tears the cheque and asks him to leave. Mukul leaves.

In the night, Thapki and Purab are trying to sleep. He brings cupcakes for her. Thapki recalls Purab asking Jaya who is that person. She gets upset and sleeps. He sits on the bed and finds her sleeping upset. Sapna asks Priyanka to start and tells her that if she does the same thing like Thapki then she will not bear. She tells that she don’t want any issues. Veena gets angry. Sapna tries to provoke her against Jaya. Veena says she has to do something before mother-daughter duo grab the house.

Jaya prays to God and says my daughter has bear so much pain, but not anymore. She asks her to accept her prayers and solve the issues between Thapki and her sasural. She is about to go, when Veena comes there. Jaya says whatever happened yesterday, I am apologizing for that. Veena says we haven’t understood your need, ie money and blames her for trapping her son.

She asks if it is enough or shall I give more? Jaya says it is not enough, I want more. Veena says you are very shameless and gives her more money. She asks shall I give you all my wealth to you. Jaya says all your wealth is less for your son and says you couldn’t understand your son. She returns her money.

Sagar and Preeti come to a restaurant. Preeti checks the price and thinks what to order. She orders fish. He asks do you like fish. Preeti says she is a vegetarian. Sagar orders vegetarian food for her and asks the waiter to take the fish order for themselves.

Preeti gets surprised. Sagar flirts with her. In the kitchen, Purab tells Thapki that he made breakfast for Maa, as she has to take food before medicine. Thapki asks him to keep it. He thinks shall I say sorry and end the matter. He thinks it is not his mistake.

Thapki looks for Jaya and wonders where did she go? He asks what happened, if everything is alright. Jaya says Maa is not at home. Purab asks her to calm down and try her number. Thapki tries again and gets worried. She then blames Purab and says you wouldn’t have done this, my Maa has left.

Purab says you mean to say, that she went due to me. She says yes, and says you made my mother lower in her own eyes, and made her other woman. Purab says I wanted Mukul uncle to accept his mistake and want you and Maa. He says I will protect you both. Thapki asks how many mouths will you closed? They have an argument. Sapna says Jaya must have gone to meet her husband Mukul.

Priyanka says she will not go, but might take any wrong step. She says everyone can’t have poison. Thapki says my mother is not weak. Hansika suggests that they shall search Police complaint. Thapki calls Anchun and asks if Maa came there. Anchun says yes, Bua came here and Maa is taunting her. Thapki runs from there. Purab is about to go behind her, but Dadi stops him asking him to give sometime to her. Hansika says they might take you wrong. Priyanka taunts Hansika and asks you might get hurt.

Ashok asks Sudha to stop taunting Jaya. Sudha says her lover had rejected her and since then she is here. Jaya tells that her son in law and daughter don’t have any objection with me. Sudha asks why did you come here?

Jaya says I was silent as I was unaware of Mukul and tells that from today I will not bear your taunts and insult by you. Thapki reaches and hears them. She tells Sudha that she will get her rent every month, as she is earning now. Sudha goes from there. Thapki hugs Jaya and says I was very scared. Jaya says if I had informed you, then Purab wouldn’t have let me go.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Purab and Thapki realize their mistake and come to each other. They have a hug and apologize to each other.


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