Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th January 2022 Episode starts with Purab telling Dadi that he is in stress. Dadi says you are always in stress and tells that she is proud of him. He thanks her and tells that Thapki doesn’t understand him in this matter. Dadi says Thapki is not wrong, as her mother and she has to bear. She says did anyone ask Mukul.

No. She says everyone blamed Thapki’s mother. Purab says you are right. Jaya tells Thapki that she has no strength to hear people’s taunts and that’s why gave them a reply. She says she got this strength from Purab, now I am not scared of anyone. Thapki recalls Purab’s words that he don’t want Maa or her to be blamed.

She says this means Purab was right. Purab says I shall apologize to Thapki. Thapki says I shall apologize to Purab. Dadi asks him to talk to Thapki. Jaya also asks her to call Thapki. They call each other at the same time and think the phone is busy. Purab sends voice message to Thapki, that they shall meet. Thapki says they are fine and asks him to meet at the restaurant at 5 pm. Purab smiles.

Sagar is sitting in his car outside Preeti’s house and marks red lines on his face. Preeti comes there and sits in the car. He tells that Priyanka has scratched his face with her nail. Preeti says I will call and scold her. He stops her and says she will ask you what is our relation. Preeti asks him to leave Priyanka. Sagar acts as if he is tortured by his wife. Preeti hugs him and says she will always be with him. Sagar thinks she is trapped.

Purab imagines Thapki wearing the red saree and coming to him. He smiles and throws the saree on the bed. Thapki also gets ready and imagines Purab. Purab pulls Dadi’s cheeks and goes. Hansika gets doubtful.

Thapki gets down the auto and sees the road side tea seller. She buys the tea/coffee and goes in the auto again. Purab buys all the flowers from the shop and goes in his car. Thapki comes to the restaurant. Purab comes there holding the flowers and runs towards her. They have a hug. Song plays…..

He says I shouldn’t have taken decision on your behalf and apologizes to her. Thapki says the change in Maa is very good, mistake was mine and says sorry. It turns out to be her imagination. Waiter asks her to give the order. Thapki asks him to wait for 5 mins, and says she will order later.

Thapki calls Purab and asks where are you? She says she is waiting for him. He says there is a lot of traffic, and thinking to walk. He says I can’t wait to meet you, just one more turn and I will meet you. Suddenly a truck hits Purab’s car and the car gets smashed badly. Thapki gets shocked and says hello Purab, I can’t hear you. Purab is seen heavily injured in the car. Thapki says hello, are you fine. I am worried. Some people come to the car and check him.

They tell that he is injured, we shall take him to hospital. Other guy says they shall call Police. They check if he is alive or dead and says he is alive. Someone takes the call and tells Thapki that they are taking him to the hospital. Thapki is shocked and rushes to the hospital. She sees him injured and asks him to open his eyes.

Doctor says take him for the operation immediately and tells Thapki that they don’t have time, if they delay then it will be risky for the patient. Thapki gets Purab’s watch and cries holding it. Nurse asks her to handle herself and get up. She makes her sit on the chair and asks her to call the family until operation is over. The operation starts. Thapki takes her phone.

Dadi tells Veena that she wants to hear her singing. Thapki calls Veena. Veena rejects the call. Thapki calls again. Dadi picks the call. Thapki informs her about Purab’s accident and cries. Dadi is shocked.

Jaya and Anchun reach the hospital. Thapki hugs Jaya and cries. Jaya says nothing will happen to Purab, says he will be fine. Veena rushes to the hospital with the family and asks who is that doctor operating on my son. Vinod asks her to have patience. Doctor comes out and tells that Purab is critical, bleeding stopped anyhow, and surgery will start in sometime after Police formality.

The Inspector comes and says they have arrested the truck driver who did the accident. Veena asks him to give him hang punishment. Inspector says he will get the punishment according to the law. He says we have some Purab’s stuff and gives it to Thapki. Thapki checks the sorry card and reads it.

She finds the red saree in the bag and cries hugging it. Hansika asks why sorry is written on the card, did you both have any fight and that’s why these flowers? Jaya says the time is not right for all this. Veena asks when the right time will come, when you will wipe her mistakes. She says this girl is not right for my son, and says my son is fighting for his life due to your daughter. Dadi says anything can happen with this. Veena says but it happened with my son. Thapki looks at her.


Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Purab is treated in the ICU. Thapki comes to the temple walking on her knees and asks Mata Rani to make her husband fine. She says you can’t snatch my husband from me. The doctor tries to revive his life.


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