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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th November 2021 Episode starts with Thapki telling Priyanka that she has to give tea to Veena ji, but she is doing riyaaz. Priyanka asks her to go inside and keep the tea. She says if she wants to drink, then will drink else no. Thapki is about to go, but Purab comes there and stops her. He asks what she was doing?

Thapki says she wants to make Veena ji happy and give her tea. Purab says Mom will be very angry and the tea in your hand will boil. Thapki recalls Dadi’s words and asks him to go and says I want to make Veena ji happy. Veena Devi comes out and asks who is this mannerless person. She sees Thapki and gets angry.

They all come to the hall. Veena tells Purab that she asked him to keep Thapki away from her. Purab asks her to give sometime to Thapki and says she will learn the rules and customs of the house. He asks her to end the matter right here. She says no. dadi asks what is going on in your mind, how Thapki and you will not face each other, staying under the same roof. Veena says I can’t bear her face.

Dadi says I don’t like your talks. She says Diwali is about to start, and you want us to lock Thapki in room. Veena says yes. Vinod says this can’t happen. Veena says we will cancel Diwali this year, there is no reason to celebrate, and says darkness came in their lives. Vinod says this is the chance to celebrate Diwali forgetting the differences. Veena says I know what I am doing. Sapna says people are expecting us to do jashn and says if we don’t throw the party then…Priyanka says people will gossip about us.

Dadi says we really don’t care about people and says they will celebrate Diwali like every year and asks Veena to do her duty. Veena says I will do my duty, but this girl shall not come infront of any guest and shall not open her mouth at any cost. She says you have fooled me, and now fool the world. She says show your real talent thapki. Thapki feels sad, but controls herself.

Priyanka asks Sapna if she made list of sympathyless relatives. Sapna says yes. She sees Thapki and says Purab will do dhamaka, when he learns that Thapki has done what he didn’t want her to do. She says Veena will be shocked to know that Thapki’s truth is out infront of everyone. Purab talks to Chabbra and says send both songs, our songs shall be played in every house. Thapki comes there and keeps coffee.

He says I don’t like tea. She says this is coffee and thanks him for saving her from Veena ji. She says tell me, if you want me to iron your clothes. He asks if she is stupid or oversmart, and says I am ignoring you, can’t you understand. She says it is difficult to understand him.

Priyanka calls Thapki and tells that she is Purab’s assistant Komal. Thapki asks her to call Purab. Priyanka says he didn’t pick the call, and asks her to send the invite to his friends on his behalf. Thapki asks her to send her numbers. Priyanka says I will forward you numbers. Thapki says ok. Priyanka says Thapki is innocent, not to know that Purab doesn’t like to celebrate Diwali. Thapki thinks to ask Purab and thinks he will get angry, and thinks to send invite to everyone.

She sends invite to everyone and comes to Sargam’s room. Sargam tells that her Diwali dress is not fitting her now and her Zip is also broken. She says my weight increases even if I eat a bit and I can’t wear clothes of my choice. Thapki asks if there is thread and needle in your room. Sargam says that side. Thapki takes it and stitches the dress. She tells Sargam that the successful persons are those, who doesn’t stops even after stopping. Sargam thanks Thapki and says you are sweet, and Purab bhai is lucky to get wife like you. She asks do you know what Purab Bhai does on Diwali.

Thapki says I have to do his work. Thapki comes out and hears Vinod talking to decorator. She asks what happened? Vinod says decorator couldn’t send his guys here for decoration. Dadi asks who will do now. Thapki says she will get the house decorated and tells that she used to decorate for the jagrata, tells that she will arrange everything and will not let anything wrong happened in Maa ji’s party.

Later she climbs on the stairs to hang the balloon and falls. Purab comes and holds her. Thapki says thank you. Purab says you are thanking me much. She says you are helping me much. She says I was decorating for Diwali and wishes if she could spend Diwali with Maa. She asks him how is the decoration, and asks if he wants her to change anything then tell. Purab gets angry and asks if she is doing this to tease him. He says if nobody told you about my Diwali schedule. Thapki says Sargam told that you stay busy on Diwali. He says it is difficult to make you understand and goes to his room. Thapki thinks he is strange.

Dadi is in the kitchen and asks Thapki to give the food to Purab. She asks why is he having food before the party. Sapna comes there and interrupts them, asks Thapki to take the food for Purab. She thinks Thapki shall not know before the party, that Purab doesn’t celebrate Diwali. Thapki comes to her room and asks him to get ready for Diwali party. She says you are very arrogant and show off, and says you are having food before the party too. She says everyone is having holiday on Diwali and asks why is he working today. He says I don’t like to celebrate Diwali. Thapki is shocked.

Dadi tells Sapna that don’t know when Purab will forget the past and celebrate Diwali and move on. Purab tells Thapki that Diwali was the saddest day of his life, everyone used to celebrate Diwali with their families, and I used to be alone in the hostel. He says some of the children’s parents used to come and pick them, but my mom was busy in concerts. He says this day brought darkness in my life till I was 18 years and now I am habitual to this darkness. Thapki comes to him. He says I am not a kid and asks her not to show pity. Thapki thinks I have sent invite to his hostel friends, I shall refuse them. Priyanka comes there and tells Purab that his hostel friends came here for the party. Purab says who has called them. Priyanka says didn’t you invite them and says they are calling you. Thapki thinks what will happen now. Priyanka thinks dhamaka.

Purab comes to the Diwali party and meet his hostel friends. The friends ask why he didn’t call them for his marriage and asks them to throw reception. They ask how did you think of celebrating Diwali this year. Purab asks who has invited you. One of the friend tells Bhabhi and asks where is she? Purab gets angry. They ask if she is Thapki. They go to her and asks her to come to Purab. The girl tells that their Jodi is wonderful, perfect. Sapna comes to her friends and greet them. She asks if they met Veena.

The friends tell that they came for her, and says Veena doesn’t have time for anyone. She tells that Veena has insulted my bahu and the latter couldn’t have food for 4 days and cried a lot. Sapna says now even Veena has a bahu, and signs them at Thapki. She says Thapki is busy, I will introduce her later. Purab’s friends ask Purab and Thapki to dance. Veena looks on. Dadi tells Veena that Purab is celebrating Diwali due to Thapki. Veena devi thinks she has come here to value her words, else wouldn’t have come. Purab holds Thapki for dance and says you didn’t do right. She says I didn’t do anything intentionally. He says you have crossed the line.

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