Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th November 2021 Episode starts with Naina accusing Kajol of acting to break her piggy bank and get clothes for siblings, and wearing costly saree here and roaming. She checks the price tag and says atleast you would have taken it out, it is 30000 Rs saree. She says we don’t have money to pay the loans, and you have bought saree worth 30000 Rs.

Kajol says I didn’t buy this saree. Naina asks if saree got wrapped on your body itself. Anurag looks on. Naina instigates Anu, Apu and Chandrika. Chandrika says you said that you was going to office. Naina says it was random excuse to go out for the puja. Kajol says Maa has given me permission to come here. Naina asks Chandana if she had given permission to her. Tai ji says what kind of family, they are? They are insulting her in public view. Arundita says what we couldn’t do, Naina did.

Chandana says there is a limit for lies and says there is no limit for your shame. Naina smiles looking at Arjun. Kajol says you told Pishimaa that I can come here. Chandana says you are taking her name as she is not here, and scolds her for doing shameless things. She asks until when you will ruin your family’s respect.

Kajol asks Chandana to ask Pishimaa and says I am saying truly. Naina says Pishimaa always support you, as you are her favorite. She says why to call her and tells Chandana that Pishimaa knows everything going between Kajol and Anurag. Anurag says I don’t want to do tamasha in Durga Puja. Kajol tells Naina that she will not bear anything now from her, and says she can bear Maa’s scolding but not her.

Chandana asks her to mend her ways. Kajol says what I did wrong. Sharmila says why are you getting angry on her, she came for puja on my insistence and helped me in the puja work. She praises Kajol and says we couldn’t do puja without her. She asks Chandana to try to understand and says she is very good. Chandana says you might think her good, but the girl who lies to her mother, I have no place for such girl in my heart.

Kajol says I didn’t lie, I am telling the truth. Kaushik says the girl who has broken relation with us, why you people are calling her here again and again, she has ruined my son Arjun’s life. He asks Abhishek why he has invited Kajol and says if we had known that this girl is coming here, we wouldn’t have come here. Abhishek says it is not like that. Sharmila says she is student of Anjali bhabhi.

Naina thinks Anu and Chandrika might melt and says she has cheated us. Arjun says even I melted seeing these tears. Kajol says this is our family matter, don’t say anything. Arundita says first she trapped Arjun and now your Anurag, and says you does good planning. Kaushik says such girls plan as they are helpless by character. Anurag asks what is the problem with Kajol’s character? Abhishek asks Anurag to come.

Kaushik says the guy who doesn’t respect his own father, how he will respect his uncle. Arjun asks Anurag to talk to him and says what the girl is doing with you, who broke up with me. He says she is singing songs with you and fell in your embrace. Anurag asks him to see his character first, and says the girl whom you was about to marry yesterday, today you have affair with her sister.

He says she is having affair with her would be jija ji. Arjun asks him to mind his tongue, says Naina is my would be wife, she is not my girlfriend. He says I didn’t roam with her, and says I have given her commitment and asks what you will give name to such relation. He says you didn’t commit her, asks if he relation is more than friendship and less than marriage. He says such relation is called illegitimate.

Anurag shouts Arjun. Arjun pushes him. Anurag pushes him. Arjun gets up and they are about to beat each other. Kajol asks Dr. Anurag not to do anything. Shreya thinks I will see, how Naina comes in our house.

Naina asks Kajol to stop shedding fake tears and asks her to stop playing with their lives. Anurag asks her to be quiet. Arjun says she is your bhabhi and she is going to marry me, and not characterless like your Kajol. Anurag slaps him hard. Kajol calls Dr. Anurag. Arjun is about to hit him, but his family stops him. Anurag warns him not to utter a word against Kajol. Kaushik says I don’t want to stay here.

Naina says Arjun please. Arjun goes. Naina accuses Kajol for ruining her life and says you are enjoying to play my band. She takes dhol and asks Kajol to play it and dance madly. She says you have ruined my life. Chandana cries falling in Naina’s words. Kajol asks Naina to stop it and says what wrong did I do, that you people are upset with me. Chandana says I regret to give you birth and says we get to see this inauspicious day due to you.

She wishes that she would have died that day, and says I begged infront of God to save you. She says I don’t know what is your relation with this guy and might have broke off with Arjun for him, and you might leave him as well. She says you have lost respect in my eyes for you. She asks everyone to come.

Kajol goes behind her and says Maa. Chandana asks her not to show her face to her. She reminisces her childhood and goes from there. Naina and others also leave. Kajol sits shattered and cries. Anurag is about to go to her, but Sharmila stops her. Putul wipes Kajol’s tears. Kajol sees everyone watching her and goes out. Sharmila asks Anurag to let her be alone for sometime and says who does this with their good daughter.

Pishimaa says Kajol is in pain and bearing much. She says I went to kali mandir to pray for her, so that she gets some peace. Kajol cries and reaches the cliff. She gets Pishimaa’s call and picks it. Just then everyone returns. Naina tells Pishimaa that Kajol was dancing in puja and was in Anurag’s embrace.

Pishimaa says Kajol didn’t lie, I let her go to puja. Chandana asks why, and says when I asked her not to go, then how can you permit her, how dare she to go there? She asks Pishimaa not to lie and says I can’t trust you now, and knows Kajol well. She says there is no need of clarification, she has given me enough pain.

She says I don’t want that girl near me. Anurag comes out calling Kajol and asks Putul. Putul says she didn’t see her. Chandana says Kajol is dead for me. Kajol hears everything on call. She brings water bucket to do her shradh. Lekha tries to stop her. Chandana pushes her and pours water on herself. She says Kajol is dead for me from today.


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kajol prays to Mata Rani for Dr. Anurag and asks her to keep her blessings on him. Dr. Anurag comes there and sees Kajol. Kajol accidentally slips and falls down the cliff. Anurag runs to hold her.


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