Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 19th November 2021 Episode starts with Dr. Anurag telling everyone that he chose Kajol, whose heart is of gold, who is selfless, the girl who doesn’t think of herself, but thinks of all the family members. Arjun and Arundita smiles. Anurag says you shall feel ashamed to let her down and says I am standing with her. He says I want to marry you. He asks will you marry me?

Kajol’s family gets angry. Sharmila tells Abhishek that they shall take alliance for Kajol and will take this saree as a gift for her. Abhishek says ok. Kajol leaves Anurag’s hand and says how can you say this? She says today you have confimed everyone’s doubts and accusations and asks him to take back his words.

She says my character is ruined already, take your words back. She cries and sits down. Anurag says sorry for expressing his wish, and says I didn’t decide that I will say this here, but couldn’t bear seeing you getting insulted. He says you are selfless, has a good heart and you are always stain free. He says I couldn’t express my words and asks everyone to see her from his perspective and says nobody will value you here, and asks her to come with him. Kajol gets up and says don’t marry me to save you.

She says there shall be love for marriage and not sympathy and helplessness. She asks her not to ruin her character and says she is not helpless girl, who wants love as a charity. She says I want to be someone’s choice and not as last option. Anurag says I chose you, and says I am not foolish to insult you infront of everyone.

He says only a foolish person, will refuse now and says you are with me since a long time, can’t you see…Kajol says my answer is no and asks him to leave her alone. Anurag goes out of her house. Kajol comes to her room balcony and cries. Anurag turns and looks at her crying. He sits in his car and drives off.

Kajol says Papa, how much I shall bear now? She recalls Anurag’s proposal. Pishimaa comes there and wipes her tears. Kajol asks if Maa has kicked me out of her life. Pishimaa says no mother can do, she can be upset. Kajol says I am sorry Pishimaa. Pishimaa says I shall apologize as I lied to you, that Chandana gave you permission to go to puja. She says I couldn’t talk to her and wanted you to go there.

She says I wanted your happiness. Kajol says even thief gets a chance to clarify and says I was accused of Baba’s death and got punished. She says Arjun’s family accused me guilty and my own family accused my character when Anurag came to drop me twice. She says when these dark clouds will go. Naina says black clouds are Kajol and Anurag. Lekha says don’t trouble didi more. Naina says I can tell clearly that this was drama and Kajol will agree to marry Anurag, and says she acted so that he plead with her and give her importance. She says Kajol will be the center of attraction for Anurag.

Pishimaa asks Kajol why did she refuse Anurag and says only he can take you out of this pit. She says he always supported you and even fought with Arjun for you. She says he supports you in toughest time and I think that this is God’s sign. She says marry him, he is educated and is a good guy. Kajol says I can’t marry him.

Pishimaa says I am sure that if Vishu was alive, then he would be very happy. She says everyone shall know that Kajol is not less, she can get good alliance more than Arjun. Kajol says Dr. Anurag is a very good guy, but he has someone in life. She recalls Priyanka’s words. Pishimaa asks why did he propose you then? Kajol says he proposed me for sympathy to protect my respect, it was not love.

Anurag comes home. Sharmila asks where is Kajol? Anurag says she is at home, she slipped from cliff while saving a girl. He says now she is fine. Sharmila thanks God and tells that she wants to talk to him about Kajol and him. Pishimaa says may be he loves you. Kajol says he loves someone else.

She says Dr. Anurag is having self respect, and he can marry me to save our respect. Sharmila tells Anurag that they want him to marry Kajol and says Anjali bhabhi’s blessings are with her. Anurag says I am sorry, but there is no match between us. He says I love her very much, and feels that we have a deep connection between us, but only I feel this and not Kajol. Sharmila asks how do you know?

Anurag says I proposed her for marriage, but she refused. Sharmila asks when? He says now at her house. He says Kajol felt that I want to marry for her helplessness and pain, and she refused. He says I became foolish infront of everyone. Priyanka hears them and thinks it is good that Kajol refused, else I wouldn’t have let her become of Anurag.

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