Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th October 2021 Episode starts with Sharmila picking Kajol’s call. Kajol says I can’t come today. Sharmila asks if everything is fine. Kajol says I am stuck at home and couldn’t go out today. Sharmila says we were dependent on you for the arrangements. Kajol says I have booked the idol and asks her to pick up. Sharmila says ok, and asks her to try to come after sometime.

Anurag gets upset and says if she don’t want to come, then let it be. Why are you pleading infront of her and saying please. He asks her to take Priyanka’s help. Anurag says we shall not ask for help from people, who can’t help. Sharmila says Kajol is alone at home. Anurag goes without hearing her. Kajol ends the call hearing him. She thinks why everyone thinks me wrong.

Dr. Anurag leaves from home and thinks to go and meet Kajol. A balloon seller asks him to buy balloon for his girlfriend. Anurag says do you think that I have a girlfriend and gets angry. The balloon says you are so arrogant, who will love you. Anurag gets down angrily. He sits back in the car and comes to Kajol’s house.

Kajol is singing the song. Anurag listens to her song. Kajol keeps the clothes for drying while singing. Anurag admires her from outside of the house. She sits and continues to sing. She lies on the floor and sings, and gets teary eyes. Anurag thinks I shall not go inside. He is about to leave, when he collides with something and it falls down. Kajol gets up from floor and looks at Anurag. Shreya thinks you have betrayed me.

Ayaan tells that they came to surprise them, but instead got shock. He says we had a long flight, we shall freshen up. Ayaan asks Shreya to come, and asks her not to get involved much. Kajol says Dr. Anurag, you are here. Anurag is about to say. Kajol says I am heartless, it is easy to give certificate to someone. She says if I was heartless, then wouldn’t have called your Pishimaa.

She says everyone went to Arjun’s house with the alliance, and says I tried to stop them, but they think me wrong. And even you, even you misunderstands me and says when my family members don’t understand, then why to complain from you. She says I am not bad, I wanted to help your Pishimaa, but Maa asked me to stay at home.

She says what I shall do? She asks him to go and says I don’t want to talk anything. Anurag thinks he has increased Kajol’s pains, although she is in much pain. He recalls his words. Kajol cries recalling his words. She sits on the floor and cries. Anurag couldn’t see her tears, and thinks to bring smile on her face. He thinks he will apologize to her. He leaves.

Naina, Chandana and others come back. Naina says Arjun is having a big house, just the marriage is fixed, and we go so many gifts. She asks her siblings to check the gifts. Apu says you are much excited, open all the gifts and see. Naina scolds him and says you will know my value, when I go from here.

Naina makes a video call to Arjun. He says my would be wifey, did you reach home? Naina signs him to look at Kajol behind her. She says the bangles given by your mother, is too heavy. Arjun says I wish, I was in your hands, and would have met you before. He asks if the door bell is rang? Naina asks did you send something for me. She asks Kajol to hold the phone. Naina opens the door and finds bouquet. He tells the same lines which he used to say to Kajol. Kajol understands. Naina thanks Arjun.

Kajol tells Pishimaa that Arjun is not the right guy for Naina. Naina asks her to stop putting his bad sight on them. Shreya knocks on the door. Arjun finds Shreya outside. He tells her that he is in an important call. Shreya shows their recording. Naina asks can we go for shopping? Arjun says ok. Shreya thinks she will not leave him. Naina asks him not to talk to his bhabhi like he used to before. He says ok. Arjun comes out of his room and takes Shreya inside his room. Ayaan talks to Shreya’s dad and calls her. He thinks she had warned her.

Kajol thinks Arjun is a betrayal guy and can’t keep her happy. I can’t do anything, even after knowing this. Kajol finds balloons coming to her balcony, and finds chit with it, written by the NGO girl. Anurag asks her to see if Didi is seen. The girl says no and then says yes. Anurag gets up and looks at Kajol. He admires her as she smiles. He thinks I can’t reach you directly, but can become the reason for your smile indirectly. Kajol smiles looking at the balloons.

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