Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th October 2021 Episode starts with Naina instigating Chandana against Kajol and tells that she was acting as nervous and in the evening, she brought so much money. She says she must have got money from our company and says our business is not in bad shape as she told, and says she is not telling us entire truth.

She says we shall not sell the car for a loss, it is Baba’s last purchase and his last safe keeping, he bought it for his jamai, God knows if Didi will marry or not, but we will get married and either of our husband can get that car. She says why to suffer loss. She gives her water and says once that car gets sold, don’t know what Didi will do with the money, we will not have car nor the money.

Kajol talks to Rajesh and asks her to bring the buyers to the office, says if this car gets sold then our problems will be sold. Kajol talks to Vishu and says once the car gets sold, she will get the printing press saved from mortgage. Shyam, Rekha and Pishimaa are talking about short cutting the expenses for his shradh. Chandana comes there and asks if they will cut short the expenses for shradh.

Kajol says Shradh will happen nicely. She asks Chandana to give car papers and keys from the locker. She says I can repay 80 percent for the printing press mortgage and get it released. Chandana says you will ask for car, then jewellery etc. She accuses her for selling it for her use. Kajol asks what I will do with the money. Chandana says I will decide for the car and says that car will not be sold.

Pishimaa calls Kajol and says she will send food with Apu. Kajol says she will have food somewhere. She tells that she is worried about Naina, as she saw her with Arjun yesterday. Pishimaa says everyone has right to life live the way they want. Kajol ends the call and thinks how to make Naina understand. Arjun calls Naina and says he wants to talk to her, and that’s why called. Naina says ok.

Arjun says he wants to hear something from her and he couldn’t sleep all night. Naina says you will not get to hear that easily, calls him Mr. Arjun Chatterjee. He says my bad luck is going on and says I fear that everything will end. He says family members are upset after Kajol’s incident and seeing alliance for me, today people are coming to talk about my alliance. He says I have to give some option to my parents. Naina thinks to talk to Chandana.

Rajesh comes to the office and asks Kajol about the car keys, tells that the buyer wants to have test drive. Kajol says we have to postpone the car selling for few days. She asks about the work. Rajesh asks if Chandana is upset with her and refused to sell the car. Kajol says no, Baba suddenly left us and Maa is upset, but she can’t be upset for long. He says I will tell the buyer that we will sell later. He says he has to give salary to the employees. Kajol says she don’t have any work left after paying the money lenders. Rajesh says one person can help us.

Shreya calls Arjun, but he doesn’t pick her calls. Ayaan asks what is she doing? Shreya says she called her friend, but she is not attending her calls. Ayaan says then you shall understand that someone important came in her life. Shreya thinks if someone important came in his life. Arjun sees Shreya’s call while talking to Naina, and thinks why she can’t stay with Ayaan. Rajesh tells Kajol that if they get hospital order then it will help them. Kajol says he is a good doctor, but I don’t want anyone’s sympathy. Rajesh says we shall approach him professionally. Kajol says you said right. She asks him to come with her to his hospital. Rajesh asks her to call him.

Dr. Anurag asks his friend Priyanka if she saw the hospital and met the HODs. She says ofcourse, when they came to know that we are friends and studied together, I got good VIP treatment. He says shut up Priyanka. Priyanka says when a girl is giving you compliment, you shall take it gracefully. He gets Kajol’s call and looks at his mobile. Priyanka asks him to pick the call. She asks whose call is this? He says wrong number.

She asks him to pick the call. Dr. Anurag rejects the call and thinks why Kajol is calling. Priyanka asks can we go for dinner tonight, we met after so many days. Dr. Anurag says it is very tight schedule, may be some other time. She says you do obvious lie. He says don’t you need time for preparations, as you will be joining tomorrow. She says you are not senior here. Dr. Anurag smiles. She asks him to keep smiling and goes.

Naina tells Arjun that Kajol saw them. She says I told her that I am not a kid. She says Kajol is very jealous. Arjun says she was getting everything, but she refused. He says I want to see if she will get guy like me, after me. Dr. Anurag thinks to call Kajol and thinks she will call if she wants. He gets her call and picks it.

Kajol says she is Kajol Mukherjee, Vishwanath ji’s daughter. He says he don’t need introduction, as they met many times. Kajol says I want to meet you for work purpose and asks if she can meet him. He thinks if Rajesh told her that I gave him money. He asks her to come at 6:30 pm. Kajol says ok and ends the call. Arjun tears Kajol’s pic and thinks he will trap her younger sister. He thinks anyone can take your place, but who will take my place.

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