Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 5th January 2022 Episode starts with Chandana and Lekha worrying for Kajol. Lekha calls Dr. Sameer and says she wants to know about Kajol Mukherjee. Sameer says she left without informing me. Chandana gets worried and prays to God to send someone for her protection.

Anurag sneezes. Kajol asks him to take care of himself. He says you shall take care of yourself and scolds her for running out of the hospital. She asks did you save me last night. She asks when did he come to Haridwar. He says he came here insearch of peace and haven’t come following her. He says what to tell this, love or coincidence. He says yesterday I heard someone singing on ghaat and realized it is you.

Kajol says it was me. He says I got sure when I saved you from drowning. She asks why you didn’t come to me. He says you asked me to stay away from you. Kajol says don’t know when the storm will be gone. Anurag says this storm will settle down, but what about the storm in our lives. Kajol says I want to spend my life with you, but may be Durga Maa don’t want us to be together.

She says we can’t set our life over someone’s dead body.Anurag thinks Priyanka wants to trap you and you are thinking about her. Priyanka meets the doctors in the hospital and tells them that they will have bachelorette party etc. She thinks she had given enough time to Anurag and now he shall marry her.

Anurag tells Kajol that if we are destined to meet here like this, then there must be a reason. He says we shall make it memorable for always, so that we can live all life in this one moment. Kajol gets emotional. Anurag says I don’t care even if I die.

Naina comes to her house. Anu and Chandrika ask about Arjun. Naina asks if he will be stuck with me always. Shyam comes and asks why she came late in night. Naina asks him to call everyone and she will tell everyone at once. Shyam says they had gone to Haridwar with Kajol. Naina says they went for holiday, and calls them selfish not to think about her. Shyam asks her to sleep…

Anurag asks Kajol not to say anything and covers her with dupatta. He shows the ring and says you left it easily, since then I am keeping it with me, only you have right on this ring. Kajol looks at him. He says nobody can separate me from you. I will always remember this moment. He coughs. Kajol says we shall go to that house, and take help.

They go to a house and find it vacant. Anurag says people get afraid of landslide and leave from their homes. Kajol asks him to sit and lights the bonfire. He says sometimes I feel that we can’t get married, honeymoon or spend time with each other. He says this moment is very precious for me and asks her to sing song for him. Kajol sings song for him.

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