Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 9th November 2021 Episode starts with Naina praying to God that she shall get married to Arjun soon, and shall expose Kajol. She says she will settle the scores with Kajol, for whatever Anurag told her. Priyanka comes there and gives her prasad. She tells that it is not Anurag’s mistake. Naina says Anurag is not so innocent and tells that he himself trapped came to his trap. She asks who are you to defend him so much. Priyanka introduces herself as Anurag’s fiancé. Naina is surprised.

Tai ji tells Arjun that the accusation is big which was done by Ayaan. Shreya says I am not Kajol to suffer and says you have accused me badly, and ruined our friendship and relation. She says don’t think that the game is over, tells that she will not take a minute to make everything as ashes in seconds.

She says you all don’t know my anger, don’t fly high. She asks Arjun to come on the ground else I will make you down. Arjun thinks she is a wounded tigress and thinks to do something. He tells his mom that don’t know why Ayaan bhaiya accused him. Arundita asks Arjun to stay away from Shreya, and don’t give a chance to Ayaan again. She says mend your ways, marry Naina and settle down. Arjun says ok, I will marry Naina. Arundita goes upset from there.

Priyanka tells Naina that she is his fiancé and had studied in the same college. Naina asks if you have no problem with their affair. Priyanka says Anurag helped her, and she thought his sympathy as love. Naina tells Priyanka that Kajol is really bad and has not left even her family members. She gives her a warning to keep Anurag stay away from Kajol. Priyanka thinks when her own family thinks wrong about her, she might be bad.

Naina gets a message from Arjun, asking her to meet him. Naina comes to the hotel and looks at Arjun and Shreya’s romantic pics on the bed, using the projector. She asks what is this nonsense? Shreya comes there and says I have texted you from his mobile. She says this surprise was for you, and asks did you enjoy?

Naina asks what is this? Shreya says truth, which was going on between us. She says I thought to tell you, that your fiancé is very clever. She says Arjun had trapped Kajol by becoming innocent, and trapped you by acting smart. She says he might have told that he can’t stay without you, might have take you for coffee dates, sent flowers, romantic talk in night etc. Naina recalls the same thing. Shreya says he is a ladies man and use the same old tricks to trap the fish.

Naina asks why I shall believe you. Shreya says these pictures are not fake and asks her to talk to Ayaan. She says infact everyone in the family knows about it, and they are ok with it. She says your inlaws are desperate to get you married to Arjun, so that focus goes on you. She says they thought Kajol will bear, but Kajol was intelligent and broke marriage with him. She says I thought you are smarter, but is more stupid than Kajol. She says you gave a second chance to Arjun, for money, who was rejected by Kajol. She says once you marry, you will get high status and money. She says greed is bad, I have increased respect for Kajol after seeing you. Naina looks on.

Kajol is trying to hang the flowers, climbing the stairs. Anurag gets concerned for her. Priyanka thinks she won’t let Kajol trap Anurag. She collides with Putul and whispers something in her ears.

Naina tells Shreya that you are so cheap and Bhabhi is like a mother. Shreya laughs and says these likes look good in 1960’s films. She says we are of same age, and if Arjun slips seeing me, then it is not my problem. She says Ayaan used to stay away from me, and Arjun started it, and I was the toy for his loneliness. Naina says what do you think that I don’t know, and tells that she had alerted Didi about you both, and tells that she will not move from the way, but will move the thorn from my way.

Shreya says this thorn will pierce in you, if you want to marry then can marry. But this is the truth and everyone knows. She says Ayaan and my inlaws couldn’t separate us, and asks who are you? She says they need my Papa and me, money, contacts, network and status. She says if my papa makes a one phone call, then they will be ruined. She asks her to stop dreaming and think about herself. She says you will marry, but how much it will withstand infront of me, I can’t stay. She says she is advicing her being the woman. Naina gets angry with Arjun.

Putul comes to Kajol and takes her out. Priyanka thinks plan 1 success and says plan 2 is in her hands now. Her friend comes there. Priyanka says she has sent Kajol from here. Her friend asks her to propose Anurag now. Priyanka says I will propose, but how will he say yes. Anurag comes to Sharmila and says everything is good. Sharmila asks did you give saree to Kajol. Anurag says no and asks which saree. Sharmila says I know, asks him to go and call Kajol. Anurag looks for Kajol and asks a boy. The boy tells that Kajol di and Putul went to buy something. Putul leaves Kajol’s hand and runs to get the balloons. Kajol runs behind her. Putul falls down.

Anurag calls Kajol and finds her phone there itself. The kids take her to other side of the Pandal and say Didi, Dada came. Priyanka comes there. Anurag says Kajol called me here and went. Priyanka says I called you as I want to tell you something. Putul is in the hospital and asks Doctor to call Kajol didi. Doctor says she went to get medicine for you, and asks her to get medicine applied. Putul says no. Nurse asks her to close her eyes and count till 5. She applies the medicine.

Priyanka tells Anurag that he is special for her, and tells that they used to stay together in college and used to have coffee together and also used to complete each other journals. Anurag says why are you telling this? Priyanka says you are really special to me, I wouldn’t have become doctor if you haven’t encouraged me. Anurag says what happened to you, this is done by friends. Priyanka closes her eyes and tells that their friendship has become something else now, she wants to spend her life with him, as I love you. She asks do you feel this for me, turns and looks for him. He is not there. Priyanka looks for Anurag.

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