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Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th July 2021 In the morning Malhar and Kalyani are in the room, he exclaims he cannot understand Aai ran away from the house, Kalyani questions how can he even think like this because she has been kidnapped, Malhar asks if she is talking some sense because the kidnappers would kidnap her with all the belongings, Kalyani insists on proving that her Aai is innocent, Malhar tries to stop her, she says that she would search for her Aai no matter the situation and she can even put their relation at risk to prove that her Aai is innocent, Kalyani turns to search for her, Malhar also calls the constable ordering that he should place a jeep at every corner of the city to search for a person for whom he will be sending the details.

Kalyani snatches the mobile from him, he demands she return it but she replies she would not let him blame her Aai for all that is happening as she is not a criminal, she however replies she would not let him blame her Aai for the crime which she ahs not committed, he steps forward to take the mobile but she drops the sarree and they see a note, Kalyani takes the note and reading it puts it in her mouth, which angers Malhar.

In the police station the constable brings the manager of Jagdam Shanay, Malhar orders him to turn on the AC, he after making the manager presentable questions where Jagdam Shanay is, Malhar slaps the manager when he doesnot reveal anything.

Aau Sahib and Kaka are worried wondering where Anupriya could have have gone to, Kalyani also enters saying she has been trying to contact her for so long, but she is not answering, Malhar in the police station questions the manager who agrees to tell the truth after Malhar threatens him, he calls for a sketch artist.

Aau Sahib and Kaka are really worried where could have Anupriya have gone to, Kaka says that he would go to search for her, they are about to leave when Aau Sahib feels dizzy they both turn to her, Kaka consoles that everything would be fine.

Malhar in the police station is waiting for the sketch to be fin finalized, Kalyani tries to think what the letter could mean, she sees the mirror and realizes the letter means Kill Anu, she gets scared so calls Malhar, he gets the sketch so going to the manager questions if he is in a relation, Malhar slaps him demanding that if he doesnot want to die then should reveal the truth because Jagdam Shanay is a women, Manager replies that the women is responsible every criminal act.

Anupriya reaches the Godown calling the person to come out, Indu jee coming is really calm, she asks Anupriya if she came alone and did anyone follow her, Anupriya replies that she is now working to fulfill her dream of an NGO, because she knows if she had informed Kalyani and Malhar they would have supported her, she however desires to work by herself, Indu jee taking out a gun explains that she is actually Jagdam Shanay, she is the one behind every illegal action, Malhar caught her money from the fish market, she needed someone to take the blame which is when Anupriya walked in before her, she will have to die, Malhar and Kalyani enter the Godown she questions why would Anupriya be here, Malhar replies it is the Godown of Jagdam Shanay, she calls Aai when they see the lights go out and there is a bullet fired, they both rush to see Anupriya standing with a gun and her bag, Malhar opening it is shocked to see the money stuffed in it.

In the house everyone questions Anupriya to reveal the truth about where she got the money, she thinks if she spoke the truth, it would ruin the relation of Godavari which she doesnot want, Kalyani also pleads with her, but she stays quiet. Malhar exclaims he is left with no choice but to take her to the police station, he insists on taking Aai, but Kaka stops him exclaiming she is his wife and Malhar cannot do this, Malhar explains he cannot prevent him from performing his duties.

Malhar is taking her, Aau Sahib kneels to hold his feet, he questions what is she doing, she replies that he must not take her if he has even a drop of respect for her, there is a wedding in their house, he can do anything he can after the wedding ends but must not take her now, Malhar leaves her hand, Aau Sahib exclaims she will never forget his generosity, Aau Sahib questions Anupriya what was the need she had to take the support of illegal means. Kaka asks why is she blaming Anupriya when she is like her daughter, Aau Sahib replies that she cannot turn away from the evidence when it is in front of them, Kalyani asks Aau Sahib to not blame her mother as she has always worked for the betterment of the family, she has always been their for the family, Kalyani replies her Aai has always been their for them including her even when her own children left her and she in return did not treat her with respect, Kalyani exclaims she would always stand for her Aai even if they all blame her for doing the wrong, Aai turning to Kalyani shouts at her to stop saying she can take care of herself and doesnot need her help, she agrees to go with Malhar after the wedding ends.

Kalyani vows to find out the truth, she cannot believe that her Aai is capable of taking such a big step, she will find out the truth no matter the consequence.

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