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Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th July 2021 In the morning Malhar asks Pandit jee if everything is ready and he must wait just for some time as they are going to arrive really soon, Aau Sahib is welcoming the guests, the barrat arrives, Malhar is called by Aau Sahib, she explains that she desires he and Kalyani welcome the barrat, Malhar exclaims that it is should be Anupriya and Kaka but Aau Sahib replies that she desires that Anupriya stay as far away from the wedding because tomorrow she is going to go to jail so she wants her to stay away from the wedding as soon as possible.

Kalyani asks Pawar Kaka to show her the evidence, but he refuses saying he cannot as it is against the orders, Kalyani explains she needs to prove that her Aai is innocent she asks about the private number, but he replies they were asleep not able to find anything, he has sent a request to search for the number. Kalyani asks Pawar Kaka to show her the call logs, Malhar suddenly takes it from her questioning what is it, Kalyani replies that it is the receipt of the jewellery which she would present at the time of arrival of Barrat, Malhar agrees informing her to come downstairs because the barrat has arrived.

Aau Sahib asks Kalyani to start performing the pooja, she starts it and they welcome him to come and sit on the Mandap, the Pandit asks Malhar to bring the flowers, he leans to ask what was she trying to do asking if it was something wrong. The pandit jee asks them to bring the bride, Kalyani leaves saying she would bring her, Kalyani walking in the hall thinks she would have to find the truth about the private number, she tries calling it.

Indu jee is with Godavari asking if she likes the gold necklace, Godavari exclaims she really likes it and so seeks her blessings, Kalyani also comes inside when Indu jee is on the mobile, she leaves saying that there is no network in the room, Indu jee turns off the mobile.

Kalyani asks Godavari how she is looking; she demands to meet Aai as she needs to take her blessings. Kalyani agrees saying they would then go downstairs to the Mandap.

Indu jee while walking downstairs thinks she planned to frame Anupriya with the mobile but now both Godavari and Kalyani have seen her, so she has to dispose of the sim and find another way to frame Anupriya.

Kaka asks Anupriya to reveal the truth because he would take every step, he can to protect her, Anupriya explains that she cannot reveal the truth, but Kaka makes her swear, she shows him the notepad which reads Tujhse has Rabata, she explains that she desired to open a Ngo, but the person who was helping her instead tried to frame her, which is why she was called to the Godown.
They are talking when Godavari comes with Kalyani asking why she is not coming down because if she is not present the wedding cannot happen, Anupriya explains that she will always be there for her even if she is not present her blessings will always be with her, Anupriya advises her to come if she faces any sort of problem in her life, she would be their for her, Kalyani hugging her questions that she inform her about what has happened because if she remains quiet they would not be able to achieve anything but Anupriya asks her to take Godavari to the Mandap as it is time. Kalyani feels shocked so turns with Godavari when she drops the waste bin, revealing the torn letter, Kalyani reads the Tujhse Hai Rabata, asking Anupriya what it is, she replies it is nothing and she must leave, Anupriya is tensed holding it.

Indu jee reaching out of the house, wonders where she should dispose of the sim card, Indu jee seeing the manhole throws it thinking the problem has been solved by itself.

Godavari is sitting at the Mandap, Indu jee feels that her broach is not there so might have been dropped outside, she leaves the Mandap when the Pandit asks the bride and groom to stand up, they start performing the rituals, Indu jee rushes to the but Anupriya reaches it before so tries to take it out, Indu jee places her feet over her hand asking what was she trying to do, everyone hears the screams of Anupriya, Godavari also stops the circles, Aau Sahib asks her to go and check but requests Godavari to not stop.
Kalyani reaches with Malhar and kaka, Indu jee explains that she might be trying to take something out of the manhole but her hand got stuck, Kalyani is able to release her hand, Malhar sees the sim card, so he pulling the lid takes the sim, Kalyani asks her to come inside as she will apply the medicine but Malhar stops her asking Anupriya who does the sim card belongs to, Anupriya doesnot respond when Malhar calls the sim and it rings with the private number, Mahar asks Pawar to arrest her but Kaka stops him saying they agreed to not arrest her till the wedding, Malhar exclaims he cannot stop performing his duty, Indu jee sees the bangles on the hand of Indu jee which Malhar saw, she also blames Anupriya asking Malhar to arrest her.

Indu jee reveals they will not allow for the wedding to happen as they are a family of criminal she cannot be associated with them as it would ruin their image in the society, Kalyani pleads with her to not end the relation because she will end all the relation they have as a family with Anupriya, she must not call of the marriage, Godavari kneels in front of her pleading she must not ruin the wedding, the groom also asks his mother to reconsider her decision, Indu jee exclaims that Godavari doesnot have anything to do with what happened and even the family is not responsible so she is ready for the wedding, Aau Sahib asks then what is the problem and they can start the circles, Indu turns to walk with Godavari when her dupatta gets stuck in her bangles, Indu jee is tensed, Kalyani also gets suspicious.

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