Tujhse Hai Raabta 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Tujhse Hai Raabta 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tujhse Hai Raabta 22nd September 2020 episode starts with Kalyani questions Malhar why he had hidden the truth from his wife. She tells Malhar if he tells Avni about their past right now, it will create doubt in her mind. If she takes stress in pregnancy, it is unhealthy for her baby. She senses Pawar has indulged Avni in talk and drags Malhar to leave the cabin through the other door. Avni opens the door of Kalyani’s office but finds none. Pawar comes from behind. He says he told Avni that her suspicion was pointless. Malhar did not come here. Avni leaves without a word.

Vikram comes to Avni and asks if it was confirmed now, her husband with his ex-lover. Avni slaps Vikram and forbids him to speak ill of her husband anymore. He was not there. Vikram was startled and leaves. Pawar asks Avni to relax and lends her a seat, he goes to send water for her.

Kalyani drives Malhar and discusses that her Billu must have grown up, he must be naughty like her. The car halts. Malhar goes to check the bonnet. A lady comes selling toys and requests Kalyani to buy one. Malhar shouts at the lady to leave, their child is already dead. Kalyani was emotional and asserts that her child is alive, she selects a pile of toys for him. Malhar silently watches her in emotional trauma, as she pays heavily to the lady. Malhar holds Kalyani by both arms, he tells Kalyani that Moksh has gone from their lives. He himself took the body from the car. He died in front of his eyes. Kalyani asserts that even she was bulleted, and Malhar believed she was dead. But she is alive. Malhar forbids her keep false hopes. Kalyani says she will die the day her hope ends. She tells Malhar to hurry up, they need to reach Trilok. May be Trilok can give them some hint. Vikram spots Malhar and Kalyani in the car and makes some photos and videos. He was determined to show them to Avni.

Anupriya was hurt in foot after so much of hardwork. Aao Saheb does not let Anupriya eat a single bite from her plate. She tells Anupriya that she spoke to Guru ji, he said they shifted to new place and did not keep Pooja in the house. It may be difficult for Kalyani. What if Kalyani rejects Vikram’s tender and in return Vikram uses his sources to remove Kalyani from her job. Anupriya agrees that they must keep a pooja. And for the pooja she must fast. Aao Saheb says Anupriya was left by her husband and she has a dosh as well; she should not sit for pooja. But she can prepare the Prasad. Aao Saheb mentions that the one who prepares Prasad must also fast. Anupriya sadly agrees. Aao Saheb tells her to eat as Anupriya might feel hunger. Anupriya says she will cook the Prasad, as it is a matter of Kalyani’s job.

Vikram reaches Malhar’s house but it was locked. He decides to wait till he speaks to Avni.

Malhar and Kalyani reach a hospital. Kalyani asks about Trilok. The man at reception recognizes her as the new DM. Malhar asks about Trilok. The man says Trilok died half an hour ago. No one from the family came to claim his body, but municipal community men took the body for cremation. The man at reception says Trilok was here in hospital for past five years in comma. When he woke up six months ago, he did not attempt to go home. He had recognized Kalyani and wanted to speak to her only. Kalyani cries with her head resting on Malhar’s chest.

Anurpiya prepared for Pooja. She silently prays for Kalyani and her protection. Aao Saheb comes from behind. She spots Avni in the garden and recognizes her as Malhar’s wife. Avni introduces herself as Kalyani’s friend, she heard about Kalyani’s accident and came to meet her. Aao Saheb silently thinks that this is true Kalyani befriended Malhar’s wife. Avni says Kalyani came to her house for Pooja, and she along with her husband and Kalyani performed the pooja. Aao Saheb takes Avni inside for some tea. Anurpiya hadn’t seen Avni.

Aao Saheb brings Avni inside. Pallavi was shocked to see Avni and recognizes her as Malhar’s wife. Aao Saheb tells Pallavi to bring Kalyani and Malhar’s photo frame to the hall. They must tell her the truth.

Kalyani runs to Anupriya in the garden. A lady comes out to tell Kalyani that Avni is here. Kalyani says she can’t let Avni know about her and Malhar’s marriage, in times when she is pregnant. She runs inside. Inside, Aao Saheb discusses with Avni that it is not easy to be a wife of police inspector. Pallavi brings a frame and places it on side board. Kalyani comes inside. Pallavi was shocked.


Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Malhar inquires about Trilok’s files and who made the payments. He finds out that Aao Saheb was making the payments.


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