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Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd September 2020 Episode starts with Kalyani hugging Anupriya happily. Anupriya pushes her shocking her and asks if she needs such kind of love from her, then she will get it, but for that she needs to do whatever she asks her to do. Kalyani says you are putting a condition before me and asks what she wants her to do. Anupriya asks Kalyani to suspend Malhar. Kalyani says Aai….I can’t do this. She says I had talked to Pawar Kaka, and he said that Godaveri had parked her car on the no parking board, tells that Officer Rane was doing his duty and Godaveri was provoking him. She says until I enquired about the truth, I can’t suspend him. Anupriya says ok, you do the enquiry, says you can live without my love, gives modak in her hand and says all my hardwork has gone waste. Aao Saheb thinks Anupriya is doing good acting.

Kalyani says you knows well that I value you a lot and you are important for me, but I can’t take any decision as I have many responsibilities on my head, I need to know the truth. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb to give her phone and tells that I will tell Avni that whom she has befriended is Malhar’s first wife. Aao Saheb thinks if Malhar’s wife is her friend. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she didn’t tell Avni about it as she didn’t want to give her stress in her pregnancy. She says if you think she shall know then tell her. Anupriya asks this means you will not suspend Malhar. Kalyani asks her to understand her helplessness and give her one day. Anupriya comes to the kitchen and thinks try to understand Kalyani, you needs to be away from Malhar for your safety. She thinks I have to be strict with you for your well being, I have lost you once and can’t lose you again.

Kalyani comes to place where Malhar had caught Godaveri’s car. Pawar tells Kalyani that there was no parking board here, but it was taken off. He tells that Malhar sir didn’t do anything wrong by asking Challan from her. Commissioner comes there and tells that the video is circulated in the media and that’s why we have to suspend Rane. Kalyani says I have to enquire about the truth fully first. Pawar asks her to believe him that the “ No Parking” board was hanging here. Anupriya is wiping the floor when she finds No Parking board in Aao Saheb’s room. She thinks what it is doing in Aao Saheb’s room. Aao Saheb calls Anupriya. Anupriya keeps back the board under her bed. Commissioner tells that the opposition party can get the riots done and tells that they have to suspend Malhar. He tells that typist is here, if you agree then suspension letter will be ready. Kalyani nods her head. Pawar tells Kalyani that Malhar sir didn’t do anything to take out personal enmity on Godaveri. Kalyani says but there is no board here now, I am helpless. The typist types Malhar’s suspension letter. Kalyani thinks Malhar ji must be doing his duty and will never take out personal enmity using his uniform. Commissioner asks Kalyani to sign the suspension letters. Anupriya thinks if I am doing wrong. She thinks of Malhar’s words and signs on the suspension orders. Commissioner says I will send this letter to Sub Inspector Rane. Kalyani says no and tells that she will take this letter to him.

Malhar comes home. Avni asks where were you all night, tells that she was scared and asks where was you? Her phone rings. She talks to her Dad and tells that Malhar came. She says she is fine and ends the call. Malhar gets angry, why did she call her dad? Avni says you didn’t come home and I was worried. I was alone at home. Malhar asks with whose rights, you asks question from me. He says this sindoor is just to show off, you are not my wife and throws off the sindoor bottle. Kalyani is on the way and thinks she is helpless to give suspension letter to Malhar. Malhar breaks Avni and his photo frame. He says if you had forgotten that I will remind you that I have just given my name to your baby, tells that this sindoor and mangalsutra which she wears daily is a lie. He says our marriage is fake and it never happened. He says please remember that I have given my name to your child so as he never gets called as illegitimate. He asks her never to question him again.

Kalyani gets down from the car outside his house and says Ganapati bappa, I didn’t want Malhar ji to get insulted infront of department and that’s why decided to give him this letter. She asks Bappa to give her strength. Malhar tells Avni that neither he can love someone again nor he can settled down with someone in a marriage and tells that he has left those lanes very far. He says our marriage is just a compromise and that’s why I don’t feel the need to answer your questions. Kalyani comes inside and finds Avni in Malhar’s embrace. She is taken aback and shattered. She thinks you gave me courage to face Malhar ji, but how to face this. She goes back to car and asks the driver to take her back. Malhar finds Avni unconscious and recalls Avni asking him where was he last night? Malhar tells that even though we stay in the same house, but we are not husband and wife. Avni faints hearing this. fb ends. Malhar asks her to open her eyes and makes her sit on the chair. He calls Doctor and asks him to come to his house as Avni fainted. Kalyani looks at the suspension letter in her hand.

Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that Kalyani must have suspended Malhar by now and tells that once he goes away from their lives, then there is no danger to Kalyani’s life. Kalyani comes there. Aao Saheb asks her if she has signed on Malhar’s suspension letter. Kalyani nods her head in approval. Aao Saheb hugs her and says grand daughter shall be like her, who makes my surname famous. She asks Kalyani not to get upset and tells that she has done right. She says you might be thinking about Malhar’s unborn baby and his wife, tells that they will learn to live in poverty. She says once you get rid of that evil rakshas Malhar’s sight and he shall never look back at you. She turns to Anupriya and asks her to accept Kalyani as she has fulfilled her wish, says I know how much you love her. Kalyani thinks I am sorry Aai, Malhar ji has ruined my and many lives, but I couldn’t gather courage to give him suspension order letter. Anupriya looks at her and goes inside upset.

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