Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th July 2021 Aau Sahib says that even if the news about the jewellery stays in the house then how would they be able to arrange the jewellery, Kalyani explains that she along with Anupriya would give their jewellery to Godavari so that there is no hindrance in the wedding, a lawyer comes asking about Kalyani, when she inquiries what is the matter, he mentions he is the lawyer of Jagdam Shanay and he died a few days ago, Kalyani mentions he doesnot know any person by that name, the lawyer replies he knew Kalyani really well and has left property worth seventy corers for her, they all are shocked, Kaka asks if he is joking but the lawyer insists that it is the truth, Kaka after reviewing the papers explains it is the truth and Jagdam Shanay has really left it all to her, Kalyani insists on refusing to take the money but Malhar says they will accept the will, lawyer leaves saying he would prepare the legal documents.
Malhar mentions he feels that it is the game of the person whose black money he has confiscated, he would be behind the robbery so they get in a dire need of money and he can send the will distracting them, Kaka asks Malhar if they are transferring the money today from the headquarters, the wedding ritual begins when Aau Sahib asks where is Anupriya, Kalyani replies that she is bringing Godavari, the children are excited after seeing them coming down from the stairs, Godavari sits beside the groom, they start performing the ritual, Aau Sahib asks Indu jee to start the ritual but she requests Anupriya to have the honour of the starting the first Rasam, Anupriya taking the thali applies the haldi on Godavari’s face, Kalyani also comes to apply when Indy jee asks her to apply some more as it should seem the Haldi of the groom.

Malhar opens the letter, it is a photo of Anupriya with Jagdam Shanay, there is a letter on the back explaining it is a photo of Jagdam Shanay, he says he would find out the truth about it, Kalyani questions what is it in the envelope, he replies she filled a letter in the mall, Malhar walks out when he sees the photo on the window so is shocked to see that it is the same photo, he tries to think who would be the one to burn the photo, he walks in to see kaka trying to apply medicine on Anupriya’s wounds, Malhar thinks if it was Anupriya but what is her connection with Jagdam Shanay, he however thinks it is just his suspicion.

In the night Kalyani asks Kaka why is not sleeping, he replies how can he since Anupriya is not in the house and has not even taken the mobile, Kalyani starts panicking and they are about to leave and search for her when Anupriya secretly enters, she is walking but is shocked to see Kalyani and Kaka standing, he questions where did she go so she replies she was not able to sleep so went for a walk, she assures nothing of the sort would happen again, he asks her to come and sleep, Kalyani sensing something is wrong questions if she is tensed, Kalyani enters the house, Malhar questions where did she go in the night, Kalyani replies that she went to get water but came to know that Anupriya was not in the house because she was tensed about the wedding, Malhar takes out the photo, Kalyani snatches it and asking what is it says that it is all false, Malhar tries to explain he also thought it but Kalyani doesnot listen to him saying he should not try and drag Aai into the matter, she sleeps after turning off the lights.

Aau Sahib asks Godavari to take the blessings of her parents, she exclaims they have tried their best to fulfil all the desires of Godavari, Kalyani comes with the dress for Godavari, Aau Sahib asks where Malhar is.

Malhar is in the office looking at the CCTV footage of the location near his house, he sees the women wondering near his house so asks if there is an other angle of the footage.

Aau Sahib how can Malhar go to his office when there is a function in their house and Indu jee would come shortly, Kalyani asks Aau Sahib to not be worried because everything would happen accordingly, Aau sahib also asks where Anupriya is, Kalyani explains that she doesnot know because Anupriya is not in the house , she comes back with the gifts, there is a courier who asks for Anupriya to sign them but she asks Kalyani to receive it instead.

Malhar is seeing the footage and sees that the women are giving the letter to someone, he recognizes that the hand belongs to Anupriya from the bangles.

Malhar reaches the house, Kalyani comes covering his eyes, he explains he is not well, he mentions he has to show her something, Kalyani gets a call from someone who explains that they are glad she has accepted the will of Jagdam Shanay, Kalyani exclaims she has not accepted any will, Kalyani ends the call, Malhar asks if she has signed any papers, Kalyani after giving it a thought recalls she signed the papers of Anupriya, Malhar shows her the footage asking if she recalls whose hand is it, Kalyani still doesnot believe Anupriya can do anything of the sort, Malhar vows to hear her explain, he knocks on her door but she is not opening and even Kalyani warns him to not think her mother can be a criminal, he breaks open the door and is shocked to see that the wardrobe is empty.


Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kalyani tells Malhar, enough. He keeps accusing Anupriya falsely. She will prove all accusations wrong even if she needs to risk their relationship for that.


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