Udariyaan 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 11th August 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin saying I have changed the doctor. Gurpreet asks why, she is the family doctor. Jasmin says I want the best checkup, a US doctor is here, she will take good care of me, sorry, did you get upset. Gurpreet says no, I will come along next time, go and take rest.

Jasmin comes to her room. Tejo comes after her and knocks the door. Jasmin asks her to come. She says I feel so tired these days. Tejo says you keep the door shut these days, is there any problem. Jasmin says no, I need some privacy. Tejo asks why do you need privacy, what happened to you, what’s going on in your mind.

Jasmin asks did you go mad, what are you asking. Tejo says I m your sister and I know you well, you said baby’s Maasi will do everything, you have a problem with me now, you know, I didn’t make you fall, why are you lying, you gave me a different time today, tell me.

Tejo says you have always misused my love. Jasmin asks don’t you trust me. Tejo asks did you respect my trust. Jasmin says you mean I proved you a liar intentionally. Tejo says yes. Jasmin says I knew it, your husband and you don’t trust me, why did you say that you trust me, the truth us, when people like me try to change,

then we can’t change because of people like you. Tejo says really, look at yourself, I have convinced myself that you were not involved in the accident, you did a lot to get Angad lot, when I knew about your pregnancy, I was happy and wanted to take care of you, you are still the old Jasmin who didn’t change.

Jasmin says but you have changed, you aren’t the old Tejo, the accident has changed you, you got fine, you forget many times even now. Tejo says you mean I didn’t get fine. Jasmin says yes, you are forgetting little things, if you think I m telling wrong, they will tell your mistakes, come. She takes Tejo. Tejo say stop this drama, everyone is worried because of Aman. Jasmin says then spare me,

stay away from my life, I gave my baby responsibility to you, I have gone to hospital twice because of you, you won’t remember it, I know its your jealousy. Tejo asks what, jealousy for what. Jasmin says because I m pregnant, and you can never get pregnant, I can give a heir to this family, but you can never give a child to Fateh. Tejo cries.

Jasmin says anyone in your place would be jealous. Tejo says you think I will be jealous of you. Jasmin says I thought you will also get happy with me, but you aren’t, just don’t trouble me more, you have to tell Gurpreet about my game, go and tell her,

why did you get me here, it would have been better if I had an abortion that day, thanks for saving me and my baby, I m sure this baby will bring happiness, just get away from me, I will pray that you get fine and live a normal life, get away. Tejo leaves. Jasmin says I have put it on her, she should believe that she has the defect.

Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words. Candy comes. He asks for the ball, did you forget it, you kept it. She says it would be in your room. He says you kept it and forget. She thinks am I really forgetting things. Nimmo comes home. she asks is everything fine. Gurpreet says nothing is fine. Aman buys some stuff. He says this day is imp for me, nothing should go wrong, they will get scared of me. Nimmo says I got imported fruits for Jasmin.

Jasmin comes and greets. Nimmo asks how are you, you are the mum of the Virk family heir, I think we will become Dadis soon. Biji says I also wait for that day. Jasmin says I m also waiting for the delivery, I m tired, I don’t know how women tolerate this. Tejo thinks why do I feel that something is wrong.

Candy asks are we going in Daljeet’s birthday party. The lady invites Simran and asks them to come in the party. Simran says we won’t go. Candy says no, I want to go. Fateh says I will take you to the game zone. Candy says I want to go. Nimmo says let him go in the kids’ party. Tejo says sure, Candy get ready. Nimmo asks why is Simran scared, is everything fine.

Aman says lawyer, you will kiss me if you know my plan, I will get the custody, I m a dog and I will prove this. He laughs. Simran says I don’t trust Aman. Tejo says Candy will feel better if he goes out. Fateh says we won’t leave Candy alone. Simran asks what will I do if he comes there. Fateh says he can’t come there,

if he comes, then we won’t leave you. Candy comes from a bath and asks for his clothes. They go to the party. Candy meets Daljeet. Simran and Buzo also wish Daljeet. Fateh and Tejo stay far and look on. Candy enjoys with his friends. Buzo talks to Fateh. Fateh says we have taken our position. Tejo says we are keeping an eye on everyone.

The girl says we will cut the birthday cake first. Daljeet cuts the cake. Aman comes there in disguise of a clown, with another person. The lady says magician is going to come in front of you. Aman comes to entertain everyone.

Simran smiles seeing Candy happy. Aman thinks today, I will take you right in front of them. Tejo thinks everything is fine, why do I feel that something wrong is going to happen.

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