Udariyaan 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 11th January 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin wishing everyone happy Lohri. She goes to hug Fateh. He stops her. She says why this silence, what happened, didn’t you see me before aunty ji, you are thinking right,

I m the most beautiful girl of Moga, Jasmin Sandhu, Sandhu’s daughter and Virks’ bahu, sorry, ex bahu. The lady says go you shameless girl, we don’t want to celebrate Lohri with you. Jasmin says you want to celebrate Lohri with this fraud man, but not me, I should clap. Fateh asks her to leave.

She says hello, stay away and talk, who are you, I m not your wife, I have a right to say that we didn’t get married, this MLA’s son, I forgot, he is ex MLA, sorry. She laughs. She says this ex MLA’s son faked the marriage, he got a fake pandit, it was a lie, he cheated me, so he is the fraud, right aunty ji,

keep your son away from Fateh, keep Buzo away from him, you all don’t care for me, you are dancing here, my mum and dad don’t care, then why would you care, I have a Devi like sister, everyone is busy doing her aarti. Rupy says stop nonsense, leave from here. He apologizes to everyone from her side.

Jasmin says I won’t go anywhere, who am I to you, daughter? You made me out of the house and said you don’t regard me your daughter, you are saying I m your daughter. Satti asks how are you, where were you. Rupy asks Satti will you talk to her. Satti says yes, she is my daughter. Jasmin says save your tears with Tejo, my life was going smooth. Tejo says you can insult me, spare our parents.

Jasmin taunts her. Bebe says Jasmin, forget everything, we will forgive you. Rupy asks Bebe to stop it. Jasmin asks them to decide it and then tell her. He asks her to stay away from Tejo. Jasmin says this isn’t your house that you are asking me to leave.

Fateh says Jasmin, I ruined your family, why are you insulting family and Tejo. Jasmin scolds him. She says you used to love me, how did Tejo come in between, our relation was over when you burnt my passport and left me at the airport, I will make you cry now. She asks why am I getting punished, I m an outsider,

right. Rupy says you have done wrong, being family, Fateh is also a culprit for me, I didn’t forgive him, I will not forgive you. Satti says leave it now, forget it. She asks Jasmin to come home. Jasmin says leave me and pushes her. Tejo holds Satti and scolds Jasmin. She asks Jasmin to leave. Jasmin says I will go,

Fateh gave me a gift, I have to give a return gift, Fateh’s heart is small, he planned the surprise for me, my heart is big, I planned this surprise for you all, for Tejo also, be ready for my next big surprise. She dances and leaves. Fateh thinks what is she going to do. Tejo goes to get Bebe’s medicines. Fateh and everyone dance on dhol. Angad takes Jasmin aside and asks what is all this.

She says its my personal matter, you stay out of it. He sees Tejo and hides. Jasmin says you are so scared of her. Tejo hears Simran telling Fateh about his plan. Fateh says I m trying to lessen the distance between the families. Tejo smiles. Fateh smiles seeing her. She dances. He thinks thank God, the day is ending with your smile, one day forgive me.

At home, Rupy comes and asks are you thinking of Fateh. Tejo says I told you already. He says yes, you said you want to move on, but he is always after you, I can’t tolerate if anyone tells wrong about you, I want you to not get close to his family, he just wants to get you. She asks don’t you trust me. He says I trust you. She says I will never break your trust. Satti looks on.

He recalls Angad’s words. Tejo asks what happened, don’t you trust me. He says its not like that. Satti says go and change, I will keep warm clothes for your picnic. She goes with Rupy. She asks why are you taking Fateh’s name in front of Tejo. He says I m worried that she may commit a mistake in his love. She says no, she is strong, give her some time. He says I failed in making their lives better,

Jasmin’s surprise talks made me mad, don’t know what is she planning. Gurpreet asks what is Jasmin planning, I m scared. Fateh says nothing, I burnt her passport, that’s why she wants revenge. She says I m worried. Satti says she is just threatening, she is upset with us, bad happened with her. She goes. Nimmo says she did a big drama in front of the entire pind, we should not take her threatening light.

Fateh says I know her, we can’t stay scared of her, we have to settle Simran and get dad’s lost respect back, and get Tejo’s forgiveness, don’t worry. Tejo asks Satti to find the jacket, its urgent, its needed for camping trip. Satti says its not here, is it imp to go. Tejo says yes, I will get a good change, are you worried about Jasmin.

Satti says yes, do you think she will do something or just threatening. Tejo says I don’t know what she will do, we don’t need to get scared of her, I really want her to come back home, I know you will handle her, no one can understand her more than you. Its morning, Simran says no Fateh, I don’t want any problem.

Fateh says no, you both have a right to get happiness. He asks Buzo to tell his feelings to his mum, convince his family. He says I will convince dad, don’t get late in getting true love. Tejo talks to her friend Tanu. Tanu says I m not coming, my fiance is coming. Tejo asks how will I handle 25 students alone.

Tanu says one teacher has agreed to come with you. Tejo asks who. Tanu says I can’t hear you and ends call. She calls Fateh and says your work is done. Fateh thanks her. He thinks I can’t leave Tejo alone. He asks Buzo to talk at home, he is going for a college trip. Tejo says I m going. Rupy asks where. She says camp is near the jungle. Jasmin is on the way. She says accident has to happen near the jungle road. She ends call. She says Tejo and Fateh, just Lord can save you.


Udariyaan 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo rests on Fateh’s shoulder. Bolna mahi bolna….plays…. Fateh smiles. Jasmin races the car. She says you would not think what would be happening with you.


  1. What happened to jasmine, she doesn’t even respect her parents, irritating character , please make tejo stop crying, makers are showing that evil plotters always wins over good, wrong guidance to youngsters..shown..


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