Udariyaan 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 11th July 2022 Episode starts with Fateh coming home. Mahi asks about Tejo. Fateh says she just had me in her life, I left her alone between strangers and came here, she would be crying and shouting for Fateh. Fateh cries.

Tejo is tied up to the chair. She shouts Fateh. Amma comes and asks Tejo to calm down. She frees Tejo and stops her from going out. She asks Tejo to take medicines. Tejo refuses. Amma asks her to have medicines first.

Tejo takes it. Amma asks her to take rest. Tejo says call him once, tell him that his Tejo is calling him. Amma says I will call him in the morning. The girl tells some story to put her to sleep. Tejo cries. Amma says we have to be strict and handle her, this night is really tough for Tejo and Fateh. Fateh says I feel restless.

Gurpreet says we had no way. Fateh says I would have handled her. She asks till when and by what right, go and take rest. Khushbeer says it will take time, but she will get fine. Fateh says I won’t get peace after leaving her there.

Rupy says I can’t eat today, take this back. Satti asks how will Tejo stay without Fateh. Rupy and Satti cry. Tejo dreams of Fateh. She shouts Fateh. Amma stops her and says he won’t come, he left you here to recover.

Tejo says you are bad, you are lying, call Fateh, he will take care of me, he would be angry, tell him that I will obey him, I will not go anywhere outside, just call him once. She cries.

Fateh hits the wall and bleeds his hand. Tejo hits her head on the grill. Her head bleeds. Fateh sits crying. He remembers his promise. He says I made a big mistake, Tejo, I m really sorry. Its morning, Nimmo asks Gurpreet to make Fateh marry Jasmin. Jasmin comes home. Gurpreet asks how are you.

Jasmin says I m good, I came to talk something imp, I was thinking to get married. Nimmo says I asked Gurpreet to get you married to Fateh. Jasmin says no, not with Fateh, I know you all will think that Tejo will get ready to marry me, no,

Fateh and Tejo love each other, I don’t want to snatch Tejo’s love, I will marry someone else, its my last decision, sorry, I may not get the baby here to you all, I have to listen to my would be husband, I know its tough for you, its tougher for me, I can’t stay here, I want to go away and have my family.

Gurpreet says but Fateh… Jasmin says Fateh isn’t mine, don’t try to tie me to him forcibly. She gets a call. She says marriage bureau, fine, I will talk to the Australian guy on video call. Gurpreet says don’t do this. Jasmin says baby has kicked for the first time today. Gurpreet smiles. Jasmin says no, forgive me now, its my final decision. Gurpreet says don’t do this, please Jasmin. Jasmin leaves.

Gurpreet cries and asks someone to stop Jasmin. Nimmo says if Jasmin marries someone else, then who will handle Gurpreet. Khushbeer asks her not to scare Gurpreet. Fateh comes and asks why are you doing this. Gurpreet asks him to marry Jasmin.

She says I want this family’s heir. He asks what about Tejo. She says take Tejo’s responsibility, but marry Jasmin, you have to choose between your mum or your love, me or Tejo. Fateh leaves. She says you can’t go. Khushbeer stops Gurpreet. Fateh leaves.

Jasmin is on call. She asks what, where does he stay, Canada, okay, what’s his age, 52? Fine, send him home. Bebe asks Rupy and Satti to have food. Jasmin smiles. Satti gets Mahi’s call. She says Gurpreet is unwell, Jasmin told her everything. Jasmin says I told her, its my duty. Satti and Rupy ask her not to hurry.

Jasmin says I will come along to see Gurpreet. They all go and meet Gurpreet. Satti apologizes. Gurpreet says no, Jasmin is right, Fateh has to marry her, I told Fateh to take a decision. Fateh comes and says I will obey you, I will marry Jasmin. Jasmin looks at him. Nimmo gets the sindoor box. Fateh fills Jasmin’s maang. Gurpreet smiles.

He asks are you happy now. She nods. Jasmin gets up to take a pic. She doesn’t see the sindoor. Her imagination ends. Gurpreet asks what happened. Jasmin signs nothing. She goes to open the door. She gets shocked. Everyone comes to see. They get shocked. Fateh and Tejo come home, wearing garlands, holding hands.

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