Udariyaan 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Tejo calling out Nehmat. Fateh blindfolds her and does poetry. He pampers her and says I thought to do a foot massage, no one is at home, Nehmat will come later. She says you have a sports coach, but you should have been a trainer of romantic ideas.

He says I have to do this to get your attention. She says thanks, I really need this, what will Nehmat think if she comes. He says both sisters are having fun, she will come after dinner. She asks are you happy. He asks are you not happy, she knows the truth which we all know, she is happy with Naaz,

Jasmin came back and changed everything, now things got fine. She says I wish this always stays fine, if she knows that we didn’t tell her the truth… He says we will forget this truth, forget it, I don’t want to talk, I want to live happily in peace. Nehmat plays with everyone. They all laugh.

Naaz looks on. She think they all love Nehmat a lot, I want them to love me. She falls down. She gets hurt. They all attend her. Rupy asks how did you fall down. Shelly gets ice. Satti takes care of Naaz. Naaz smiles seeing everyone around her. She thinks I cried a bit and they came to love me, it’s a good magic trick. Nehmat wipes Naaz’s tears. Rupy and Satti recall Tejo and Jasmin.

Nehmat asks Naaz not to cry, they will go out and play. They go. Rupy says Tejo used to care for Jasmin this way, but Jasmin never cared, she has always hurt Tejo, I hope this doesn’t happen with these girls. Satti says yes, Nehmat has Tejo and Fateh’s qualities, I worry that her goodness becomes a problem for her,

its Lord’s wish. Fateh reads the wishes for Tejo. He jokes. Nehmat comes and says wow, so many cards and gifts. Tejo says there was a function in college, it was teachers’ day. Nehmat also gets a card. She says I made this for you, our first teachers are our parents. They thank her. Nehmat says I want to become a teacher like mumma. He says you wanted to become a boxer like me.

Tejo says you can become both, you become whatever you want. He says yes. She says she argues well, she should become a lawyer or journalist. He says yes, she doesn’t leave the truth. Mallika calls Nehmat. Nehmat says I promise, I will come. Tejo asks where are you going. Nehmat says I m going to Mallika’s house, but I called Naaz to come here.

He says I will think. Tejo says its Sunday, you go to Mallika’s house first and then invite Naaz here. Fateh cooks the food. Tejo says Bau ji made this good rule. Fateh says we will adopt few more kids. She says no need, Nehmat has a sister and a friend. He says best friend.

Nehmat and Mallika play. Tejo reminds Fateh how he disturbed her class. He says yes, our love started from there. Nehmat’s doll house breaks by a speeding ball. Aykam comes. Nehmat scolds him for breaking the doll house.

He says sorry, I didn’t see. She asks hm to make the doll house. He asks really, give me my remote. Mallika asks them not to fight. Tejo and Fateh talk of their past. She says you thought no one can defeat you in videogame, but I defeated you. Nehmat says you remember, you couldn’t take the ball from me, you make the doll house or we will play the video game. Mallika asks them to stop it.

Fateh says you threw lassi at my face, remember. Tejo laughs. Nehmat pulls Aykam’s hair. Aykam drops a flower vase. He holds his head. His dad asks what broke. The kids hide. Mallika acts and asks who broke this, Aykam went to play cricket. The man says I know Aykam did this. Aykam stops Nehmat. The man gets a call and goes.

Fateh says you were away and always with me, there is an attraction between lovers, they always save each other. Aykam says dad was angry, I will tell him later. Nehmat says we lied. He says no, one should be silent when someone is angry. They argue. Mallika says please guys, you started fighting again. Tejo says those who have to meet, their paths get connected.

Everyone welcomes Naaz in Virk house. Nehmat introduces the family. Rupy says I wish these two girls always stay blessed. Naaz sees the house. She recalls Jasmin. She says wow, your house is so big. Tejo says this house is yours also. Fateh says yes, you can come here anytime you want.

Naaz sees a cycle and says wow, is this your cycle. Nehmat says mum and dad gifted this to me when I came first in class. Naaz says they are good, don’t know where is my mumma. Nehmat says I m so lucky, God gave me the best parents, you ride the cycle. Naaz says no, I can fall down and your cycle can break, you ride it. Nehmat rides the cycle. Naaz recalls Jasmin’s words.

Tejo says don’t get scared, you also ride the cycle. Naaz says no, I don’t know riding it, if the cycle breaks, then Nehmat will get upset, she is my only friend. She asks Nehmat to show her room. They go. Tejo says Naaz has insecurities, she is scared. Fateh says Jasmin should have not left her. She says forget Jasmin, we have to take care of Naaz, she shouldn’t feel short of anything.

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