Udariyaan 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 14th September 2022 Episode starts with Rupy showing the cycle to Naaz. Naaz says its not my birthday. Tejo says its fine, we will celebrate your real birthday when it comes. Fateh asks Naaz to ride the cycle, and not get scared. Naaz says but if mumma comes, then she will scold me that I asked for it.

She thinks of Jasmin’s words. Fateh says no, you didn’t ask, we got this for you. Tejo says I will get anything you want. Naaz thinks it’s a good thing, if I want anything, then I shouldn’t ask but use my magic trick.

Rupy asks her to come. Fateh says I will teach you. She says wow, its so good, its better than Nehmat’s cycle. Tejo says I told you Fateh, that both cycles should be same. Fateh says Nehmat won’t even care for it. She says Nehmat is also a kid. He says nothing will happen.

At the school, Naaz tells Nehmat about her cycle. She says we will go tomorrow and ride the cycle. Mallika says no, Nehmat and I have a lego competition. Nehmat says we will have it later. Mallika says I hate you, your sister is your best friend. Nehmat says sorry Naaz, tomorrow’s plan is cancelled.

She goes after Mallika. Fateh comes to school to pick Nehmat. He talks to Gurpreet on call. He sees Naaz and asks why are you so sad. Naaz says Nehmat is playing with her best friend Mallika. Fateh says you can come home with me and enjoy. She says no, Mallika doesn’t like it. He says Mallika will become your best friend also.

She says no, take the cycle back, Nehmat is imp for me, nothing else. She cries. He asks why are you crying. Naaz says Mallika told Nehmat that you should have not given me the cycle, I m not her real sister, but a cousin, I don’t want Nehmat to get upset. He hugs her and consoles. Rupy comes to pick her. Naaz goes home with Rupy.

Shelly says Nehmat was there already, and now Naaz has come to snatch Armaan’s rights. Abhiraj says he is getting everything. She says he was the only heir of this family. He says Jasmin left Nehmat 6 years back with Fateh and Tejo, no one said that Nehmat is Jasmin’s daughter, not Tejo’s. Naaz hears this and thinks my mumma is Nehmat’s mumma, she left her in a big house and kept me in bad Dadi’s house. Naaz recalls Nehmat. She goes to her room.

Tejo recalls Jasmin. She says Jasmin used to take my things as its of her, but Naaz is opposite, she has fear and insecurity. Fateh says we should do something for Naaz, else she might choose a wrong path to get love and attention, we have to end her insecurities and create self confidence in her, we are her family.

She says yes, I will talk to mum and dad, why don’t we keep her here, we will give her life and love like Nehmat, maybe she behaves like normal kids. He says brilliant idea, we can adopt her. She says that’s a brilliant idea. He jokes. He asks will you forget me now. She says no, you fold the clothes. He says we will go to Nehmat and ask what she thinks about it.

Naaz cries and says Nehmat got a big family, why did mumma do this with me. Jasmin sees Naaz and her pic. She says I m sorry Naaz, I left you and came here, you know why I did this so that you live a good and secured life, I told you my mistakes so that you don’t repeat it, I left you with good people, I m sure that you will move ahead in your life and not do anything wrong. She hugs the pic.

Fateh and Tejo go to Nehmat and ask about the two helmets. Nehmat says one for me and other for Naaz, Mallika is jealous of Naaz, I want to call Naaz here tomorrow, we will ride the cycle, I will get knee pads, she can get hurt. She goes. Fateh says we will talk to her tomorrow. Tejo says no need, she gave us an answer.

He says I don’t want Nehmat to become another Tejo, I don’t want the history to repeat, I don’t want Naaz or anyone to come between her happiness. She says don’t forget, our Nehmat is a boxer’s daughter, she won’t let anyone overpower her.

Fateh, Tejo and Nehmat come to some playground. Nehmat runs and hugs Naaz. Satti hugs Tejo. Nehmat says I got a helmet for you. She says we will go cycling together now, are you not happy. Naaz says I m fine. Tejo asks Naaz to laugh. She tickles her. Fateh asks Naaz to come and ride the cycle.

He says don’t worry of Mallika’s words, Nehmat loves you, she got this helmet for you, we didn’t tell her. Tejo asks does Naaz ask about Jasmin. Satti says yes, I don’t know what to answer, but you all are supporting her, I m afraid of Shelly, she talks anything, I get worried that she can say something that breaks Naaz’s heart.

Naaz says your mum and dad take you to the park every day. Nehmat says yes, they take me to the mall also, Mallika also comes, you can also come. Naaz recalls Yash’s words. Nehmat asks are you fine, will you have icecream. Naaz nods. Nehmat calls out Tejo and Fateh. Naaz sees them having the icecream, saying poetry. She steps back. Nehmat asks Naaz to come. Naaz goe to them.

Her icecream cone falls. Tejo asks Naaz to have it. Naaz says oh God, my clip fell somewhere, I will go and see. She goes and sees Nehmat’s cycles. She says why Nehmat gets everything. She pushes it. Fateh says I m so proud of Nehmat, we have to take care of you. Naaz asks why am I not lucky. Nehmat says I m lucky, I have a sister now. Naaz hits a stone to damage the cycle.

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