Udariyaan 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 15th July 2021 Episode starts with Fateh leaving in his car. Jasmin asks Gippy to drop her home. Gippy says you messaged me that we will go out, do you think I m your driver. She says no, husband come driver. Mami recalls Jasmin’s words. Fateh thinks of Jasmin. A biker comes in front. Fateh gets down the car and goes to beat him. Tejo stops him. She calms him down. He says we could have got hurt. She says relax, what happened to you.

They get inside the car and leave. He says sorry, its academy stress, coach has left. Tejo says we can get any other coach, just relax. He nods. Mami goes to Satti and says I want to tell you all, why Jasmin has agreed to marry Gippy. Jasmin comes home and hears this. She asks Mami to say what was she saying. She says Mami thinks I have no intention to marry Gippy, she thinks I m still after Fateh, right. She jokes on Mami. She says Mami thinks I want to get Fateh and separate him from Tejo. Satti asks did you want to say this. Mami says yes, this is the truth, Jasmin is cunning, she is playing a big game. Jasmin says yes, I m mad to do this, right Bebe, do you also think so, do you all think I will go back to Fateh by leaving my dreams, Canada. Bebe says I m seeing since many days, your behavior isn’t right with Jasmin. Mami says I m not lying, Jasmin was mad to talk to Fateh, she is just using Gippy to go close to Fateh, trust me. Satti says I also felt the same, but look at Jasmin, she is so happy with Gippy, Rupy has gone to meet Gippy’s family. Mami asks how can you be sure that she isn’t planning anything. Satti asks Jasmin to swear on her and say that Mami is saying wrong. Bebe asks did you go mad, you trust your Bhabhi, not your daughter, I trust Jasmin. Mami asks what’s the reason for the trust.

Bebe says she left Fateh for Canada, she won’t leave Canada for Fateh. Mami says she is stubborn to get Fateh. Jasmin thinks how does she read my mind. Satti says I know you want my truth, Jasmin isn’t such to ruin her elder sister’s life. Jasmin goes smiling. Fateh cries and thinks of Jasmin, he goes and sees Tejo happy with the family. Khushbeer comes. Dada ji asks him to have tea. Khushbeer says I can’t have tea, Tejo asked me not to have it, my acidity got less. Nimmo says Gurpreet, Tejo has started influencing everyone. Fateh thinks of Khushbeer’s words. Jasmin says Fateh would be still thinking of me. Fateh angrily throws the things in the washroom. Jasmin says I have made Mami quiet today, Fateh will realize that he can’t live without me, he will come back, Fateh has become my stubborn wish now. Fateh sees his shirt. He says I don’t want Jasmin around me. He throws the shirt. He goes to kitchen.

He sees Tejo. He holds her hand and takes her. She asks what happened. He hugs her and feels like crying. She worries. He says I swear Tejo, me and my family are very fortunate that you came in this house as my wife, I know this will be tough for you, you have handled me and everything, Jasmin had ruined our happiness, you gave us a new breath to live, I feel lucky, I m so blessed, I couldn’t get a better life partner than you. Tejo says wrong, I m lucky to get a life partner like you. He hugs her and thinks of Jasmin. She holds him and closes eyes. She smiles.

Nimmo calls out Tejo. Fateh gets away and smiles. He goes. Tejo smiles happily. Tejo sees the saree he got. She recalls his words. She dances holding the saree. She happily gets ready. Fateh comes to the room. He sees her happily adorning herself. He knocks the door. He signs her to come out. She signs 2 mins. He signs I will wait downstairs. She signs okay. She smiles. Fateh stops and turns to see her. He knocks again. He signs she looks lovely. She smiles.

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