Udariyaan 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 16th August 2022 Episode starts with Tejo showing the Kanha clothes. Simran likes it. She asks about Fateh. Gurpreet says he went for jogging, didn’t he come. Aman sees Fateh tied up and records a video. He laughs.

Tejo looks for Fateh. She says where did he go. She calls him. Aman gets Fateh’s call and disconnects the call. He says she is worried for you, you didn’t reach home. Tejo says why is he disconnecting, shall I go to college.

She calls Puneet and asks did Fateh come to college. He says no, we are waiting for him, match is after two hours. She thanks him.

She messages Fateh. Aman checks it and switches off the phone. She thinks did Aman do anything. Aman recalls Tejo’s slap and says your soft hands touched me with love. Candy dances on Woh kisna hai… Everyone claps for him. Candy dances with Tejo.

Tejo gets Fateh’s video. She is shocked. She thinks Aman has done this, he has sent this video. She checks his message and cries. She goes and meets Aman. She asks what do you want. He says one night.

She says I didn’t get you. He says we will spend a night and love each other, if you want Fateh back, then answer me in two hours, do what I said, then Fateh will be found somewhere else. She is shocked. He goes.

Jasmin is on the way. She calls Gurpreet and lies to her. She says I have come for checkup, I wasn’t feeling well. A lady comes and gives the ultrasound report. Jasmin asks is this right, no one should know that the report is fake, that I had a miscarriage, my sister is doubting me. She pays money to the lady. Yash comes and calls out Jasmin. She worries.

Yash says you had a miscarriage and you are lying to your Sasural, what’s this fake baby bump. Jasmin says I have no courage to tell them, they already lost their son and now the heir. He thinks she is such a drama queen. He asks what will you do after 3 months.

She says Lord knows I m not wrong, I request you, don’t tell them anything, if the family learns this from you, it won’t be good. He asks how did you think I will do anything against you, don’t worry, I m with you. She thinks he is a fool, he came in my words.

Tejo cries and recalls Aman’s words. She says no, I have to deal with Aman, I have to get Fateh freed, Fateh I won’t let anything happen to you. Fateh gets conscious. He scolds the goons and asks them to leave him. The goons laugh and ask him to see what their boss is going to do. Fateh thinks what is Aman going to do.

Yash says we will go to Canada and then inform the family about your miscarriage. Jasmin thinks he is mean like me. Yash thinks you will know it now. Aman asks Fateh to hit him. He says you will just see what I do with your wife, tonight, she will be with me. Fateh gets angry. Aman says see there is a tv for live telecast for you. He laughs. Tejo gets ready.

She thinks I will show him the result of badly eyeing a woman, he wants my respect instead Fateh’s life. She holds her mangalsutra and recalls her marriage. She thinks just one hour is left. She takes a knife and says when you see my Chandi avatar, then what will happen. She prays to Kanha ji.

She says I will do your aarti after fighting Aman and bringing Fateh home. Simran asks where is Fateh. Tejo says he has some work in college, my friend called me. Simran says come soon. Tejo thinks Aman won’t get saved today. Tejo comes to Aman’s place. He welcomes her. Tejo sees them on the tv and gets angry.

Tejo asks what’s the hurry. She gifts him champagne. Aman says I will just get a glass. She looks for something in the room. She says I have to find why did he come here. Fateh looks on the live telecast. Aman gets the glasses. He says I didn’t know your taste is also like mine, have a drink, cheers.

Gurpreet says Fateh and Tejo’s phone are not reachable. Simran says he is busy in college, she went to meet a friend, they will come before puja. Candy asks them to tell Krishna story. Bau ji asks him to come. Aman dances with Tejo. She stamps his foot and says so sorry, heels…. Aman says its okay, I will set up the mood. Tejo says I m upset with you, I m your special guest, you didn’t ask me for food. Fateh shouts Tejo….

Goon says I will call boss and tell him that the girl was finding something when he went to get a glass. Tejo takes Aman’s phone and says its our time today. Aman asks really, I will go and get some food. Fateh angrily breaks the chairs. He beats the goons. He escapes. He falls on the way. He sees a Jhanki going.

Tejo gets some file. Biji says Krishna knows his devotees’ problems and reaches there to help. The guy dressed as Krishna holds Fateh’s hand and pulls him in the cart. Aman sees Tejo going with the file. She says so this is the reason that you want Candy, you want him to get your dad’s property, think if police and court gets these papers, then they will know that a father doesn’t need the custody, but a selfish man needs it.

Aman says you don’t mess up with me, give the papers. She points the knife and asks him to leave her. She says you listen to me now, you are an animal, I will kill you today. He says stop, else I will shoot, give me the papers. She says I won’t give. He says I will count to 3. Fateh is on the way.


Udariyaan 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gurpreet worries for Tejo. Simran says Tejo looked worried. Jasmin says I have to tell Yash to take me to Canada. Yash says I will take revenge on Jasmin for your death.


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