Udariyaan 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 16th July 2022 Episode starts with Fateh getting a call. He is at the college. He talks to Buzo and ends call. He checks Tejo’s missed calls. He calls back. He worries and calls Sunita. He says what can be the matter, is Tejo fine. He runs. The kids call Tejo mad and throw stones at her. Tejo shouts Fateh and cries.

Fateh comes. Tejo beats the plate and shouts for help. Fateh asks her to wait. He breaks the lock. He runs to Tejo and hugs her. He says everything is fine, nothing happened. She asks why did you leave me and go, you didn’t answer my calls.

He says I will never leave you alone, I called you, you didn’t answer. She says I got angry and broke the phone. He says its okay, come here, sit. He consoles her. He says the house got messed up, what shall we do.

She says I will clean it. he says good idea, we both will do. Sunita comes home. Fateh takes Sunita out and scolds her. He asks how did you lock Tejo and go out. She says she wanted to have a cold drink, so I went out. He says you came after 2 hours. She says the shop was far. He asks her to take the money and leave, he doesn’t want such irresponsible people. She leaves. Tejo cleans the house.

She calls Fateh and says I have cleaned it. He nods. The people comes and complain to him about Fateh. Fateh says ask your misbehaving kids to not trouble her. The lady says she had thrown a stone at her. Fateh says your kids had hit stones at her. The people threaten of police. Fateh says wait, give me one day time, I will take her. The people leave.

Fateh comes to Tejo. She hugs him and asks why were they saying bad things to me, they are bad. He says I scared them and made them leave, don’t worry. Gurpreet says Tejo was locked for three hours. Rupy says I don’t believe this, Fateh takes care of her. She says neighbors have called Buzo, you can do something about this.

Tejo comes wearing Fateh’s shirt. She asks where did you keep my clothes, I will become strong wearing your clothes. He dries her hair. Gurpreet says you are Tejo’s parents, you can prove this marriage illegal. Satti says no, they are happy together. Fateh makes the bedding. Tejo teases him and laughs. Main to tere naal hi….plays…

They lie to sleep. Satti says when Tejo gets fine, she will decide, its her fate, we will not do this sin to end their marriage. Gurpreet asks how can you be so selfish. Rupy says you are selfish. Satti says you couldn’t understand your son’s heart, he is happy with Tejo, they love each other. He says their true love can make a miracle happen, our Tejo may get fine. Jasmin looks on and thinks why did Gurpreet stop.

She calls Yash. She says I will meet you today, I wanted you to talk to my family, I told them that you are a famous dancer. He says show them any of my albums. She asks him to just do the hook step of his new album right now. He says okay, let me think. He does it and asks how did you like it. She says you like it a lot. She praises Yash. She greets Gurpreet and says I didn’t see you.

She says sorry Yash, guests have come. Yash greets Satti and Rupy. Jasmin ends the call. She says sorry, I was thinking how to introduce you to Yash. Gurpreet nods. Rupy says call him home. Jasmin says he is busy in song release, he said we will go to Canada after marriage, we will get Canadian citizenship, his parents are coming next week. She goes.

Tejo shouts for help. Fateh shouts Tejo. He wakes up. He thinks how shall I leave her alone and go for job. He covers up Tejo and ties the dupatta to her hand. Satti comes in the morning, and sees them sleeping. She wakes up Fateh. He asks her to sit. She asks him to have the food, don’t refuse.

He says sorry, you would be thinking that I m not able to take care of Tejo. She says we aren’t thinking so, you can take our help, we know whatever happened, its hard to handle Tejo again, we trust you, she will get fine one day, its not easy, we want to share your responsibilities, someone should be here to take care of her, you come with us and stay with us. He says no, will I stay in Sasural. She says its also your house.

Fateh brings Tejo home. He says I have two conditions to stay here, I will give you the rent. Rupy asks what, Tejo is my daughter. Fateh says she is my wife now, I will stay here for her safety, my second condition is, I will do all her work. Dilraj takes Tejo to play. Rupy hugs Fateh and says our Tejo is lucky to get a loving husband.

Nimmo says Fateh is living as Ghar Jamai, Jasmin will have to stay with Tejo again. Gurpreet says he got us insulted. Khushbeer says he is ready to pay rent and live there, because you aren’t a good mum, your love is selfish, you didn’t think of him, so he left you. He goes. Gurpreet says I lost Amrik, I can’t lose another son, I m not a selfish mum.

She cries. Jasmin comes home and says Fateh you here, how is Tejo. He says she is fine, we will stay here, don’t dare to trouble Tejo. She says I have nothing to do with you and Tejo, I m getting married in some days. He warns her and goes. She smiles and thinks I will get you in my life.


Udariyaan 17th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jasmin says I m going to meet Yash’s parents. Gurpreet asks her to go. Tejo takes care of Fateh. Jasmin thinks I will get Fateh.


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