Udariyaan 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 17th July 2021 Fateh sleeps in his room. Jasmine comes to his room and tells that she knows very well that he may show her plan to marry Gippi isn’t affecting but its affecting him that’s why the Fateh who wakes up 6am evwry morning is not yet wake up till now. Fateh asks Jasmine how did she entered his room to which Jasmine tells if she can able to enter his heart then it’s not a big deal to enter his room and tells that she still loves him now it’s his choice to decide what he wants. Mahi wakes up Fateh. Fateh realises it’s his dream Only. Mahi tells that Tejo went to college because she has early class also she is calling him but he is not answering the calls. She also tells Buzo is calling him so asked to talk to him too and leaves the room. Tejo decides to go to her class her Colleagues stops her and tells it’s her files and asks her about her change in behavior.

Tejo thinks how to she tell her it’s all because of Fateh. Fateh calls Tejo. Tejo tells him that she had early class so she came to college by herself. Fateh tells that he needs her. Tejo gets happy and tells that she will meet him in lunch. Fateh asks her to come fast. Tejo agrees. Fateh tells that he needs Tejo she can only help him to stop thinking about Jasmine. He then goes infront of the mirror and tells himself not to think about Jasmine. He receives a call the person tells that Jasmine met with an accident. So he goes to the accident spot and sees no one there then he sees Jasmine is waiting for him. Fateh gets angry.

Jasmine goes towards Fateh and tells that she knows he still loves her Eventhough he dont want to admit it. Fateh tells that he is here because she is Tejo’s sister also if it is no one related to him also he will be here because he knows the value of feelings and humanity. Jasmine tells Fateh that she still loves him and wants him back in her life also she knows that she did a Biggest mistake in her life by not marrying him and leaving him in the venue. Fateh gets angry. Jasmine cries and asks Fateh to not to punish her for the mistake she has done.

Fateh asks Jasmine so this is why she acted like ignoring him right and says that she can act all she wants but he knows her true intention why she wants him in her life. Jasmine tells that she wants to check whether he accepted Tejo and remove her in his life or not nothing else. Fateh gets angry and tells Jasmine to not to talk and says that she proposed Gippi and started preparing for wedding with him one side and the other side she is talking these kind of nonsense. Jasmine asks Fateh to let her explain saying that she knows she is too stubborn and sometimes acts stupid but she realised her mistake now.

Tejo Simran and Mahi talks on the video call. Simran tells that academy looks beautiful just like Tejo. Mahi tells that she will leave the place as soon as Dateh comes because she dont want to be a third wheel. Simran tells that Fateh must he fall in love with her already. Tejo then asks Simran to check about Gippi’s information. Simran gets worried then tells that she will check hus details.

Jasmine stops Fateh by saying I Love You repeatedly. Fateh tells her that she loves Canada only. Jasmine tells if that’s true why she is not marrying Gippi. Fateh tells it’s because she wants him now, he becomes part of her stubbornness and nothing else so he wont believe her fake cries and all these I love you’s. Jasmine cries and asks Fateh to believe her but Fateh warns her saying not to come between his and Tejo’s life. Then walks away from there wiping his tears. Jasmine looks at Fateh and cries.


Udariyaan 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sweety asks Jasmine what happened to which Jasmine tells that because of Tejo, Fateh changed into a different person. Sweety asks Jasmine what she is going to do now. Jasmine tells that she will prove Fateh that she still loves him and make him realise his love for her. Jasmine then gets shocked seeing Tejo in her room.


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