Udariyaan 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 18th July 2022 Episode starts with Fateh coming home. Tejo asks him to come and sit. He signs everyone to ask what’s going on. Jasmin meets Gurpreet at the Gurudwara. She gives prasad.

Gurpreet asks how are you, you look pretty, are you going anywhere. Jasmin says yes, Yash’s parents are coming, I m going to meet them. Gurpreet says you should go, I will pray for you and your baby. She goes. Jasmin thinks why is she taking a u-turn. Tejo gets water for Fateh. She asks how was the day.

Fateh smiles and says good. She says Aloo matar is made today, shall I get it for you. He says not now. Everyone smiles. Tejo says ask me something. Fateh asks what did you do all day. She says I was waiting for you. She hugs him and they smile.

Jasmin stops Gurpreet and asks are you okay. Gurpreet says we have to believe it that everything is okay, I won’t stop you when I couldn’t stop you. Fateh asks why all this today. Tejo says mum does this when dad comes, so I m trying to do it, sit, I will remove your shoes.

He says you don’t need to do this, you aren’t wearing slippers, sit here. He makes her wear slippers. She says you don’t know anything, wives do this work, you are dumb. He says its all fine, we are special husband and wife, our relation is special. Everyone nods. She says yes, we are special, our jodi is special. They hug.

Gurpreet says Fateh and Tejo are happy, your parents are supporting them, you do what you want, I want Amrik’s child, but I can’t lose Fateh for it, I will always bless you, Jasmin, you don’t make the child away from us. She goes.

Jasmin asks what did she say, did she accept Tejo as her bahu, no, where will I go, I have to separate them. Fateh, Tejo and everyone play kho kho game at home. Jasmin comes and gets angry seeing Tejo happy. She leaves. She walks on the roads, under the rains. She imagines Fateh and herself enjoying the rains. She then imagines Tejo with him. She throws the rocks/wood logs.

She says Fateh you aren’t my love, but my passion, I will get you at any cost. She sees an old house. She goes inside and recalls Tejo’s fire incident. She says you can never become of Tejo, I have to get Tejo here and ignite the fire, then Fateh’s love will be ruined, Fateh will give up, then just Fateh and Jasmin….

Jasmin comes home. She sees Fateh and Tejo sleeping in their room. She thinks very soon, I will break this string. Its morning, Satti calls out Jasmin. Jasmin acts to cry. Satti comes and asks why are you crying. Jasmin says Tejo calls me a bad sister, Yash praises me so much, Tejo shouldn’t think wrong about me.

She acts. Satti says I will end the rift between you two, come with me, Tejo will listen to me. Jasmin hugs her. Tejo wears Fateh’s shirt and talks. Satti asks what are you doing. Tejo asks why did she come here, ask her to go. Satti says she is your sister, you love kids, right, give me your hand.

She makes Tejo hold Jasmin’s tummy. She says there is a little baby here. Tejo asks how. Satti says Lord gave the baby. Tejo says Jasmin is bad, her baby is also bad. Satti says no, baby is Lord’s avatar, baby will call you Maasi. Jasmin says Tejo Maasi… Satti says her baby is saying. Jasmin says please play with me. Tejo asks is he calling me. She smiles.

Satti says we have to take good care of little babies, will you care for the baby. Tejo says yes, Jasmin has become good, I will never call her bad now, I will love her baby. Jasmin says I will also love you and take care of you.

They sit. Satti smiles. Jasmin thinks thanks mummy, you solved the problem. Fateh gets noodles for Tejo. She asks did you make it. He says yes. She says yes, we are husband and wife, we will do our work. She sits and eats. She says you came here to meet me secretly, you made such bad noodles, it tastes the same now. Fateh recalls. She laughs. Jasmin looks on shocked.

She says she is recollecting things, no, I won’t let her recall. Tejo says we were husband and wife that time also, why did you marry me again, do you like me so much. He nods. She says I also like you, I can marry you 100 times, I love you Fateh. They hug. Fateh says you are recollecting everything, you will get fine.

Jasmin goes. Fateh asks what happened. Tejo says I don’t want to get fine, you may stop loving me. He says no, I can stop living, not loving you. She asks won’t you change. He says I will never change, pinky promise.

She says we are best friends now, we will be together for 7 births. He laughs and hugs her. Its morning, everyone wishes Rupy and Satti happy anniversary. Fateh says I m going to college, we will meet in evening. Fateh, Abhiraj and Navraj leave. Rupy asks Satti to feed sweets to everyone. Jasmin says I can’t wait more, I have to do this today when nobody is around, Tejo your game is over today.

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