Udariyaan 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 18th May 2021  Episode starts with Jasmin coming and saying sorry, I got late, I went to get chunri for Mata Rani. Everyone smiles. Dadi scolds Nimmo. Khushbeer says we shall start the puja now, its 11am. They all do the puja. Fateh and Jasmin smile. They forward hands. Tejo runs to save Jasmin’s chunri from burning. Pandit gets mistaken and gives Tejo’s hand to Fateh. Nimmo shouts on the bad omen. Everyone gets shocked. Nimmo says she is the wrong girl. Tejo gives Jasmin’s hand to Fateh and steps back. Tejo stays sad. Fateh signs Jasmin. They go to Tejo. Jasmin gets Preeto’s call. She goes. Fateh says its good Jasmin came on time. He asks shall I have this laddoo, none will know. He smiles. Tejo takes the laddoo back. She says your pairing is good with Jasmin. Nimmo says Tejo is always laughing with Fateh. Pammi says she is unmarried, how are they doing Jasmin’s marriage first. Nimmo says Tejo’s husband has looted everything and run away, don’t you see news. Pammi says poor girl.

Nimmo says I tried explaining Gurpreet, you tell her, you are elder. Pammi says Gurpreet, whatever happened in the puja wasn’t right, keep an eye on Tejo, she is with Fateh all the time. Gurpreet says no, she is a sensible girl. Nimmo says she is unmarried also, I m alerting you, I feel Fateh will take her to Canada with him. Jasmin says I wish to take you along to Canada, what will I do there without you, I got saved because of you, Tejo told me that we shouldn’t go to anyone’s house empty handed, so I got saved. Fateh says its good you came on time. Jasmin says you both just explain me. She goes. Tejo asks him to go and convince Jasmin, she got upset. Fateh brings Jasmin on the terrace and says thanks for coming in the puja. She says sorry to go to the stylist, I thought if you are sacrificing so much for me, can’t I sacrifice a stylist. He says I felt Tejo’s soul came in you. They laugh. He says I can’t believe that my dream is standing in front of me. She says really, you were scolding me. He says I promise I won’t make you cry. She says I promise I will always keep you happy. They romance.

Amrik comes and says we shall have lunch, family is calling. They go. Jasmin asks are you upset with me. Gurpreet says no. Jasmin says sorry, I got Tejo select everything. Gurpreet says its okay. Jasmin says I like everything that Tejo selects. Amrik asks did Tejo select Fateh first. Satti and Bebe smile seeing Gurpreet feeding food to Jasmin. Jasmin also feeds Gurpreet with her hands. Bebe says I wish their relation stays the same. Jasmin asks for sweets. Fateh comes and looks on. Gurpreet smiles. Fateh says I know Jasmin will win dad’s heart also. He says don’t feed her, she is already fat. Gurpreet says don’t tell anything to her. Fateh says come with me. He tells something to Gurpreet. Gurpreet asks her to go with him. She prays for them. Fateh makes Jasmin talk to Simran. Jasmin says see you soon. Simran worries. Fateh asks what happened. Simran jokes.

Tejo hears Fateh’s relatives talking about her. She cries. Fateh and Jasmin come there. Fateh asks how can you think so, Tejo didn’t wish to marry Jas, its not her mistake, Jas fooled me too, you will see her mistake, because she is a girl. Manjeet scolds him. He says everyone insults me here. Khushbeer and everyone come. Manjeet says we are leaving. Fateh says I didn’t insult you. Manjeet says Fateh got angry when we told something about Tejo, like we told about his wife, you got new relatives now, you don’t need us. Tejo stops Manjeet and asks him not to go. She says Fateh is my good friend before being my Jija, he has told it as a friend, you are elder, please forgive him. She cries. Pammi says forgive them. Fateh says punish me, but don’t leave my marriage function. Manjeet says fine. Dada ji asks Amrik and Buzo to play music, they will do bhaangra. Fateh and Tejo smile. Nimmo says I didn’t understand, Fateh and Tejo save each other, they give their relation a name of friendship. Jasmin looks at her.

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