Udariyaan 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 19th November 2021  Episode starts with Fateh saying yes, Tejo did a lot for me, you and this family, she married me against her well, she handled this family and academy, she got Simran home, after doing all this, she got just sorrow, I m also a human and have feelings, I can make sure that she doesn’t get more sorrow, I love you but I can’t hate her, you can hate her. Jasmin says yes,

I hate her, if she didn’t sit in the mandap that day, then we would have been happy, she ruined my life, she made me away from everyone, you didn’t think about me, our marriage is in 6 days, no one cares for me. Lovely shows the suit. Bebe says its nice. Satti says mehendi artist is final. Bebe asks about Angad’s ring. Rupy says Khushbeer said he already took his ring size, let him do, he also has some dreams for her, he regards her a daughter, we should be happy that Tejo is getting love from two mums-dads.

Jasmin says I have no one, I just have you, where will I go, you don’t care for me. Fateh holds her hand and stops her. He says I m so sorry, I should have not behaved like this, there is much pressure on me, sorry, we have 6 days, these 6 days are ours, we will celebrate our coming life, I promise no one will come between us, smile now. She says no, promise me, you will always support me.

He says I promise, when my surprise comes out, then you will believe that my entire’s life focus is on you. Jasmin and Fateh see Tejo in the academy. Tejo says I have sent the presentation to Mr. Bedi, you call at his office. Fateh nods. Jasmin asks where are you going, so decked up. Tejo says you mind your own work. They argue. Tejo says I will tell you, I m going to my fiance’s house for lunch, he is making lunch for me, we will have lunch and spend time, happy now, you have lunch with you fiance, he shouldn’t come there and disturb my fiance. She leaves. Jasmin says she said so much nonsense. Fateh says leave it, go to office, I will come.

Angad cuts the onions. He says I liked cooking since childhood, mum used to ask me to knead the flour, that’s the toughest task, one can vent enmity on someone by asking to knead the flour. Tejo laughs and says good joke. He cooks. She says don’t put Ajwain. He says you said you have no allergy with it. She says not me, Fateh doesn’t like his smell. He says and you. She says I like it, put it. He says extra ajwain for Tejo ji. He tastes it and says first class. She says I will also check it.

He asks her to taste it. He kneads the flour. She says sorry. He says its a small thing, sorry for Ajwain, come on, you lived there for months, its a habit, we have to do this drama for one week. She says not for Ajwain, because of Fateh fighting you, I didn’t say sorry. He asks why did he do that, and why do you care, you still love him right. She thinks of Fateh. She says I used to love him, but whatever he did with me, everything is over, now I have nothing in my heart for him. He says he has it. She says just for Jasmin. He says no, he came to beat me like a mad lover, he has something in his heart. She thinks.

She says what he thinks for me, I don’t care. He says it matters, else you would have not played this drama, right, when one fails twice in relations, then its a big thing to do this for the third time. She says I know, I did this for my families, nothing is imp than families, it will be my last try for Fateh and Jasmin, then they know it. He asks what about your life, where are you. She asks him to feed her something, he called her on lunch. He says you made me busy in talks, go and have snacks, lunch will be ready in ten mins, open that rack. She goes to check. She sees Angad’s pic.

She thinks who is this woman, and this child. She thinks Angad said he is alone, did he lie to me, but why. Angad comes and sees her. She says sorry, I was finding snacks and got this pic, who is she, your family? Your daughter? Angad says it doesn’t matter, you already know a lot about me, for a fake engagement, its enough to know that. She says its okay if you don’t want to say. He says thanks and keeps the pic in the drawer. He says come Tejorita, special kaali daal is waiting for you, its made in special homemade ghee.

Jasmin says you have to make this house look grand, I want stylish strings here. Fateh comes. He hears Jasmin. Jasmin says this is Kushal ji, I told him to make arrangements, we will make a smoke entry on the stage, slow romantic music will go on, we will have dinners behind. She asks Fateh what happened. Angad falls. Tejo asks where is your focus. He says on you, you didn’t had focus on me, so I had to do this. She says give me your hand. She pulls him up. They have coffee together.

He says you would be thinking you know less about me. She says it doesn’t matter, you can never know a person completely. He smiles and says there is much in your heart, tell me, I have this right, I m your fake fiance. Fateh says do as she says, send me the quotation. Kushal says I got it with me. Fateh says 15 lakhs is too much, Jasmin lessen few things, its unreasonable rates. Kushal says rates are right.

Khushbeer comes and hears them. He says wait, do it as said, send the bill to me, its my daughter’s engagement. He goes. Jasmin says this is the problem, its our marriage, but everything is done according to Tejo. Fateh asks what’s your problem, you are getting what you want. She argues. He says I have spent my life’s entire savings for surprising you, you can see it after two days, I have imp work. He goes. She thinks what will be such surprise, I can’t wait for two mins, how to find out.

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