Udariyaan 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 20th April 2021 Episode starts with Tejo and family coming back home. Rupy and Harman get worried for the expenses. They see their sons selling their precious bike and violin to get money for Tejo’s marriage. Dilraaj also gets money. Rupy hugs them and cries. Jasmin comes. Rupy goes to Biji and takes her blessings. Biji says we will fix everything, don’t worry. She hugs the entire family. She says our family is our earning, we can never lack anything.

Jas talks to Neetu on call and cheats her. Neetu says I will give you money, come to collect it. Preeto writes on the board to help Neetu talk to him. Jas and his mum laugh. Preeto says I will not leave him today. Tejo gets haldi applied. Jas says Neetu is foolish, she is ready to give me 20 lakhs. He calls Tejo and talks sweetly. Tejo says I feel restless, will anything go wrong. He asks do you trust me. She says of course. He says relax, don’t think much, you will be nervous, I m also nervous, when you see me, you won’t be nervous. She says you are right, I will go and wash off the haldi. He asks her to take time. She disconnects. Satti asks Tejo are you happy. Tejo says very lucky, because you all are happy.

Jasmin talks to Preeto. She says I will also come and break Kuldeep’s legs, don’t worry. Preeto asks her to come. Jasmin says that fraud is gone today. Jas says I will not meet Neetu. His mum asks him to take the money. Jasmin gets the bridal dress for Tejo. Satti asks Jasmin to go to get the gota. Jasmin says I forgot, I will go now. Tejo says I will take you to the tailor. They leave. They reach the tailor’s shop. They find it shut. Jasmin says we will buy same chunri, else Jas’ mum will be upset. Tejo says forget it, we will go home. Jasmin apologizes. She cries. Fateh comes there and asks her not to cry. Tejo smiles.

Fateh takes them to the Gurudwara. Jasmin says he is just passing time. He asks them to just come. He shows the ladies tailor. He asks the lady to just prepare a chunri soon for the bride, its her marriage. Jasmin describes the chunri. She says maybe we should go somewhere else. Tejo says no, this is the best place. She thanks the lady Navjot for making chunri for her. Navjot says Fateh has given this opportunity to us. Tejo and Jasmin ask how. She tells about Fateh’s help for her brother’s treatment. She says we can live independently because of him, he spoke in the Gurudwara and got machines and place for our work. Fateh gets the items and asks how long will it take. Navjot says it will take an hour, go and pray till then. Jasmin asks Tejo to go and pray. She stays back with the tailors. Fateh and Tejo go and offer prayers at the Gurudwara.

Jasmin talks to the tailors. Khushbeer sees Fateh’s pics and says you were my pride, I didn’t think that you will show me this day. Tejo says I wish Jasmin sees your true love. Fateh says dad created a big scene, but I will not step back. Khushbeer blames himself. Dada says its not your mistake, you have given them all the happiness, don’t think so, we will convince Fateh. Tejo asks will you go to Canada. Fateh says yes. She asks your dad. He says I wish he understands my helplessness and love. Jasmin asks her to come and see the chunri, its ready. Navjot blesses her. All the ladies bless Tejo. Tejo smiles. She returns home. Satti asks her to wear the chunri. She says you just think for your family, you give everything to Jasmin, I understand you the way your dad understands you, I know you are doing this marriage for our happiness, especially Jasmin’s happiness. She hugs Tejo and blesses her. Jas says I will checkout today.

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