Udariyaan 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 20th July 2022 Episode starts with Fateh comes to the place and shouts Tejo. He says she is my wife. Inspector says she didn’t get burnt, she is just unconscious, go with her to the hospital. Jasmin asks doctor to inform her family.

Doctor calls Rupy and says Jasmin Sandhu is your doctor, right, she isn’t fine, come soon. Rupy says we are coming. Fateh asks how is Tejo. Doctor says she is fine now, I guess her mental state isn’t fine.

Jasmin cries and says Tejo pushed me and left in an auto, I felt pain in stomach, I tried to stop her. Satti cries. Fateh comes to Tejo. He recalls his promise to Maai. He says so sorry Tejo, I m really bad, how can I make such a big mistake. Tejo recalls the old fire incident. She gets conscious. She recalls Fateh and Jasmin.

He asks are you fine, don’t get scared, I m here. She pushes him and asks him to get away. She shouts don’t come close to me. She shouts for help. Fateh says wait, look here, this string, we will tie this dupatta to our hands.

She picks a tool and asks him to get away. She says you wanted to burn me, now you want to suffocate me with this dupatta. He says I love you, will I kill you. She says it’s a lie, you never loved me, you just loved Jasmin. Jasmin says Tejo is alone, we got her with much difficulty, I couldn’t handle her alone.

Tejo says I have seen you both igniting the fire, you stood there and saw me burning, I shouted for help, you both didn’t come to save me, you have no shame, you both should have told me, you both wanted to kill me, why, you punished me for loving you. Fateh says listen to me. She says I m alive,

I m thankful that I could see your real faces, you are ahead of Jasmin, I hate you a lot. He says no, you are mistaken, listen to me. She shouts doctor, somebody help me. Doctor comes. Tejo says ask this man to go out, I feel scared of him. Doctor asks him to leave. Fateh thinks did her memory come back. Tejo says doctor, call my family and Angad also, I was going to marry Angad today.

Fateh goes out and cries happily. He thanks baba ji. He says Tejo got fine, I will get jalebis for her. He runs. Jasmin asks Rupy to call them and ask for Tejo. Satti says they will find her, don’t worry. Rupy calls Harman and asks him to come soon, they have to find Tejo. He gets Fateh’s call. Fateh says I got Tejo, she got her memory back.

Rupy asks what, is Tejo with me, is she fine. Fateh says come soon to the city hospital. Rupy says Fateh and Tejo are at the city hospital, they call me. Jasmin says you go to Tejo, she needs me, call me and tell me if she is okay. She acts. Satti and Rupy leave. Jasmin smiles and says go and give me the good news that Tejo got totally mad.

Simran asks Khushbeer to have some food. He refuses. Gurpreet apologizes. She says I have realized my mistake, I had ousted Fateh for Amrik’s child’s sake, he would hold me responsible that Tejo went missing. He asks her to repent. She asks how, will he come back home if I tell him, I will accept Tejo also.

He says call him, he loves you a lot, he will come back if you call him. Tejo recalls the fire incident. She says I m pregnant, don’t give me any injection. Doctor says you aren’t pregnancy according to the report. Tejo asks what nonsense, I had seen the reports, I m pregnant, you all are with Jasmin and Fateh, I don’t want to be here, call Angad and ask him, its my marriage today.

Nurse says maybe you lost your child in the accident, 9 months back. She says such incident happened with her 9 months ago, everyone thought she is dead, I know her, she is MLA Rupy’s daughter. Tejo is shocked. She asks did 9 months pass? Nurse shows the date. Tejo cries.

She says call the police, I want to give the statement that Fateh ignited that fire and wanted to kill me, he killed my child. Fateh comes with jalebis. Doctor stops him and asks how are you related to Tejo. He says I m her husband. She says she thinks she was going to marry Angad. He says same accident happened 9 months back. She says I know, let her family come, you stay outside.

He goes to Tejo and asks her to listen. Doctor says she is not well, she has gone 9 months back, she doesn’t want to see your face, she thinks she is pregnant, but she isn’t pregnant. Tejo says he is an animal, he tried to kill me, he killed my child, call the police. Guards take Fateh out. The jalebis fall down from his hand. Fateh is dragged outside. Doctor shuts the door.

Khushbeer asks did you think well, you can say bad to Tejo again, she is our responsibility now. Gurpreet nods. Biji asks her to go and get Tejo back. Fateh takes a disguise of a ward boy and goes to Tejo. He thinks I know why you are reacting like this, I will clear all your misunderstandings.

Tejo sees him and tries to run. He says listen to me calmly, I will explain. He says we will make a new start, everything will get fine. She asks can you get my baby back, you killed our child, go away. He asks why would I kill my baby. She says you and Jasmin ruined my life, I will never forgive you, where is Angad,

he warned me. He says I love you. She says I hate you, I can’t tolerate you. She shouts. He says listen to me, Tejo. Police comes. Tejo says he is my killer. He says I didn’t do anything, listen to me. Doctor asks police to take Fateh outside.


Udariyaan 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo says they have killed my baby, I was pregnancy, I had Fateh’s baby in my womb. Everyone is shocked. Fateh asks who got Tejo here, who ignited the fire. He scares Jasmin.


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