Udariyaan 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 21st May 2021 Episode starts with Fateh worrying for his job. Balbeer and Nimmo come to Manjeet and Pammi. Nimmo tells about Fateh and Tejo. She says Gurpreet knows everything, but she keeps quiet. Gurpreet comes. Manjeet tells everything. Pammi asks her to go and talk to Satti, why is Tejo here always. Manjeet asks her to go. Fateh comes there and sees Jasmin dancing happily. Gurpreet takes him aside and says remember, you are marrying Jasmin. He says we will talk later. Abhiraj asks everyone to come, a special performance is going to happen for Fateh. Everyone claps. Tejo performs for Fateh. He smiles. Tejo and Jasmin dance with everyone. Fateh worries seeing Jasmin’s visa board in the act. Jasmin goes and hugs him. Fateh worries. Khushbeer looks on. Fateh and Jasmin stand for the engagement ceremony. They exchange the rings.

He thinks sorry Jasmin, I can’t you anything in front of everyone. He leaves. Khushbeer, Buzo and Amrik look at him. Fateh says everything got over. Amrik says it can take much time to get a new job. Buzo asks so what, so need to tell anything to Jasmin, tell her after marriage. Fateh says no, I can’t hide. Amrik says she will do a drama. Fateh says I can’t lie to her, I have to tell her. He leaves. Khushbeer looks on. Jasmin gets mehendi applied. She talks to Simran on call. Fateh sees her. He goes to tell her. The girls stop Fateh. Jasmin says he has come to see the mehendi, don’t let him come. She laughs. Fateh goes. Gurpreet talks to Rupy and Satti about Jasmin and Tejo. He says thanks for thinking much about my daughters. Tejo asks him for Bebe’s BP medicines. She asks is everything fine. Gurpreet says yes, I was telling them that they have gifted Kashmir package to Fateh and Jasmin.

Tejo says yes, Gurpreet wanted Jasmin to spend time with family. Gurpreet says yes, don’t know when do we get a chance to spend time with them. Rupy says sorry, we didn’t think of this, we will cancel this booking. Satti says yes, Tejo will explain Jasmin. Jasmin comes to Fatej and him to see his name quickly. He says I need to talk, come with me. Khushbeer stops him. He takes Fateh and says Jasmin won’t be quiet knowing that you lost the job, I heard you talking to Amrik and Buzo, I know you will take her to Canada some day, I m sure, but that girl is crazy for Canada, don’t talk about that. Fateh says I can’t lie to her. Khushbeer says families got involved in the marriage, if Jasmin does a drama, then we will lose our reputation, leave things to me, I will talk to Rupy, then he will tell his daughter, trust me. Fateh says I trust you more than myself. Khushbeer says this matter should be between us, I explained Amrik and Buzo. Fateh leaves.

Fateh performs. He gets sad. Tejo looks at him. Khushbeer tells everything to Rupy. Rupy asks will Fateh stay here or… Khushbeer says you think he will stay here, he will get a new job soon, he will soon fulfill Jasmin’s dream and take her to Canada, its my word, he is talented. Rupy says I will talk to Jasmin, I trust you. Khushbeer says thanks, I hope she agrees to you. They go and see Fateh with Jasmin.

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