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Udariyaan 21st May 2022 Episode starts with Mami asking why aren’t you calling me Mami ji. Fateh says Mami ji, she is still in trauma, give her some time, she was away from home for six months. Tanya says sorry Mami ji and hugs her. Mami ji says don’t worry, your family is with you. Rupy says we were not with you there.

Fateh says Lord gave her a new life, fill her heart and life with love. Tanya thinks poor Tejo, she misunderstood him and died, he loved Tejo. Gurpreet says I felt really bad knowing Tejo is thinking Fateh tried to kill her. Simran says Amrik and Fateh’s lives got ruined by fate. Mahi says this happened because of Jasmin.

Gurpreet says its enough that Tejo has come back. Tanya asks where is Jasmin. Satti says she has gone out, she will come back in some time, come and take rest. Fateh thinks why didn’t Jasmin come till now, Tanya can do something wrong. Tanya says I will use washroom and come. Lovely asks where are you going.

Tanya says I m going to washroom. Lovely says you forgot your room, this is your Taya ji and my room. Tanya says I thought to meet you first and then use the washroom. Lovely thinks how did she forget her room, and why is she behaving strange. Fateh says I will go. Rupy says I will always be indebted to Amrik, you also forgive me,

you have given much sorrow to Tejo, but today Tejo has come back with a new life, this proves you were not wrong, your time was wrong, I was a big fool, I was doing a big mistake to give my daughter to a wrong man, when I realized this, I wished I should have got you married to Tejo,

I want to get you both married, I won’t come between you both. Fateh says give love to both your daughters, especially Jasmin, she lost her husband, I m sorry, take care of her, she is in much pain, I have seen Amrik and her in London and now…. Rupy recalls Jasmin’s words.

Fateh says give her courage to move on. Rupy says I don’t know what Lord wants, I m glad that both my daughters are with me, take care. Fateh leaves. Rupy thinks I have hurried in understanding Jasmin. Abhiraj says finally our Tejo has come back. Biji wards off the bad sight. Mami ji says I have went to dargah and got this protective thread for you. Tanya says I will have it. Lovely stares at Tanya.

She thinks something is wrong. Satti asks Abhiraj to remove the garlands off the pic. Abhiraj removes the garland. Tanya asks when will Jasmin come. Mami ji says you are missing her a lot, Jasmin changed a lot, but be alert, she had created much problems in your life, she took Amrik with her and he died there.

Satti asks her not to teach wrong things to Tejo. She asks Tanya to have juice. Dilraj looks at Tanya. He asks what happened to Tejo. Satti says she is fine. He says she didn’t ask me about my studies. She says she has come back after many days, she won’t think of your studies at this time. She says Dilraj is right,

she looks different, unlike Tejo. Gurpreet hugs Amrik’s jacket and cries. Fateh comes to her. He says don’t think Jasmin is responsible for Amrik’s death, I involved him, I m responsible for his death, I wish I didn’t take him there, I got shot. She says don’t say this, Angad killed him, he wanted to unite you and Tejo,

so he sacrificed himself. Fateh cries and thinks how will I do this. He says I couldn’t protect my brother, I miss him a lot. They cry. Mahi comes and cries. Gurpreet asks him to promise. She says when Tejo comes home, then everything will get fine.

Fateh thinks how will I give them another shock that Tanya isn’t Tejo, was my decision to get Tanya here wrong. Biji says Fateh did a favor on us by getting Tejo here. Tanya thinks he is playing with everyone’s emotions. Dilraj takes her to show the project.

Tanya says wow Navraj, you made it well. Dilraj says you forgot my name. She says no. He says you changed, you aren’t Tejo. She says I remember the name, Dilraj. He calls Satti. Dilraj says Tejo is calling me Navraj. Everyone looks at Tanya.

Jasmin comes and asks Dilraj not to do the drama. She says give some time to Tejo, she got saved from big trouble and come, she will get fine and give you a slap, she didn’t sleep since two days, look at her face, you worry for her a lot, let her take rest. She asks Tanya to come with her. They go upstairs. Satti smiles.

Lovely thinks Dilraj understood right, Tejo looks changed. Tanya thanks Jasmin and says you saved me today, I didn’t know how to handle this, your family is sweet, they love Tejo a lot, if anything goes wrong then… Jasmin asks how did you forget Dilraj’s name, he is everyone’s fav. Tanya says Mami ji and Lovely were questioning me.

Jasmin says Lovely Tayi ji, not Chachi ji, stay away from Mami, but Mami loved Tejo a lot. Bebe asks Satti to make Tejo’s fav dish. Lovely says she looks different, without any affection. Rupy says Fateh and Jasmin told us about her,

she will have many things on her mind, about Fateh, Jasmin and Angad. Satti says yes, others can’t understand her pain, we are responsible for her pain. Rupy says yes, I thought Angad is a diamond, he was a stone, I couldn’t value Fateh, fate has chosen Fateh for her. Lovely thinks they can’t see her truth.

Jasmin says everyone will doubt you, you have to pretend well. She shows the earrings and says I will ask for it, you will give it to me, we will do this with clothes also. Tanya asks why. Jasmin says this was our bonding and understanding, Tejo used to give me everything I used to ask for, she was very lovely,

simple, but boring also, get ready, I will unpack your stuff. She shows Tejo’s clothes. She says family was going to donate this, but I didn’t let them do this, I m smart, don’t do anything wrong, take a deep breath and get ready, don’t take tension, you will get habitual, you have seen Fateh and my families, they are senti for Tejo.

Tanya asks are you not senti, you were her sister. jasmin says of course, I m her sister and I m senti for her, but this daily drama is not my cup of tea, I just have fun. Tanya says you are scaring me, you were different in London and different here.

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