Udariyaan 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 23rd July 2021 Episode starts with Fateh getting sad and seeing the pendant. Jasmin says I worry for Tejo and Fateh also, I have no right to worry for him, everyone misunderstands me, but you understand me, I m really worried for my sister and….. Fateh sees Jasmin’s pic. Amrik says your heart is so clean, you are worrying for those who broke your heart. Jasmin says I want to find out where they are, if they are fine. Amrik says I think we should leave, we were out of the house all night, if your family knows this, then a scene will be created.

Fateh and Tejo come to the tea stall. They have tea. Tejo cares for him and cools the hot tea for him. She tastes it and says now its fine. He looks at her. He says sorry, I forced you for an outing and we got stuck here. She says it was so nice, camp, rain, farmhouse and…. She smiles and says I can never forget all this, and you…. He nods. She says every journey leaves some stories behind. She holds his arm and rests on his shoulder. He is still holding the pendant in his hand.

They come home. Tejo takes a bath and comes. She happily dances thinking of Fateh and her moments. She says is Fateh missing me the same way, as I m missing him. She checks Jasmin’s missed calls. Satti asks Jasmin to get ready and go to college. Jasmin refuses. Satti asks her to sleep for some time. She goes. Jasmin shuts the door. Tejo calls her. Jasmin answers and asks are you fine. Tejo says fine, why are you worried. Jasmin says I had got a bad dream, I was worried, your phones were off, is everything fine. Tejo says yes. Jasmin asks where are you staying now. Tejo says we had stayed there, but we came back home, we managed somehow after car broke down, Fateh was with me, there can’t be any problem. Jasmin says fine, take rest, I will talk later.

Jasmin says he took Fateh for long drive, but his heart is still stuck at me, Mami can’t do anything now. She gets a dress to wear. Mami says Gippy’s mum was angry, she was asking how long will the girl’s family delay, I asked them to come and fix the marriage. Satti says you did the right thing. Mami says they will come in some time, then relation will be fixed. Jasmin gets ready to leave. Satti stops her. Jasmin says I m going to college for an imp class. Satti says cancel it, Gippy’s parents are coming to fix the alliance. Jasmin says but…. Satti says go and take rest. Jasmin thinks I have to meet Fateh now. Tejo dances. She happily thinks of Fateh. She cooks food. She takes tea and snacks for Khushbeer and Bau ji. They like the snacks. Gurpreet and Nimmo look on. Biji says its yummy, what’s the matter, you look very happy today. Tejo hugs her. Mahi asks what’s the matter, your smile changed after the outing. Tejo gets shy and goes.

Jasmin goes to her room. She says I have to go and meet Fateh, its today or never. Buzo says its a good thing, you both have become husband and wife now, you should be happy. Fateh says I m not happy, Tejo and my emotions are different, I have regret in my eyes. Buzo asks why, Tejo is your wife. Fateh says I feel I m cheating her, she is my life partner and best friend, I can’t feel that, Jasmin isn’t going from my mind. Buzo looks at him. Jasmin says what shall I do. She takes something from the drawer. Khushbeer says amazing. Tejo says I told you, this plant will have flowers again. He says yes, Fateh is also being happy now, because you kept hope, I m proud of you. She goes smiling.

Jasmin hides from everyone and leaves. She says its now or never, I have to make Fateh believe that I m his love, not Tejo. Tejo says Fateh would be waiting for me at the academy. Jasmin comes to the academy. She sees Fateh and comes to him. He looks at her. He asks why did you come here, just go. She says I have to talk to you, I have no time, listen to me. He says I don’t want to listen to anything. She says Gippy is coming home to fix the relation. He gets angry.

She says you can hurt me later, I don’t have time now. He says I have no time for you, leave, don’t forget our relation of Jija and Saali. Tejo reaches. He says you think I will listen to you if you plead. He goes. Jasmin says you need to talk to me now. Tejo is still in the car. She thinks Fateh will be worried that I got late today. Jasmin follows Fateh. Tejo doesn’t see Fateh going. She collides with Jasmin. Jasmin worries seeing her.

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