Udariyaan 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 24th May 2021 Episode starts with Rupy thinking what to tell Tejo. He goes for work. Tejo thinks he has some tension. Buzo and Amrik ask Fateh to prepare for a charity match, it has good prize money. Fateh says its my marriage tomorrow, when will I prepare for match, I need to give a job interview. They say Khushbeer will be proud, you will get a job easily after this match, imagine that Jasmin will cheer for you a lot. Fateh smiles. Jasmin calls Fateh and asks him to check the houses pictures, she has sent the link. Fateh asks what’s the hurry now. She asks him to check. Amrik asks are you sure that she has no problem. Fateh says yes, I will ask Tejo, she doesn’t hide anything from Tejo. Tejo gets his call. Fateh says I need to talk to you, is there anyone around. Dilraj says I m here, you called on the right time, Tejo was also going to call you. Tejo says you are my best friend, I don’t want any problem, we are going to steal your shoes, you give me the shoes and fulfill the demand. Fateh says done, I will give the shoes when I get down the horse. Amrik says you can’t get the shoes when we are here.

Abhiraj says we will take the shoes. Tejo says challenge accepted. Fateh says I couldn’t talk to her. Amrik says Tejo is clever. Mahi says we will teach her a lesson. They laugh. Fateh goes. Mahi makes a plan and says its their Jaago today. Everyone dances in Jaago function. Tejo sees Rupy and thinks I have to find his tension. Jasmin calls her and asks why can’t I come in Jaago. Tejo says its a rasam. Jasmin says Gurpreet called you all at home, don’t take elders. Tejo asks what, sure. Jasmin says yes, I have to call Fateh now. Tejo says we will go if Gurpreet called us. Jasmin calls Mahi and says your work is done. Amrik says Tejo thinks Gurpreet called her, we will see her, Fateh won’t know it, Tejo caught my collar, my revenge will fulfill today. Fateh thinks of Jasmin. She thinks of him. They smile. Jasmin messages him I love you, you fulfilled my dream.

Fateh smiles reading her message. He replies I love you more, because you love me a lot, I was broken after the job got cancelled, I was scared, you have handled this maturely. His phone gets off. He thinks message is sent to her or not. She gets a call. She asks Chinki why didn’t you come in Jaago, come soon to meet me, then I will go to Canada. Chinki asks are you sure. Amrik asks did you tell Jasmin about the boxing match, poster will be out in few days. Fateh says no, I will tell about marriage, Jasmin and dad will be surprised. Chinki asks how can Fateh have a fight here after 25 days if you are going to Canada. She sends the poster. Jasmin gets shocked.

Fateh says my phone isn’t charging, give your phone to me once. Amrik gets a call. They go out. Fateh asks what are you planning here. Tejo, Abhiraj, Navraj and Dilraj come. They say get up, Jaago has come. Tejo asks them to wake up the sleeping persons. Mahi says Pammi and Nimmo are sleeping here, now they are gone. Everyone comes and sees Tejo. Mahi thinks who are sleeping there. They see the pillows kept. Manjeet says no one lets me sleep, I m much upset. Tejo says we got Jaago, happiness and blessings came to your house. Dada says Khushbeer, Jaago got a lot of happiness, welcome them. Khushbeer nods and welcomes them. Everyone dances. Tejo takes Amrik, Buzo and Mahi aside. She says if Jasmin is in your team, then Bau ji is in my team. Dada ji signs. Nimmo says she is clever, she did friendship with Dada ji also. Tejo takes Fateh for dance. Gurpreet looks on.

Fateh asks did you talk to Jasmin. Tejo says Jasmin was saying right, you are mad, she didn’t feel bad. He asks really, she has no problem right. She asks with what. Abhiraj says we need to go. Fateh says listen. They go. Jasmin calls Fateh. His phone doesn’t connect. He goes to his room and smiles. He switches off his phone. He gets her missed calls. She says she couldn’t come in Jaago, she would be missing. He calls her. She asks why was your phone off, no one is answering. He says my phone got off, everyone was dancing downstairs. She asks is this true that you are going to fight a boxing match after 25 days, then when are we going to Canada. He worries.

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