Udariyaan 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 25th April 2022 Episode starts with Fateh thinking of Tejo and crying. Scene shifts to London, UK. Tanya is seen. She looks like Tejo. Fateh says what shall I do that you come back, I wish I could find you again. Tejo/Tanya serves the customers at the café. Back at Moga, Fateh asks Biji to see, her BP is high, stop having spicy food.

He is still sad. He goes. Biji says Fateh is taking care of the family, like Tejo used to do. Bau ji says yes, he wants to feel Tejo. Tanya is with her friends. Fateh says I can’t do all this like Tejo, I regret whatever happened that day, I wish I had reached there early.

Fateh sees the dupatta and recalls Tejo. Tere bina….plays… He thinks I will wait for next birth now. Tanya greets aunty. Aunty says you are so fast and energetic. Tanya shows her house. She says when I smile, light comes on its own, when I m happy,

colours get filled. Fateh says I couldn’t understand you. Tanya shows the savings box for her vacation, charity and top secret. Aunty asks what’s the top secret. Tanya says its secret, I will make ginger tea, Indian style. She gets the tea and cookies. Aunty asks her to put a family pic. Tanya says I have no family.

Jasmin asks Satti to pack snacks for her. Rupy asks where are you going. Jasmin says Amrik will take me home. He asks will his family agree. She says everything is getting fine. Khushbeer says we won’t forgive her, Jasmin is the root of all the problems. Amrik defends her. Rupy says they didn’t take you along, they didn’t forgive you.

Jasmin says Amrik promised me that he will talk to them. Khushbeer says Jasmin won’t come here. Fateh asks Amrik to give him some time, then he will talk to dad. Mahi asks Amrik to forget Jasmin. He says she is my wife, I will stay with her.

Abhiraj shows Rupy getting the majority of votes. Jasmin asks Rupy to stop cursing her now. Abhiraj says we may lose elections because of her. Rupy says even if we win, it won’t bring happiness. Tanya and her friends come to the pub. They drink, dance and enjoy. Care na kardi….plays… Angad comes there. He is with some girl.

He laughs. Tanya is just behind him. Angad also goes for dance. He sees Tanya and gets shocked. He thinks Tejo ji…. He thinks of her words. He goes to the washroom. He says no, she wasn’t Tejo, its wrong, I had….

How can she be Tejo, I got too drunk, she is Tejo’s look alike, I have to find out. He goes back and sees her dancing. Tanya leaves with her friends. Angad thinks same voice, I have to find out. He goes after her. He thinks who is she, if she is Tejo, then my truth will come out, I have to do something.


Udariyaan 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jasmin meets Amrik and says we have to focus on our planning. Jasmin and Amrik elope. Fateh runs after their car. Tanya hits Angad and asks why were you stalking me.


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