Udariyaan 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 25th January 2022 Episode starts with Tejo getting Angad’s call. He says I had a session today, the doctor is great, thanks for making me meet this psychiatrist, I will follow every advice, are you okay.

She says yes. He asks what’s the matter, tell me, you can trust me. She says nothing is fine, Amrik tried to commit suicide. She tells everything. He gets shocked. She says I will talk later and ends call. He recalls Jasmin’s words. He thinks Jasmin is a criminal, this was her plan, I have to tell Tejo.

Simran asks Gurpreet what happened. Gurpreet asks will Amrik get saved. Simran says Fateh and Papa are trying their best, be strong, everything will be fine. Fateh looks on and goes. Khushbeer says Fateh, think again. Fateh says I have thought of it, you have seen mum’s state, go and sleep, better don’t come in front of her.

Tejo sits crying and recalls Fateh’s words. Fateh comes to his room and recalls Tejo seeing the things there. He says maybe she would have forgiven me and came back in my life, its no use to think this, don’t know about the punishment, if I will come back from the jail or not. He sees their pics ad recalls her.

He cries and says I love you a lot, I don’t want you to ruin your life, you have forgiven me, its more than enough for me. Satti comes to Tejo and asks what happened, do you have a headache, shall I apply the ointment. Tejo says this pain won’t get cured by medicine, I have pain here in my heart.

Satti asks her to say what’s in her heart. Tejo says dad asked me to stay away from Fateh and never forgive him, I couldn’t do this, I get happiness with his happiness, I get hurt seeing his pain, I feel I m unhappy when he is sad. She says he has changed now, he repented, he values relations now, I have forgiven him, I always wished that he stays in front of my eyes, always. She recalls his words and says now… She cries.

Gurpreet comes to the Gurudwara. She prays for Amrik. She leaves. Jasmin holds her. Gurpreet greets her and asks how are you, what happened, why are you seeing me like this, I m Jasmin, your would be bahu. Gurpreet steps back. Gurpreet asks what do you want, Amrik was dying because of you. Jasmin says its not my mistake, even Fateh made the plan to not give you peace.

Fateh sees Amrik. Gurpreet asks what did Fateh do now. Jasmin says you have to see a lot, Fateh needs your prayers the most. Amrik goes to washroom. Fateh hugs Simran and Mahi. He asks them to take care of Amrik. He says I have to go to lawyer to discuss the case, don’t tell anything to him. He leaves.

Gurpreet asks what are you going to do with Fateh. Jasmin says nothing, he is going to do it. FB shows Fateh saying I won’t marry you, you won’t get any property share, its better I take the blame and go to jail. FB ends. Jasmin says Fateh is going to jail by taking the blame on himself. Gurpreet says no, Fateh…

She falls. Fateh hugs Biji and says I came to take your blessings, I m going to meet the lawyer. Bau ji and Biji bless him and hug. Jasmin says go and ask him the truth, go and stop him before it gets too late. Gurpreet runs.

Jasmin says Fateh, I ruined your plan, now you will bear the punishment for telling your plan to me. Angad comes home. Satti asks him to come in. He asks for Tejo. She says she left her phone at home, she went to college. He says fine, I will meet her there, she is handling the project, I have to talk about it.

She says give her the phone. He says sure. He thinks I have to tell Tejo about Jasmin and the fake accident, Tejo can save Amrik and family. He leaves. Tejo sees the rose and recalls Fateh. The students come and ask did Fateh resign, won’t he come now. The other teacher says don’t trouble Tejo, how would she know. Tejo says I m not troubled, he resigned because he had some family problems.

Khushbeer sees Fateh’s pic and cries. Fateh touches his feet. Khushbeer hugs him. Tejo thinks Fateh is going to surrender, I should go and meet him. She says I m feeling unwell, I m going home. She leaves.

Gurpreet is on the way. She asks driver to drive fast. Khushbeer says I don’t know about your decision, but I feel restless. Fateh says even I don’t know, but I can save Amrik and everyone this way, you are our courage, if you break down, then this house will break down, I met mum in the morning, she went to Gurudwara, I will go before she comes. He leaves. Khushbeer cries.

Tejo asks why am I getting so emotional, I want to meet him, hug and cry. Fateh sees the house and recalls old moments. Gurpreet is still on the way. Angad gives Tejo her phone. He says Satti gave it for you, I want to talk to you. She says sorry, I can’t talk right now. He says this can change your life. She says I have to go, leave me alone. He says don’t misunderstand me, I promised you, I won’t trouble you, this is not about us, but Fateh and his family. She looks at him.

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