Udariyaan 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 25th June 2021 Episode starts with Jasmin making a cake for Gippy. She thinks Fateh will realize his mistake seeing me getting close to Gippy. Fateh drops Tejo to the college and talks to her. The girls take their pic. Jasmin asks Mami to make the video well. Mami records it. Jasmin says Gippy will be very happy seeing the cake. Mami says your phone doesn’t get silent, just focus on the sake and Gippy. Jasmin checks the pics sent by her friends. She gets angry and ruins the cake. She calls her friend and asks where is Fateh, did he leave, was Tejo sitting with him. The girl says Fateh has moved on, you also move on now. Jasmin says Amrik told me that he didn’t move on, Fateh can make Tejo sit on his bike, but he didn’t move on. She gets angry.

Fateh comes home. Amrik argues with him. Fateh says don’t talk to me like this. Amrik says mum felt bad because of you, you insulted mum. Fateh says I didn’t insult mum, I called the wrong as wrong, you didn’t see how Tejo sacrificed her life. Mahi comes and says Fateh is right, what’s the problem if Tejo wants to do a job, I will also work, its high time that we change the rules. Amrik says I will ask dad to get you married to someone and send you away. He goes. Fateh asks Mahi to relax, Amrik’s mood is bad. Mahi says Tejo will keep everyone happy, unlike Jasmin. Jasmin says Fateh would be awake, just like me. Fateh goes to the kitchen and eats icecream. Tejo comes there and gets scared seeing him. He stops her from shouting. She says you are having a lot of icecream. He says when I don’t get sleep at night, I have icecream like this. She sits with him. He says I try to forget Jasmin, but I can’t, I know she moved on with Gippy, but I m stuck, I also want to move on, I try a lot, but I can’t. She says but you have to move on. Fateh holds her hand.

He asks will you help me in moving on. She says yes, I will help you, but you also have to help me, because I also have to move on. She cries and says we will try and see. Fateh cries. Jasmin is also crying. Its morning, Tejo cares for Gurpreet. Gurpreet gets angry on her. She says I will ask Nimmo to make tea and toast for me. Tejo says it means breakfast isn’t prepared, I will make it and go. She goes and makes the breakfast. Fateh says your class is in half an hour. Tejo says no, I cancelled the class, Gurpreet is unwell, no one had breakfast, you ask everyone to come to dine, I m making parathas. He says Nimmo would have given this idea to mummy to act of headache to stop you from going to college. She laughs and says you watch daily soaps. He says you watch it and became an ideal bahu. She asks him to let her work.

Mahi comes. Fateh and Mahi tease Tejo. Fateh helps Tejo. He asks her to wrap up the work soon. He gets hurt. She cares for him. Mahi gets happy seeing them. Jasmin is upset. Mami gets angry on her. Mama says her marriage broke. Mami says she herself broke the marriage, ask Satti to get her married soon, she will get mad if she doesn’t get married. Jasmin imagines Fateh and Tejo romancing. She says I don’t want to talk to anyone, is Fateh really moving on, is he falling for Tejo, did he forget me. Tejo speaks to the principal and apologizes. She says there is a play in the college, I took the responsibility, nothing is ready, how will we manage. Fateh thinks. She goes.

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