Udariyaan 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 26th April 2022  Episode starts with Angad saying why didn’t you answer, Tejo is alive, she is here in London, I m not drunk, she was close to me, how did she reach London. He recalls the car number. He says I will find out where he dropped her. The election results are getting declared. Everyone watches the news.

Khurana says Khushbeer will win. Khushbeer says let the result come. Bebe says its good that Rupy got busy in elections. Tanya leaves from her house. Angad follows her. He thinks I will find the truth today.

Everyone waits for the results. Rupy wins the results. The reporter says Rupinder Sandhu has won the elections, he has won by 5000 votes. Rupy and family get glad. Tanya stops and turns. Angad hides. She goes. Satti hugs Rupy.

Khushbeer falls back. Fateh asks him to be strong. Bebe says congrats. Rupy says this victory is of all of us. Rupy wears garlands. Angad looks for Tejo. Tanya catches him and asks who are you, why are you stalking me. He says Tejo ji. She asks what did you call me, you creep.

He says Tejo ji. She says I m not Tejo. He says Tejo Sandhu from Moga. She says I didn’t heard that place. He holds her. She punches his face and says I will call the cops, stay away. She goes. He says who is she if she isn’t Tejo, same face. The reporters ask Rupy how is he feeling after defeating Khushbeer.

Rupy says someone has to lose in the battle, I m thankful for your support. Khurana says we will get recounting done, you can’t lose. Fateh asks them to calm down and not talk useless things. He says maybe we lacked something, we will see that next time, I know dad will serve the people always.

He says Tejo was right, both are out dads. Tanya reaches the café and cleans the tables. She recalls Angad’s words and says idiot. The girl asks her to smile. Tanya says he was stalking me, I had punched him and taught him a lesson, he felt I m Tejo. The girl asks why, did your face matched Tejo, maybe he loves her. Tanya says I don’t trust these seven identical faces theory, I love myself,

if we don’t love myself then who will love us, no one can cheat me and hurt me, I trust myself and love myself, is this not enough. She smiles. Fateh and Rupy are at the college. The principal announces the prestigious award named on Tejo. She says this award goes to Fateh for his sports coaching.

She requests Rupy to give the award to Fateh. Rupy gives the award to him. The lady asks Fateh to say a few words for them. Fateh talks of Tejo. Tanya says I m my own God, Tanya Gill. Fateh misses Tejo. He says Tejo made me capable to win this award, she got me back here, she was a blessing. Tanya is with her friend.

Rupy says Tejo has always made us proud. Tanya says Tanya makes me happy and shine. She dances. Fateh holds Rupy. He says Tejo is the star of humanity. She would be happy and smiling seeing us, we should become like her, a good teacher, a good daughter and honest friend. Tanya says my life has three rules, fun, fun and lots of fun. Rupy says congrats for this award,

Tejo loved you, I never liked you, I m glad that you got this award. He goes. Fateh thinks I wish you were here, this happiness is incomplete without you. Tanya is seen enjoying a floral shower under the tree. Fateh drops Rupy home. Rupy asks him to come in. Fateh says next time, I have some work today. He recalls Tejo. He sees Khushbeer’s car and says what is he doing here. He also goes in to see.

Khushbeer feeds sweets to Rupy and congratulates him. Fateh smiles. Khushbeer says no one had expected you to win, but people made you won, I hope you keep their hopes, I m really glad that you won, I will be more glad if I can help you. Rupy says sure, you have much experience, I will take your advice if needed. They hug. Rupy asks him to sit.

Jasmin goes to Fateh and says don’t get much happy, its just pretence, they didn’t let me and Amrik stay together, their ego is more imp, I think we have to help ourselves. He says don’t do anything, keep patience.

She says we are married, we are staying separated. He says wait for few days. She says you and Tejo also waited, what happened then, everything got over, I don’t want anything wrong to happen with us. He thinks Tejo would have handled everything if she was here. Tanya serves the coffee to everyone.

Sameer and Tanya leave for lunch. Angad looks on. He goes inside the café. He orders black coffee. He asks are you an Indian. She says yes. He says its good to meet Indians in foreign countries, are there other Indians here. She says other girl joined six months back. He thinks I did that six months back, does Tejo know that I had ignited the fire, how did she get saved.


Udariyaan 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angad says I have to find out if she is Tejo. Fateh follows Jasmin and Amrik. Angad burns some paper. Tanya says let me call the cops. Angad looks at her.


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