Udariyaan 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 26th August 2021 Episode starts with Jasmin thinking of Fateh’s words. Fateh is wit Tejo. He thinks of Jasmin. They dine. He doesn’t take Jasmin’s call. Jasmin says just three days more, keep your duties, stay with Tejo, then you have to become mine. Its morning, Jasmin comes to Fateh’s house. Tejo sees her at the gate. Jasmin says I came to meet you and got this halwa, have it. Tejo says thanks, its good, its time for your class, I will drop you and go to nearby pind. Jasmin says you are worried for yesterday’s matter. Tejo says no, my mood got better after talking to Fateh, he said we can try some other time for a baby, we had made noodles at night, we had talks all night. Jasmin gets angry.

Fateh meets Jasmin. She asks how was the noodles, I feel you are happy with your wife. He says stop it, will you spy on me. She says yes, for next two days, do anything you want. He says you know Tejo was in emotional stress, she is your sister, how can you be so insensitive. She says I know, you promised to live and die with me, what did you promise to Tejo, go and try, you have two more nights. He asks what nonsense, she is my wife, we stay together, why are you getting angry. He gets Tejo’s call. She says my car broke down, auto and taxi strike is going on, can you come and pick me. Fateh says yes, wait there. Jasmin asks what, tell her you can’t come, you are with me. He says she is my wife, I have some responsibilities. She asks what about responsibilities towards me. He leaves. Tejo is with Candy. She asks him to go home. He asks her to come along. Fateh comes. She says Candy is my new friend. Candy sees him and says you are boxer uncle, mumma told me that you are her old friend. Tejo says he talks a lot.

She asks Candy to go home. Candy says no, I want to do boxing with uncle. Simran comes there. She stops seeing Fateh with Candy. She cries. Candy says mumma… Tejo turns and sees Simran. Candy says that’s my mumma. Simran hides. Fateh asks where is your mumma. Candy says she was here. Tejo says go home now, your mum would be looking for you. Candy asks Fateh to come along. Fateh says I have some work, maybe next time. Candy goes to Simran and hugs. Fateh says we shall drop him home. Tejo says he knows the way, he will go. He says he is very cute, he reminded me of Simran. Tejo recalls Simran’s words. Jasmin is with Sweety. Sweety says you will find some solution, what can you do now. Jasmin says its too late, Fateh had paid attention to me, I made Fateh believe that he can’t live without me, I want Tejo to see Fateh and me together, then she will believe it. Sweety asks what will you do.

Jasmin calls Fateh and says I have much headache. He says I will send medicines by the driver. She asks why can’t you come, there is no one at home. He says it won’t look good. She says fine, if Tejo called you, then you would have gone there, bye. He says fine, I m coming. Fateh comes home. Jasmin smiles. She leaves the door open. He gives the medicines. She goes and gets water for him. He asks her to take medicines. She says yes. She asks him to come upstairs. He says we will sit here. She says for sometime, please come, you can go when I fall asleep, I have a headache. He says okay, come. She says sit, I will get tea, I have a headache, I will feel better. He says okay. She goes. She calls Tejo. Tejo says I was completing the assignment. Jasmin says everyone went in a function, I have a headache, I m alone at home, can you come. Fateh sees Tejo and Jasmin’s pic. He keeps it upside down. Tejo says I will come, take care. Fateh keeps the phone. Jasmin gets the tea. She says I have much headache, else I would have not called you. He asks her to have tea. She says yes.

She says you know Fateh, if mummy was here, then she would have massaged my head with oil. Fateh says I will do. She says I will get the oil. She gets the hair oil. She thinks Tejo would be coming. She lies in Fateh’s lap. Tejo comes home and finds the door open. She gets inside. Fateh does the hair massage. Jasmin says thank you so much for taking care of me. She holds him close. Tejo calls her out. Fateh hears her and says Tejo. He gets away. Jasmin looks at him.


Udariyaan 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jasmin takes Tejo to her room. Tejo gets shocked seeing…. Fateh is in the room. He worries.


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