Udariyaan 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 26th September 2022 Episode starts with Renuka saying Mrs. Malhotra liked Mallika. She gets Mrs. Malhotra’s call. She asks what are you saying. She ends call and says they refused. Jai scolds her. She goes recalling Mrs. Malhotra’s words, that Gautam liked Nehmat. Renuka recalls Naaz’s words.

Naaz says you should have not sent Nehmat in front of Gautam, Nehmat talks so nicely. Renuka says Naaz was saying right, I should have not sent Nehmat with Mallika. Renuka sees Aykam talking to Nehmat on video call.

Naaz comes home from college. Shelly asks her to have water. She asks what reply did the guy’s family give to Mallika. Nehmat asks what, he liked me instead Mallika. Mallika jokes. Nehmat says he should have ethics. Mallika asks Aykam to ask Nehmat, if she also liked Gautam. Nehmat says no.

Aykam hugs Nehmat. Shelly says Nehmat has a good fate, she got the alliance from a rich family. Naaz says Rupy can’t force Nehmat to marry. Shelly says Aykam will become a police officer, he needs time, didn’t Gautam see you, you would have got a big car man, aren’t you jealous of Nehmat.

Mallika says I feel jealous seeing you both, I wish I had a BF. Aykam says don’t worry, you will get one. Mallika says ask mom to stop this. He says mom is upset because of dad. Mallika jokes. Nehmat says I can’t do this with anyone, don’t joke. Mallika says sorry, cool down. They hug.

Aykam says you both are mad. A bell rings. He says a fortune teller tells the future. Mallika says we should go and have some fun. Nehmat says I don’t believe it. Mallika takes her. The man tells Mallika about her future, someone dear will come in her path of love and hinder it. Aykam asks her to come, mom is calling. They leave.

Nehmat says don’t think of it, he can’t decide if you will get a partner or not, I m sure that you will get the one you like. Mallika asks sure. Aykam says yes. Aykam and Mallika come home. Renuka says Nehmat snatched the chance, did you give the good news to her. She gets angry. Aykam and Mallika defend Nehmat.

Renuka says she is a wrong girl, she wants everyone’s attention. Nehmat talks to Fateh and Tejo’s pic. She recalls the past moment. Fateh says we will talk of your marriage when you are ready. Tejo says you will study first.

Nehmat says boys always fight, I don’t want to marry. Fateh says your mum and I also fight. Tejo says yes, he will fight with others for you. Aykam says its not Nehmat’s mistake, think about it, Nehmat convinced Mallika to meet the guy, you always ask Mallika to become like Nehmat, why did you get negative.

Renuka recalls Naaz’s words. Aykam says you know I love Nehmat, she is also imp to me like family. Fateh says I wish the guy loves and respects Nehmat a lot. Tejo says yes, I dream that Nehmat is becoming a dream and looking like a princess. He says I feel like crying that she will leave us, I will bless her when she finds the Mr. Right.

Tejo says yes, our blessing is always with us. Nehmat cries recalling the past. Aykam says marriage isn’t a solution for everything. Renuka says don’t know what magic she did on you, one day she will ruin both of you. She goes. Mallika says I will talk to mom.

Aykam asks her to not go to mom. He says this didn’t happen good, I will fix everything. Nehmat cries and says I didn’t know when the fights turned into love, I got a number one life partner. Aykam is sleeping. He recalls Jai’s words. He recalls seeing Jai trying to shoot himself. He shouts mom.

He asks Jai not to do this. Jai says I don’t want to live. Renuka comes and stops Jai. Jai shoots in air. Aykam wakes up and shouts dad. He drinks water. He stays in shock. Its morning, Nehmat asks Mallika about Aykam. Mallika says I don’t know, mom was saying Aykam is worried, he would have gone to academy. Nehmat says no, academy is closed, did he get a bad dream again.

Mallika asks what dream. Nehmat goes. Mallika says their hearts are connected by wifi. Nehmat says I know Aykam needs me now. She goes somewhere and sees Aykam crying. She asks did you see that bad dream again.

She hugs him. She says I won’t ask you, but you share it, what dream do you have, share the sorrow with me, tell me. He says I don’t want to increase your problems, I know when you smile, you hide your tears, I didn’t try to share your sorrow, I know we can never lessen the sorrow by sharing it, its like our fate lines, which we can just see, but not erase from the hands. They hug and cry.


Udariyaan 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aykam asks Jai about Tejo and Fateh’s case. Rupy hides a letter from Nehmat. Nehmat checks the letter.


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