Udariyaan 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 27th April 2021 Episode starts with Tejo crying and going. Rupy cries and says my daughter’s marriage broke. The kinners ask was the guy from Canada, such fraud is happening a lot, we had gone to a house last month and got to hear the same thing. Satti gives them food and asks them to bless Tejo. Kinners bless Tejo. Satti hugs Lovely and cries.

Tejo stays sad and thinks of Jas. Jasmin comes to talk to her. Tejo says I m feeling sleepy. She lies on the bed and cries. Its morning, Satti finds Tejo’s pillow wet. She cries and says you share your sorrow with us, cry with us, don’t hide your sorrow. Tejo gets away from everyone. Jasmin and Satti try to talk to her. Tejo goes. Jasmin says how long will she stay like this, she doesn’t talk to anyone, I m worried for it. Satti says I m also worried. Jasmin says she runs inside the house when anyone comes, what shall I do. Jasmin hears elders talking about Tejo. She says I can’t see Tejo depressed, I know who can help me in this. Fateh selects clothes for the interview. Jasmin calls him and asks for his help. He says just order. She asks him to meet at the coffee shop. He says fine, I will reach there. Tejo cries seeing phd form. Lovely asks her to go and get soda. Tejo says I will tell Jasmin to get it.

Lovely says fine, call her. She goes. Tejo gets Fateh’s call. He says I m worried for Jasmin, she didn’t come to meet, please come. She worries and calls Jasmin. She asks the family for her. They say we don’t know. Tejo calls Fateh and says I m coming. She leaves in a rush. Biraj says Tejo left from home for Jasmin’s sake. Satti says right. She smiles. Jasmin asks will this plan work. Fateh says yes, she will scold me, its fine, I m doing this for her, I hold myself responsible for it, I was also dancing in Jas’ baraat and didn’t know his truth. They wait for Tejo. Tejo is on the way. They see Tejo coming and wave to her. Tejo sees Jasmin. She turns to go. They go to stop her. Tejo scolds them for the bad joke. They ask her not to torture herself, they lied because they care for her, how long will she lock herself in the house. She asks them not to care for her. Fateh takes the scooty’s keys. She asks for keys. He asks her to have a cup of coffee with them.

She says you think I can’t go by walk. She cries and goes. She breaks down and shouts. Jasmin cries seeing her. They go and hold her. They take her to the coffee shop. Tejo sees the people staring and taunting at her. Fateh holds Jasmin’s hand and says I will just come. Tejo and Jasmin hear the taunts. The ladies laugh at them. Fateh looks on. Tejo cries. Jasmin stops her and says I will see them. Tejo asks are you happy now, that’s why I wasn’t coming out, I don’t want to meet anyone, you and Fateh won’t understand. Fateh joins the ladies. He asks are you talking about Tejo, she has no sense to identify a person, she doesn’t know right and wrong, what will she teach the kids, I heard that she lost 30-35 lakhs. The lady asks why are you saying this when you are her good friend. Fateh says you are right, I m her friend, I will be sad for her sorrow, enjoy. He goes to Tejo and Jasmin. He gives them coffee. Tejo asks did you call me to make fun of me. Tejo says I thought you are a good person, but no, I got wrong in knowing a person again.


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