Udariyaan 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 27th April 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin and Amrik washing the utensils at the Gurudwara and talking of their families. He says sorry, this is happening because of me, if I had forgiven you that day, then this would have not happened. Sameer asks did that guy follow you again. Tanya says no.

ruchi comes and says an Indian guy was asking about you today. Tanya asks was he tall and fair. Ruchi says yes. Tanya says I will see him next time. Fateh sees Jasmin and Amrik. He goes to them. Jasmin says you can’t keep me home, can’t we meet in Lord’s house. Fateh says give some time to the families,

I promise I will talk to them. Jasmin says its 6 months now, we are tired waiting, we will help ourselves. Fateh asks them to think of Tejo, she would never want her to do this. Jasmin goes. Fateh thinks of Tejo and sits talking to her. Buzo sees him. He says you have to move on, this is called life.

Fateh says Tejo was my life, I wanted to tell her my feelings but I didn’t get that chance, she used to hate me, a person doesn’t get soul freedom if any wish is fulfilled, Tejo would be looking for me either for love or hatred. Tanya comes home and puts the money in the jars. Fateh cries talking of Tejo and hugs Buzo.

Rupy asks everyone to hurry up for the party. Jasmin asks did you keep the gold jewellery in the locker, give me something to wear. Satti asks why do you want that today. Jasmin says I m MLA’s daughter, I should look that.

Satti opens the cupboard. Jasmin looks at the jewellery boxes. Satti sees a set and recalls Tejo. Tanya sees Angad and says he has reached here also. Angad talks on call. He says Tejo is hiding identity, I will talk later, I have to go. Tanya says I have to clear this for once and all, I have an idea. She tells Ruchi her plan.

Tanya leaves from the café. Angad follows her. She turns and asks what’s your problem. He asks why are you acting Tejo ji, Tejo Sandhu. She says I m not Tejo. He says you started work here six months back, when Tejo disappeared from Moga. She says I used to work somewhere else, check, this,

I have never been to India. He says Tanya Gill, its nonsense. She says let me call the cops. He thinks I have to do something, fire…. He burns the paper. She blows off the fire and asks are you out of your mind. She goes. He thinks she didn’t get scared of fire, she can’t be Tejo. Sameer asks are you okay. Tanya says yes, that same man. She goes with them.

Jasmin wakes up at night. She takes the bag and leaves. Amrik sees Gurpreet and Khushbeer, and says I m sorry. He goes. She wakes up. Jasmin takes the cash from the cupboard. She thinks sorry, but I m doing this because of you.

Bebe wakes up by sound and asks who is there, did you wake up so early Rupy. She sleeps again. Tanya is also awake. Amrik sees Fateh awake and hides. Jasmin reaches Virk house. She calls Amrik and asks how much time more. Amrik says Fateh is sitting in the hall. She asks him to show courage and come out, its today or never. She sees Amrik at the balcony. She climbs the gate and goes inside the house.

She asks Amrik to come fast. Amrik gets down the balcony by a rope. Jasmin hugs him and says we will come back when our families accept us. Fateh looks around. Jasmin and Amrik leave in the car. She turns and sees Fateh running after the car. Jasmin says Fateh…. Amrik worries. They get down and hide.


Udariyaan 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tanya talks to Linda and says the keys are under the doormat. Angad gets inside Tanya’s house and checks her passport. The families get into an argument. Jasmin gets shocked seeing Tejo.


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