Udariyaan 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 27th July 2022 Episode starts with Satti saying everything will get fine, your principal and teachers are waiting. Tejo’s colleagues come and hug Tejo. Rupy says Dipti spoke to the principal, she explained everything, you don’t need to worry,

go and meet everyone. Tejo says right, I have to make a new start. Lovely says I m calling Jasmin since morning, her phone is off. Satti says the charger is here. The car owner sees Jasmin sleeping in the car and shouts on her. He asks how did you open the car, get away. Jasmin scolds him.

He says I will call the police, stop. She says don’t call the police. She runs away. She throws her slippers at him. Candy says I got a parcel, check what’s inside. Fateh says come, we will open it. Fateh says it’s a toy, take it.

Simran asks who has sent it. Fateh says sender’s name isn’t there. Mahi says maybe Buzo made the online order. Fateh leaves. Gurpreet says house ambience changes because of a child. Simran gets a call and says I think its Buzo’s call. She answers and says we got the gift. The man says I know, he wanted this toy,

I know everything about him. She asks what do you mean, who are you. He asks her to think. She says I don’t want to know, tell me what do you want. Candy asks her for a cake. The man says he sounds cute, is he really cute. Simran worries and says I have to tell Buzo. She calls Buzo. Buzo answers and says I m busy, I will call later.

Tejo passes by the dhaba. Jasmin is at the dhaba. Tejo’s scooty breaks down. Jasmin asks the man to get the menu. The man tells the menu. She says I will think and say. She says I wish to eat all of these things, I should have been with my family but my fate is bad, I will call mummy, but phone is off. She asks the man to get water.

A man keeps the money there and goes. Jasmin thinks of stealing. The dhaba man takes the money. Jasmin sees the samosas. She steals some. She collides with the dhaba man. He says you are stealing the samosas. Jasmin says I was just taking it. The other man scolds her. The man says give her to the police. She says call the police, I will tell the police that you misbehaved with me.

She says I will take all the samosas now, I will see what you do. She takes the samosas and runs on the road. She doesn’t see Tejo. The goons see Tejo and recall her. He says she is the same crazy guy, her lover Fateh saved her, we will see who saves her now. They go and greet her. They say we are Fateh’s friends, come,

last time you sat in our car yourselves. She asks them to leave her hand. She shouts for help. She beats them with her bag. Police comes. The goons get caught. Inspector asks are you fine. She says yes, they were trying to kidnap me. She thinks why did they say that I sat in the car myself. Jasmin goes to have the water. She thinks the samosas were so spicy. She falls there.

Tejo says I don’t remember anything, what all I went through. Rupy says thank God, you are safe, you have taught a lesson to them yourself, don’t think much. Tejo goes to change. Satti comes home worried. She says Jasmin…

He asks what happened. She says Sweety said Jasmin left from there at night, where would she be. Tejo hears them and asks what happened to her. Rupy says its our mistake to send her there in this condition. Tejo asks what happened to her. Lovely says Jasmin is pregnant with Amrik’s child.

Jasmin gets troubled. The kids tease her and call her mad. She recalls calling Tejo mad. She scolds the kids. Tejo asks is our Jasmin pregnant, I m going to become Maasi, I thought Jasmin and Amrik aren’t happy, I m really happy, why didn’t you tell this to me. Rupy says your condition was such….

Tejo says you hid a big thing, she would be wandering outside, I will go and get her home, I m fine. She leaves. Satti prays for Jasmin. Jasmin recalls Fateh’s words. Satti asks Bebe to pray that Rupy finds Jasmin first, if Tejo gets her, then Jasmin can tell her that we were going to keep Fateh and her marriage.

Tejo cleans Jasmin’s face. She hugs Jasmin. She says I m so happy seeing you, you have hidden a big thing from me, you are pregnant, I will become Maasi, I got to know today, I was finding you and now I got you, forgive me, you are in this state because of me, I doubted you, so sorry, I don’t remember what happened in these nine months, Angad lied to me, so I used to hate Fateh and you, sorry,

mum and dad told me everything that you took much care of me, you and Amrik exposed Angad, I know that you lost your husband because of me, and I m the reason for your condition, so sorry. She hugs Jasmin. Jasmin smiles and thinks she is my old innocent sister Tejo, she will save me from every problem.

Fateh asks why did you call me. Buzo says Simran is staying scared these days, she wants me to drop Candy to school daily, I m thinking to buy a car. They promote the car brand. Buzo says this car is for Simran. Fateh says come, we will take a test drive.

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