Udariyaan 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 27th September 2022  Episode starts with Aykam saying I thank God that you are with me, I feel everything is fine, there is no problem in the world, love you. Nehmat smiles. Naaz talks to the teacher and gets help. She collides with a guy.

She says sorry. She sees Varun. He says I swear, I didn’t do anything intentionally, the bartender did the same with other girls, sorry. She says I should say sorry, my sister is over protective about me. He says I can understand. She says I will clean your clothes. She steals his wallet. He says I will manage and leaves. She smiles.

Aykam shows the stars to Nehmat. She asks how do you know about stars. He says I was 8 year old when dad gave me a telescope, he asked me to shine like the stars, we used to watch the moon and stars, dad used to be happy, he never got angry and then everything changed, I wish to get dad here and watch the stars.

Jai cooks food. Renuka says you look happy. Jai says I m making biryani for you all, don’t put pressure on Mallika for marriage. Renuka happily goes to Mallika and says your dad is cooking the food, where is Aykam. Mallika says I have to check that, I don’t know about Aykam. Nehmat asks would my mum and dad see me from there. Aykam says yes.

He says you are really strong, you can share if you want. She cries. She says I can’t forget that accident, I didn’t know I will lose them, something had happened which we don’t know. He says I also feel so, I will find out about the accident. She says yes, police used to come home, everyone said that its an accident,

my heart doesn’t believe so, I feel the truth is something else, until I get the culprits punished, I won’t sit in peace. Aykam comes home and gets Jai’s surprise. He says I love you dad, I just want to know about Nehmat’s parents accident,

what happened that day, how did Fateh and Tejo’s accident happened, it happened 16 years back, you got suspended 12 years back, something would have happened, any clue. Jai thinks I was scared that you will try to reach the truth. Aykam says please tell me, you will have some clue.

Jai gets angry on him. Aykam says I will investigate this for Nehmat, she means a lot to me, she wants to find out what happened, she doesn’t live life like us. Jai says I can’t help you, just sit quiet and have food. Aykam says Fateh and Tejo are our family friends, you can tell me something that can help.

Jai says I don’t want to talk about it. He goes away. Renuka scolds Aykam. Nehmat gets the items for Kanjak puja. Satti and lovely joke on Shelly. Rupy comes. Satti asks him to remove the old stuff and clean the house. He jokes. Shelly asks Nehmat to give the clothes to Naaz. Naaz checks Varun’s wallet.

She says three credit cards, he is super rich, he is better than Aykam, if we unite then I will step ahead of Nehmat. Nehmat comes and gives the clothes. She sees the wallet. Naaz takes it from her. She lies. She says you are blaming me. Nehmat says no, you always get stuck in problems. Naaz says sorry, you worry a lot for me.

She murmurs I feel suffocated. Naaz says I will return this wallet and come. She goes. Satti asks Nehmat to help Rupy. Rupy gets the letter. He says thank God, nobody has seen us. Nehmat comes and asks what help do you want. He worries seeing her.

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