Udariyaan 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 2nd August 2022 Episode starts with Tejo coming out of the bathroom. She cries. Fateh says I can’t see you like this, I can understand your pain, nothing is imp than you, if I have you then I have everything, I don’t want a baby, you are my every joy and relation. He hugs her. He says I will explain the family. Gurpreet hears this. She drops the tea tray and cries. She leaves.

Candy asks will you drop me to school everyday. Simran says yes. A man looks on. Simran turns and sees someone hiding. The man laughs. Simran asks Candy not to come out of the school until she comes to pick.

He goes to the school. Simran runs to look for the man. Gurpreet says I might have done something bad, that I have no grandchildren, I lost Amrik, his baby can’t be here, Tejo also have any kids, this family will not have the heir, everything is over. Fateh consoles her. Tejo looks on and cries.

Gurpreet asks how can I tell Biji and everyone, they all have hopes. He asks her not to worry. Simran asks Candy to go to his room and change his dress. Candy goes. Simran gets a call. She says you came outside my son’s school, why did you run away. The man says its not the time to meet, have patience. She threatens him. The man says I m scared of police, this will trouble you a lot, you will regret. She thinks is it him.

Someone knocks the door. She takes a vase and goes to hit. Buzo says its me, what are you doing. She hugs him. She says that man came at Candy’s school, sorry Buzo. Buzo says I will file a report in the police.

She says no, he said we will regret if we go to the police. Jasmin sings and dances. She says finally, you need me, why did you call me here. He says I want to do a deal with you. Jasmin asks what’s that deal.

He says you will give birth to the baby in our house and he will raise there, you may also stay there, you won’t be able to handle the baby, you will do this to hide your truth. She says you can’t hurt Tejo by saying this, maybe she can’t tolerate this truth, go. He says don’t challenge me, I will tell the police also, I will always keep an eye on you so that you don’t act smart. He goes.

She says why is he dying to take me home, he didn’t let me stay around Tejo. Tejo recalls everyone’s words. Kismat to kismat…plays…. Fateh comes home. He sees Tejo sitting sad. Tejo says there won’t be any baby in this house. Fateh cries.

She says how will I live. Fateh sits with her and says you didn’t think of me, you used to say I m also like a child, I also want your care and love, am I not the hope for you, you are a teacher, you have to make many lives better, be strong, who said that your baby dream won’t get fulfilled, trust me, I will fulfil your dream, you have motherly love in your heart, Buzo loves Candy,

can anyone say that Candy isn’t his own child, we can also adopt a child, sorry, if I said anything wrong. She says no, I realized it now, you also lost your child, I forgot your pain, so sorry. He says don’t say this. She says Gurpreet and family will not accept anyone’s baby. He says mum will get whatever she wants, we can fight any problem, no problem can be bigger than our relation. He hugs her.

Simran prays for Candy. She asks him to learn the spellings. He laughs and says you wrote it wrong. Someone knocks the door. She asks him to go to his room and not come out. She goes out and asks who is it.

She gets an envelope. She checks the pics. Nimmo says that girl isn’t lucky for Fateh, Jasmin would have taken the family ahead. Fateh asks what are you saying, children run a family and also ruin a family, see Swaran’s children who ousted her. Nimmo says everything was going on well. She gets against Tejo.

Khushbeer says enough, wrong has happened with her. Fateh says you aren’t understanding her pain and increasing her pain more. Nimmo says I will mourn for my sister’s house ruining. Jasmin comes and says you don’t need to mourn, I will give what Tejo couldn’t give, Gurpreet wants the heir, I will give Amrik’s sign and this family’s heir. Tejo looks on.


Udariyaan 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The man comes home and meets Tejo. He calls her beauty and asks her to call Simran. Simran gets shocked and says Amanpreet.


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