Udariyaan 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Udariyaan 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Udariyaan 2nd July 2021 Episode starts with Tejo asking Fateh to come with him. They leave. Jasmin cries seeing them leave. Fateh lies to sleep. Tejo looks on and sleeps. He is awake. She is also awake. He says I m not crying, look at me. She says sorry. They laugh. She thanks Baba ji. Its morning, Satti and Bebe talk about Jasmin and Gippy. Jasmin says they are really talking about fixing the alliance. She gets angry on Dilraj. She asks Tai ji to make the food. She asks what were you talking about Gippy.

Satti says whatever you heard, call Gippy, I will talk to her. Jasmin says Gippy has gone to Patiala for few days, I will tell him that you want to talk to him. Mami comes home. She says I had to come here, Jasmin left her luggage there, I thought to return the luggage and fulfill the duty of Gippy’s alliance, Gippy’s family is coming to talk to you, I will not go until this alliance gets fixed. Satti and Rupy smile. Jasmin says Gippy said that he will come when both the families meet. Mami gets angry on her.

She says if she runs away from every alliance like this, then her name will get Bhagodi. Jasmin angrily goes to her room. She cries. She curses Mami. She sees her dupatta torn. Dada ji says I m proud of Tejo, for keeping our respect, forgive me. Tejo says you just bless us, I don’t want anything else. Jasmin meets her friends in the college. She argues with them. Jasmin sees Fateh dropping Tejo. Fateh sees her and goes. Tejo goes to Jasmin. She asks what are you doing here. Jasmin says go for your other lecture. Tejo goes after her. She asks how did you reach the restaurant, are you spying on us, tell me.

Jasmin says you guys aren’t so imp, I came there by coincidence, I didn’t know Fateh will be there. Tejo says I know you intentionally came there. Jasmin says when you know everything, why are you asking. Tejo says you left Fateh by your wish, why are you troubling him now, just leave him. She scolds Jasmin.

Jasmin says your care for Fateh isn’t suiting you, you look mad to me, just keep him as your friend, you think you will roam around with him on his bike, then everything will be fine, no, it won’t happen, Fateh will not accept you so easily, Jasmin will be there in his heart, he still loves me, only me. Tejo says very soon, your ego and attitude will melt down, you are angry on yourself, you can’t tolerate when Fateh is moving on, you are cursing yourself, you don’t need to worry for me, I m Tejo for Fateh, you were his past, past doesn’t come back. Jasmin gets angry.


Udariyaan 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jasmin asks the boy to give a note to Fateh. Fateh sees her. Tejo opens the door. Jasmin says I want to talk to you. Tejo says I don’t want to talk. Jasmin says I m sorry. She thinks how will I get Fateh.


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