Udariyaan 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 2nd September 2021 Episode starts with Fateh and Jasmin coming in the party. He says I m looking for my friend. He greets Satinder and says meet my wife, Jasmin. Jasmin says I want to enjoy the evening with you. They go in. Tejo comes. The lady asks for card. Tejo says actually, I forgot the card at home. Jasmin says say paneer, picture will come good. They take pics. Deepti hugs Tejo and asks what happened. Tejo says I forgot the card at home. Deepti says she is my friend, just write Mr and Mrs. Virk. Satinder compliments Jasmin and Fateh. Tejo says I will meet Nikki and her fiance. Jasmin says we will become NRI soon. Nikki asks which country. Jasmin says Canada. They have a talk. Deepti gets Tejo. Waiter gets the drinks. The drink falls on Jasmin’s saree. Jasmin says I will clean it and come. Fateh says I will come along. They go. Deepti says meet my friend Tejo. Tejo says congrats. Nikki hugs her. She says I m meeting you after five years, didn’t your husband come. Tejo says he was busy. Fateh holds Jasmin close and says I m looking at my beautiful wife closely, you were right, its fun to meet like this, without any fear.

Deepti says you are missing your husband, right. Tejo says everyone came with their partners, so I feel strange, shall I call him or not, is he thinking about me or not. Fateh gets on his knees and asks Jasmin will you marry me, when we are starting a new journey, then everything should be new, will you marry me. Jasmin smiles and says yes. He makes her wear the ring. They dance closely. Tejo sits alone. She says I will go after ring ceremony. The waiter asks her to have drinks. She asks is that hard drink. He says no, you can get that at the bar. Fateh comes to the bar counter. Tejo sees him. She says Fateh… Waiter asks anything else. She says no thanks. She sees Fateh gone. She goes there to see. She says why did I feel that Fateh is here, is he really…. no, why will he come here, he would be in his friend’s party. Jasmin asks whiskey. Fateh says wine. Tejo thinks maybe he saw the invitation card and came to surprise me. Fateh says have it, you will talk more cute things. Jasmin drinks and makes a face. They laugh. Tejo looks around.

She says if Fateh is here, why didn’t he call me, maybe he wants to surprise me. Jasmin says I got a loving guy, thanks, I love you Fateh. Fateh says love you. Tejo looks for him. Satti says Jasmin messed up the room, she doesn’t clean things. She opens the drawer. She gets a burnt passport. She checks. She says who burnt this passport. She gets Jasmin’s passport. She says but this was lost. She recalls Jasmin’s words. She calls Jasmin. Jasmin says tonight will be a great night, I told at home that I m going to stay at Sweety’s house at night, so its our night. Fateh asks are you smart since childhood or being in my company. Tejo calls Fateh. She says where is he. He says I left my phone in the car. Satinder asks them to come for dance. Satti asks Rupy to see Jasmin’s passport and the burnt one, why did Jasmin lie to Gippy, what is she thinking. Rupy thinks. He gets their passports. He says its your and Dilraj’s passport, where is my passport, did you give my passport to Jasmin. She asks why would I give her. He says just I have the blacklist stamp on it, who else can it be, tell me. She asks how did Jasmin get this, did she burn it. He says she is surely upto something.

The lady says rings will be exchanged, everyone will shower flowers on the couple, this is for you. Fateh asks her to give it to his wife. The lady says your husband has sent this for you, everyone will shower flowers on the couple. Tejo says thanks, where are you Fateh. Satinder says where did Fateh go. Tejo asks did you take Fateh’s name. He says yes, we are childhood friends, how do you know him. She says actually. Nikki comes and says Guneet has come. He goes. She says so he wanted to come in this party and surprise me, where are you. Nikki asks Fateh and Jasmin to take their masks, wear it. Fateh asks what do we have to do. Satinder says wait and watch.

Deepti says Tejo, take this mask, you look happy. Tejo says I m very happy, guess what, Mr. Virk is here, I have to meet him, I m finding him and he is finding me. Fateh thinks Tejo’s voice….. He turns to see. He says no, why would Tejo come here. He goes with Jasmin. Deepti says we will find him, wear this mask. Tejo says I m not finding my partner. Deepti says everyone will have changing partners in the dance, that’s the fun. Everyone dances. Tejo says if you came to surprise me, why aren’t you coming in front, please come, where are you. Fateh and Jasmin dance. Partners change. Tejo holds Fateh.

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